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Alpha Master Mikey Meets Possible English Twink

This story is actually unfolding right now in my office, so I thought I would write about it as it unfolds in the coming days, weeks and months.

I walked into work this morning and on my office desk was a note from one of the senior traders in my team, and the note read that the boss above me wanted to speak to me about mentoring a newbie from an English college. This caught my attention right away because I also come from England, even though I am currently stationed out in Kuala Lumpur, South East Asia. I wondered, who this Englishman might be, and guessed he would be from a red brick university like Oxford or Cambridge, and I was not wrong. He was the nephew of one of the directors of the firm. I was told that I was to mentor him while he was on summer break over this coming summer 2021. I having also come from those prestigious colleges in England wondered why he had arrived into KL so early this month, but then found out that when you’re a trust fund guy like this newbie was, the rules are not the same. His parents were extremely wealthy and connected, so regular large donations to the college ensured that he could come and go as he pleased. His life was about private jets and exclusive access to the very best of everything. I was intrigued to meet this guy having got the lowdown from my team by lunchtime.

Alpha Introduced To Young Buck

At lunchtime today I was called into the director’s office where I was introduced to Chase, a guy that looked older than his years, but who at 19 was definitely confident and headstrong. I assume the years of having butlers serve him gave him the feeling of power and decisiveness. The moment I set eyes on him, there was an uneasy feeling in the air. Almost like when you meet a rival and its an unspoken but understood fact that there will be clashes and conflicts between you. This was lunchtime today. I did the polite introductions and told Chase that he could join me in my office at 2pm exactly and I would then take him through the routine and plans for the next few months of work. I would intro him to the other members of the team and allocate some initial tasks to him so that we could get a good grip of his understanding of things. I was expected to treat him like royalty, but wearing kid gloves was not something I was used too.

At this point in my life, no one at my office knows about my secret life as an Alpha Master for the last 5 years, as I have kept that side of my life a total secret. There is no possibility of me bringing any of that to the surface where I work. However, I know what I am, and what I do in my own personal life, so a part of me looked at this very good looking, blonde haired blue eyed, tall, well-built guy as a younger buck that needed taming and who was in some way a challenge to my Alpha power in this office. I could not allow that. As I looked at him in that lunchtime meeting today, he stood a little too tall for me, he had a little too much confidence to sit well with me. His aura was a little too powerful, and all of that needed to be put back into its place if we were to get on. I had to bring him into position while also keeping him on my side, as the opinions of my directors really matter and they hold the keys to my career and future partnership within the firm.

Young Buck Meets Team

2pm and Chase walked into my office, where I had assembled my team, all young guys ranging from 20 – 28 years of age, and all hungry driven fuckers, that push the limits everyday to perform and get rich. Again, Chase was super confident as he walked in, blonde hair wafting around, tight fitted designer suit, and firmly shook the hands of each of the guys in the team. I watched as this young buck navigated the room, firm handshakes, making eye contact, and noted how 2 of my team members retracted a little from his confidence. This was annoying to me, as they were previously loud mouthed and always first to banter and be pushy, so to see them retreat a little from his confidence, was very fucking annoying. In my head I thought, “how dare you put it on my guys, even I don’t do that.”

I then introduced him and what he would be doing over the next few months, and the team then left, so I had him on my own. We talked until about 3:30pm this afternoon, and those discussions were very revealing, something tells me that this mummy’s boy is here because his parents want him to grow up. They don’t want him spending their money on the French Riviere, they want him to stand tall and one day be part of their family business. I got the feeling this afternoon, and its early to say, that he is not the confident man he shows, that this is all an act. I told him to head over to the team, who would take care of him for the rest of the day while I attended conference calls, and before he left the room, he walked up to me, and shook my hand, but I was not having anymore of this fake confidence, so I grabbed his hand and as though to nonverbally say to him, “you’re not bigger then me pal”  I squeezed his hand harder then I should have, and for the first time today, I saw him recoil a little. That very firm handshake, made him recoil, so maybe he is not the overly confident forward person he is presenting. I certainly noted that his hands were very soft, and his nails perfectly manicured. I also noted that he wore very feminine smelling perfume, and when he was close, I could see that he either had no chest hair at his neckline, or he shaved it all off… all these were just observations that I make when analysing other men… and he was no exception. He had such an overly groomed look, perfect skin, perfect hair, everything about him so clean and perfectly in place, but something was not right about Chase. He then left.

Alpha Masters End Of Day Judgement

It’s now 9pm, 14th of July 2021, and it’s close to the end of a working day, and no matter what else I have done today with clients and team members, Chase has got me thinking. Is it entirely devilish of me to want to put him in his place, to dominate him, maybe even to fuck this young guy into knowing his place, he is 19, so he’s a full 3 years younger than me, and maybe it’s my mind playing games this late in the day? However, that would mean possibly opening myself up to someone in the workspace that could let out what I am in my personal life. This could be another great fuck, or it could be the Alphas ruin…

I will report back daily where possible, you will have to ignore my spelling and grammar mistakes as I will be doing this daily series on the move between meetings and end of days. Join my free mailing list below, as I will be posting everyday. 

I have a feeling this is about to get very interesting.


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