A Fags Point of View

Master Mikey Straight White Jock
By Master Mikey

Sometimes I even let my fags speak 

Below is the tale of one of my weak fags and how we first met. I love that I forced him to be poetic and put his experience into words, mainly because I love being glorified by faggots and I know that it turns him on to serve me in any way that I want. My little Tim is a worthless fag cunt, and he knows it and serves me to the best of his ability. Read the below and tell me what you think… do you want to be treated like this… I will force Tim to write more about how I managed him, so keep an eye out for more in the coming days. Enjoy fags.

I was so innocent and this is the first incident that took my innocence. My real story of an experience with a neighbourhood guy called Mikey….

Shy and Innocent

I was the guy that kept myself to myself. I didn't talk too much; I was never a huge sports fan or someone that spent time in bars socialising. I answered questions when I was asked but never had the courage to speak out and be bold. I didn't have a girlfriend until I was 18 and even then, we only dated a few times. She realized that I was too shy to make an impact on her friends... or at least the impact that she wanted and we broke up. Before we broke up, I got a snog, a small feel up under her dress and almost managed to suck her titty a little before she cried out laughing. I felt humiliated and not in a hurry to repeat that experience. 

Moving to a New House

I lived with my parents and we moved to a new town, I moved with them. We moved into a little village in the English countryside, about 45 miles outside the city of London. All our neighbours seemed like they were important people, politicians and company’s owners. I was sure that my boring life had reached its final destination, and I was going to watch my life drift away here. 

Along came Mikey

One morning I stared across the leafy hedges and saw a cute face... and yes, I mean cute. It’s not a word that I had ever mentally used for a man...but his face was kind and strong. I could see he worked out, and he was clearly a very confident college guy, maybe 19 or 20 years of age, so only a little older then me. I wondered if he was a neighbour or someone working in a neighbour’s home. I found out in conversations later that day that his name was Mikey and that he was actually a neighbour’s son. It was a few more days until I saw him again mowing his lawn.... and when I next saw him, he shouted out to me.... "Hey how are you, your Tim right?" and I was too nervous to shout back... so I just nodded and smiled shyly. Over the next few months, we saw each other again, usually when I was heading out with my parents in the evening and he would be out helping his dad load the trailer for some camping trip or other outdoor activity.

Each time I saw him, I felt that Mikey was looking at me with a look of power. I was nervous but excited with that feeling. This went on for over 1 year... my 19th birthday came and went... and on some days I longed to see Mikey's face. But by now I had watched girls go in and out of his parents’ home for a year and I could tell he was a straight jock type. Watching him created a strange feeling in my belly a feeling of awe came across me every time I saw him, he was just so mesmerising and powerful, something told me that our paths would cross more definitely soon. I felt like he knew I was staring at him…. And the boldest part of me hoped that he knew that…. Something inside me wanted to be bold with him, and I wanted to be around him…but I could not open my mouth and reach out. I felt sexual stirrings inside me, I spent a lot of that year twitching for him... aching inside, never quite able to reach out and say something.

The first look...

It was a Saturday afternoon and I was cleaning the car.... and suddenly Mikey shouted out... "Hey Tim, can you give me a hand..."

I immediately took this opportunity, to shout back and say that I would. I walked across to Mikey, and he was up a ladder, and asked if I could hold the bottom of the ladder. I grabbed the bottom of the ladder and held on, Mikey was wearing shorts and as I glanced up, I caught a glimpse of something that really took me by surprise. 

Right in front of my eyes was the thickest cock I had ever seen.... I just stared... mouth wide open... and forgot where I was. Mikey looked down, and laughed, "You see something you like Tim?"

I was so embarrassed I giggled and said I didn't know what Mikey meant.  

Eventually, Mikey got off the ladder, and said thanks, smiled knowingly and took a quick glance down to my crotch before walking away. I spent that entire evening visualising his thick veiny white cock and imaging what it might feel like deep in my throat... knowing that he was straight, and I thought I was too, but these feelings were confusing me. His power was confusing me... 

The first touch...

It was a Monday morning and I was heading out to the car... when Mikey appeared on his driveway... he shouted to me... "I will drop you to the station, save you having to leave your car parked at the station all day..." I shouted back... "thanks Mikey"

I got into his car, and Mikey slowly pulled out of our street and started off towards the station which was 6 blocks away from our street. 

I could feel an unusual electricity in the car, but I was hesitant to ask or say anything, so I just kept silent. Suddenly Mikey reached over and without a moment’s hesitation he put his hand on my mouth...... and then pushed his big thick long fingers into my mouth and down my throat… it was so predatory and violating, but I was shocked... and silent... slowly Mikey caressed my face as he drove... it was so awkward that I was totally silent in disbelief...never had another guy impressed such power on me, not even my own father, and never had they looked at me like food before. In that moment I could tell that I was part of some kind of twisted fantasy game with Mikey, but I was yet to find out how twisted.

Mikey pulled up to the station... turned into a car parking spot and said something to me that I will never forget... he said "You are my faggot Tim, and I will have you... " and then he squeezed his clearly erect crotch. And I quickly got out... as I walked away, I realized that my cock was rock hard... and I was quivering with fear and excitement....