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Alpha Aggression
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Alphas are dominant and powerful for a reason, nature creates them to be superior to all others, and to sit at the apex of the hierarchy. Being at the top of the food chain is one thing, staying at the top is another. Nature has put you there, but an Alpha has to maintain a disciplined regime of fending off intruders and raiders who will try to remove him from his rightful place. Sometimes, even fags will test an Alpha Masters patience with non-compliance of rules and overstepping the mark.

This is where aggression comes into play.

The Aggressive Alpha

Aggression can be physical aggression or psychological aggression. Its not about being an asshole and bullying people, its about controlled fits of rage to achieve a goal… knowing when to overpower a fag mentally or physically. Some fags are broken by a look and strong words delivered with certainty, but other fags need the physical to get them performing the right way…. But do not worry, as Master Mikey has a medicine for all types of fags.

Verbal Aggression

Most fags can be managed with verbal abuse and in your face threats and taunts which are delivered with ferocity and meaning. The delivery is key because words are only words until a fag tests your power and then the words have to be converted to violent actions to stamp the point into the fag. However, where possible violence is to be avoided as it’s a next step on a ladder of fag training. If you can teach the dog without beating it, then do that. However, some dogs, some fags only understand violence and thrashings, they adore it, and they love the excitement of the beating, for them you must step out of words into the physical realm.

Barbaric Aggression

There are times when a point has to be made in the most certain way possible and that is where extreme brutality is the only way to get a desired result or compliance from a certain fag. Brutality exerted at this level leaves no doubt as to the intentions of the Master.

Over the years, I have had fags that wanted to be cunted like a woman, but I had to remind them that they are not women, they are fags with cunts that need bashing. These fags are a disgrace to men, and a disgrace to women, they are so low, that their trashy little cunts can only be used to relieve pent up anger and power. This is where I have cunted fags mercilessly, to show them that I am the boss, and I can do anything with my property. On some occasions I have had a fag come to me, be tied up and then have its dirty shithole cunt slammed and smashed by 2 or 3 Alphas, which it normally enjoys and makes it scream with pleasure.  

Aggression The Tool

Aggression, verbal and physical violence are all tools in the fag training manual and they must all be used in the appropriate time and application. Incorrect use of aggression or against a fag that is not capable of handling it will lead to broken fags, and broken fags are good for nothing.

As an Alpha Master, never fear using aggression to achieve your desires, you will get closer to your goals and your fags will love you for it. If you want to tread lighter with your fags at the beginning of their journey, you can read about the importance of spanking here

To all Alphas out there, go forth and conquer...

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