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The second year of university was a very exciting time for me, I was fucking a sissy girl for the first time in my life called Sissy Sarah , and I was getting daily fag worship from my roommate Jon the fag which you can read about here. My experimentation with sissy girls led me to spend lots of time online learning and understanding what different types of fags and sissies were out there in this amazing world. I quickly learnt that there were strong communities within those broad categories that held their own views and values. Among those communities the one that really stood out for me was Femboys.

Femboys intrigued me to the point that every time I saw Sarah, I would ask her to dress even more feminine, which she was more than happy to do because she loved dressing up pretty and sexy for me. Little skimpy dresses, short skirts, long flowing summer dresses, crop tops and tight leggings, fitted jeans, and heels, oh I loved heels with every outfit, even if they didn’t match... there was something about a nice pedi that just blew my mind. It was a few months of me constantly pestering Sarah about this Femboy curiosity that she finally relented and said that actually she knew someone that identified as a femboy in her group, but she had never mentioned it before because she had always wanted to keep me for herself, but she could see now that I was really turned on by femboys. Sarah said that she wanted me to experience what I was getting so excited about. She said that she had a friend called Sadie and Sadie was a 19-year-old femboy who was very petite and she thought I would really like her.

Femboy Sadie

I was told that Sadie dressed like a goth some of the time, and a really pretty girl the rest. Sadie was very gentle and softly spoken, and she loved dressing up to go out. It was quite rare for her to go out, but when she did, she would glam up. Sadie was an introvert 99% of the time and stayed to herself, never really had friends except Sarah and one other girl. However, that all changed when she was going out, and then all hell broke loose and she would have her hair done, spray tan, mani / pedi and go crazy. Sadie loved to dance and party as a contrast to her very quiet normal life.

The more Sarah told me about her, the more I realised that I had actually seen Sadie around the campus but never realised she was a femboy because she was never dressed up when I saw her… all I ever saw was a nerd called Kevin that would hang around the library and had no friends. I had seen Kevin around, but never paid him any attention. I had actually thought that Kevin worked in the library, because he was always hanging around there, on his own.

This all intrigued me, and I asked when Sarah could introduce me to Kevin / Sadie. Sarah said that she would talk with Sadie and arrange something in time for her next party weekend. The more she said party weekend, the more I thought that maybe Sadie was a real party girl that got on the drugs and the booze which is why she only went out occasionally. Sarah called me several days later and said that it was all arranged and that I was going to get to meet Sadie on an evening out.

Alpha Mikey And The Femboy

I got a call on a Thursday night a few weeks later saying that tonight I should come out, as Sadie was coming out. I got to the bar about 9pm and Sarah and Sadie were next to a booth gyrating, as I got closer, I saw how small Sadie actually was. She was wearing a tight body-hugging slip, which clung to all her curves, and it made her petite body look amazing. Her hair was cut in a close cut around her face, she had smoky eye makeup and bright red lips. Sadie was a hot little femboy and I was enthralled the moment I saw her.

I walked up to Sadie, she was so tiny, I said hi and she grabbed my forearm and asked why she wasn’t getting a kiss to say hello, she was a forward little minx, and I went with her little joke and said that she might get a lot more if she played her cards right, to which she giggled. She then turned and said she was off to powder her nose, as she walked off, her hips and tiny waist were mesmerising. My eyes locked on her ass, but she turned and caught me looking at her ass, instead of being pissed off, she winked and went into the restroom. Sarah was with me, and I immediately said to her, "wow you kept this a secret, what did you think, I was going to ditch you or something, fuck me Sadie is hot", but Sarah just smiled and said that I was a horny fucker since we had been hooking up.. and Sarah was right… my appetite for sissies and boi pussy had gone through the roof since I got started with these girls.

Sadie came back and we drank wine and cocktails, and danced and flirted. I brushed her buttocks a few times during the night as she kept coming in really close to speak into my ear. She was loving the attention I was giving her. I asked why she had always kept this femboy side of her so secret, and her only answer was “family, friends, this unforgiving world we live in“ and with that she carried on drinking, I could sense some pain in her laughter. I then asked about sex, because I had read that femboys can be straight, bi, gay and everything in between, so I was curious as to what Sadie was… and she just smiled and said that I would have to wait to find out. I had so much Dutch courage running through my veins at one point of the night that I even asked where she tucked her boi clitty, to which her response was to slap me and giggle, “never ask a lady such a rude question... “ it just turned me on even more to know that her tiny hands had some power in them.

