12 Years A Fag

12 Years A Fag
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12 Years A Faggot

Fags Question

I have served a single guy for 12 years and have been his fag for 12 years, now I feel like he is getting bored of me, and seems to be spending more and more time with women, am I getting pushed out?  

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

Reading your message makes me think you have been serving a straight Alpha, who has been using you for sex and chores for the last 12 years. If that is the case, and he is straight, then you should have expected that at some stage he would move on or get hitched? surely you guessed this would happen. I know many straight Alphas that use faggots for all their teen years, and then into their twenties, but once they get to a certain age, and want to get married and have children, they drop their fags like a stone. Its only a very small portion of those straight Alphas that actually carry their faggots into marriages as side fuck material. I know 3 currently that are married and still use their fags on the side, because the wifes pussy is just not as good as their fag boi's bussy. 

Alphas can choose what they want, and in your situation it seems that its less about you losing your faggot charm, and more about your Alpha simply getting to a stage in his life where he is going to move on.

Bussy Boi

Advice For A 12 Year Fag

I would suggest you allow the straight Alpha to move on to the next stage of his life, and do not bother him as he progresses, allow him to flourish, but keep you link with him in place, and I am sure if you have not burnt the bridges and just kept a gentle distance relationship with him in place, he will surely come back for more of you in the months and years to come.

You are a faggot and you have a specific value to real men, so work with that value, and keep being what you are.. a tool for men's pleasure. 

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