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Fags Cash Is Its Worth

Fags Question

I am a fag, and I want to impress a new Master, how do I do that?

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

There is one sure fire way to impress a Master, one certain way that you can get yourself onto the Masters radar as a real fag, as a observant fag, and that is CASH!!!

Put your hands in your pocket faggot and take out the money you have, because cash is your worth, that is the surest way to show anyone that you are serious about the faggotry world, and that you are a serious faggot, not just a wannabe. A fags cash is the only interesting thing for a Master, because fags are a pain in the asshole, except when you are using them for cash or sex. 

Bussy Boi

Fags Cash Managed By Masters

If you are a Master you should strip your fags cash as soon as possible, because not  stripping the fags cash will leave you vulnerable to another Master taking your faggots cash. A fag is a weak creature by definition and it must show its subservience to you by all and any means, and there is only so much sex that you can have with it, so ensure that you regularly cash drain the little faggot and keep it in its place. 

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