I spent so much of that night drooling over Sadie’s body, looking at her tiny waist, tiny wrists and tiny ankles, and wondering where the hell she was hiding her cock so well. I wondered if she was tucking it up between her cheeks or was it tucked tight to her body in the front... I knew once I put my hands around that tiny waist all her secrets would be revealed.

Femboy Surprise

At the very end of that night, we walked out the bar and Sarah asked me if I could walk Sadie home, which I hungrily did, I took that as a nod from Sarah that I was on for some femboy sex. Sarah left, and me and Sadie walked off the busy strip onto the side streets towards Sadie’s dorms. The streets were empty, most of the street lights in this part of town were broken so the only light was the moonlight. At we approached a row of bins, and a bend in the road, Sadie took my hand and pulled me towards a gap between 2 houses, and I followed her in. It was tight in there, and Sadie immediately put her hand on my cock and the other on my mouth. I was rock hard in a moment and I grabbed Sadie under the arms lifting her up to kiss her... and wrapping my hands around those perfect supple buttocks. I squeezed and pressed my cock into her waist... I had no sense that this sexy femboy was not a full-blown girl. She stopped me, and pulled away, saying “your used too getting what you want Mikey, I have heard, and all you can see right now in your mind is fucking my tight little hole... I can tell...” and with that she jumped down from my grasp and pressed up against me. She put her hand on my cock and started running it up and down the shaft, slowly pressing and milking the outside of my jeans. I was so hard at this stage and frantically trying to pull her in, but she stopped me and said, “you stand back, I’m in control...” Looking up at me with her sexy eyes, she ran her hands up and down my shaft as though to stretch the length of my cock which was a very empowering feeling. I felt the Alpha that I was, having my cock stretched by this sexy femboy… my cock almost as thick as her forearm.. it was amazing. She then stopped and jumped up into my arms.. and slowly looking into my eyes she pulled her tight slip dress down to reveal her little boy titties, and then asked me to suckle her, “suck my tits babe” she moaned throwing her head back as I leant in pressing her to the wall and flicking my tongue around her nipple, frantically trying to milk her little boob. As I sucked her tit, my hands now holding her from the underside of her thighs wandered around. I had pulled the slip dress up over her thighs, it revealed that she was not wearing any panties and now I could see that she was caged too, a little tiny nub sparkled in the faint light of that alleyway. This little femboy had a tight chastity cage holding her tiny micro penis locked up and secure…and as I groped underneath her, my finger ran over her tight little puckered asshole, and I was tempted to push my finger in, but thought it impolite while I was sucking her tit. I circled her little puckered hole , it was so small and so tight… I was still sucking on her tit as she moaned… I then ran my hand around to the front of her, and felt her tiny clitty, metal clanging as it hung, caged and padlocked.

Alpha Master Left Standing

No words were exchanged, just moans, and then she jumped off me, and said that this was enough.. she was a good girl and she never sucked cock on a first date, and this evening of drinks didn’t even count as a date. She then stepped in close with a really slutty look on her face, and said watch… as she put her finger in my mouth, then made me follow her finger as she took it down behind her, and under her slip dress, I could not tell whether she was rubbing her boi pussy or clitty cage… but she moaned and then brought her finger back to my nose… she said, “smell that boi cunt, and if you act right, you might even get to fuck it… “ she then giggled and pulled her dress down and ran off… turning to smile as she got to the corner of the road.

I was left with the perfect stink of her boi cunt and ass pussy wafting in my nostril.

That night, I left, hard, frustrated and needing a fuck. I even considered calling Sarah round that night, but thought it would be rude as they would already be exchanging notes, and stories, so instead I got home, and kicked Jon's bed to wake him…he got up dutifully and immediately got down into my lap, licking the precum and sweat off my cock and balls.. that night I was so horny I even tilted over to allow him to lick out my asshole.

This was the first experience I had ever had with a femboy, but it was so exciting that it would not be the last. During university I met other femboys like a faggot from Japan called Daiki that you can read about in Femboy Hentai

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