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Chase The Beta

Today is Day 3 and time just feels like its flying here in the office, especially as it’s a Friday. Chase walked in before the others with a big smile on his face this morning, clearly, he had been up to something naughty last night, he was happy and I could see it. I asked Chase why he was so happy and he just said that he had a good night and managed to make some friends. I was surprised as I thought he had gone out with my team, so I was interested to hear more, but now was not the time so I sent him out to his desk.

My team walked in and I pulled a senior trader called Billy aside and asked him how last night went, and he told me that they all had drinks until about 11pm and all through the night they had watched girls and guys coming up to Chase and introducing themselves, and he was quite the ladies’ man and the man’s man in the bar. I was not surprised to hear that as Chase was a very good-looking lad and KL can be a wild city at night. Billy said that the only odd thing was that Chase had gone to the toilets about 10 times during the night which had become quite the running joke, and Billy had thought that either he had the shits or he was doing lines in the toilets. I was very interested to hear that. If he was doing coke, then he definitely was not the angelic super polished mummy’s boy he was presenting as. I told Billy to get on and send Chase into my office at 10am.

Beta Boy Secrets

Exactly 10am Chase walked in, and I asked him to sit down. I looked him up and down, and he looking me up and down which felt like he was trying to say something to me, without saying it to me. I walked over to the office blind and closed it and then walked back to the desk and sat on the desk in front of Chase. I was very close to him, I wanted to make him feel uncomfortable for the next question that was coming… “have you anything to tell me?”  he looked at me sheepishly, and I asked again.. “the guys told me that you spent half the night in the toilet?”  and he said that he had been back and forth because that was normal for him, and I looked him straight in the eye, he looked intimidated as though I had caught him doing something wrong, and he didn’t want to admit it, and in this instance I realised that perhaps it was not in my best interest to reveal anything further, so I said, “well just so that you know, we have a strict drugs policy here at the firm, because junkies don’t make good traders, this is not the 80’s fuck face.” And he smiled sheepishly and said he agreed and that he would never, but before he finished his sentence, I told him to shut the fuck up, I said I don’t like liars, I don’t mind arrogance, and overconfidence, or even stretching the truth, but the one thing I wont allow in my team is lying, and that if I caught him lying I would firstly beat the shit out of him and then I would throw him out the office even if he was the directors nephew. I could tell that he had never been spoken to like that as he recoiled, and I enjoyed that feeling of putting him down.

Master Mikey's Aggression

Seeing his discomfort, I stepped it all up a notch, and told him that I was pissed off with him, and that I wanted him to play a straight game with me, and that if he wanted to suck, fuck or sniff anything, he was to come to me and have it authorised first. I deliberately put the sucking and fucking first because sitting on his chair in front of my crotch, his mouth and lips looked inviting. It was early today, and I had not fucked last night, and seeing him there in front of me, looking like a deer in the headlights made me want to fuck him up, I even had the thought of throwing him over the desk and fucking him, so visceral, so raw, that thought flashed in my mind, I know how fucked up that sounds, but sometimes you can’t control where your mind wonders. With that thought I got up and walked around the desk. He could tell from my posture and the shadow I cast that I was capable of many things, most of which he did not want to see happening, and I do believe that changed him today, that discussion gave him a view of me which changed him.  I think he will behave totally differently in front of me from now onwards, but let’s see if I am right.

Alpha Masters Need To Be Fucked

I saw his mouth today and I could imagine my cock sliding in and out of it... but as I was imagining that, I noticed red marks around his neck line. I had seen these kinds of red marks before; in fact, I had been the cause of red marks like these from choking subs and fags in the past. I knew those red marks well.  This has set my mind on fire, and now I really want to get Chase on the program, and start fucking him. This afternoon when he left with the team, I was quite certain that I should make a move on him in some way, as I want him to realise what I am and I want to use him, I want to bury my cock deep into his asshole and then pull his head around to see the look on his face as he squeals. I want him to know that I am the only one that can make him squeal like that. Perhaps because I didn't fuck last night, and its been a hard week, maybe my judgement is all over the place, but either way, I need to fuck this boy.

Chase's Boi Pussy

Its time for me to leave the office, it’s the weekend tomorrow and I need to catch up on sleep and other tasks. I am fixed on getting this all moving with Chase next week, so let’s see what happens. I know sometimes lust takes over good decision making and plans don’t always work out, but I think I know where I go with Chase from now. I will look to corner him and target him about those red marks. There are secrets to come out, and with those secrets, some form of leverage I can take to manipulate him. I know I sound manic, but I am going to think my way through this situation really carefully, as I cannot jeopardise my job and position, or risk falling out with directors, but all that said, I must taste Chases tight boi pussy, and I say tight, because I am sitting here hard as a nail imagining how tight his little asshole must be. Anyway, enough of these thoughts, otherwise I will need to sit here a little longer and jerk off before I leave the office.

Wherever you are in the world, enjoy your weekend and get ready for some fucking next week.

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