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Submissive Fag Cultures Disclaimer

Firstly, the usual disclaimer for all those triggered people out there that will spin on their seats as they read this with a copy of “Woke Monthly” on their laps. This is a viewpoint, and specifically my viewpoint based on my personal experience in the world. Therefore, if you disagree, that is fine, your allowed to disagree. I have come across many cultures in the world, which to my mind, produce more faggot men then other cultures. I will not try to diagnose why that is the case, I will just enjoy the fact that it is the case, and I enjoy fags in whatever shape, colour or religious designation they come in. To me, a fag is a fag.

Asian Fags

One of the things I have enjoyed more than anything else in this world is Asian fags. Asian fags can be the most loyal, obedient and giving fags in all fagdom. Over the last 4 years I have enjoyed approximately 10 Asian fags, and most of them came from across the Asian countries but some lived in the West like London and the Texas. You might wonder what makes these fags so delightful to manage, extort and fuck. Let me explain... hahahaha

Asian Fag Delights

Asian guys that live in Asian countries are typically living in a society that views men in one way and women in another. Men are given the lead in most things, even to the point that women cannot drive or be unattended in public spaces. These are all unique characteristics of the Asian world. In my experience this leads to fags that are uniquely obedient whether they are born and bred in the Asian lands or in the west. I had one fag who loved to clean the floors of my room, and to him it didn’t matter whether he was visiting my rented apartment or a hotel room, he made it very clear that he wanted to be down on all fours for me. Every cleaning session that this fag attended for me, always ended up with my big thick white cock deep in his brown bearded mouth. He would get eager and speed up the cleaning if he noticed that I was tiring of his presence around the home, because the main thing he wanted to do was be a dirty little cocksucking whore. The fag would bounce up and down eagerly swallowing every inch while taking deep gasps of air every time he came up. I could tell that his only real experience sexually was watching porn or with me. He came from a small town outside a city which was very repressive and he had never had a girlfriend, or more to his taste a boyfriend.

I used this faggot constantly, having him clean my flat, or hotel room, shine my shoes for the day or the evening, wash and mop the floors and on one occasion act as a chauffeur and drive me around town with a lady I took to dinner. I used him and abused him constantly and he loved every minute of it. Something about his upbringing had taught him to worship stronger men that held power like me. I think his father had oppressed him and his mother had mollycoddled him, and now here I was using and abusing him , and occasionally giving him what he desired most… to suck my cock.

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Fag The Cocksucking Whore

The fag wanted to be a cockwhore, but in his culture and religion, being with a man was impossible. There were occasions where he would dress in a suit to arrive at the hotel, he would have booked a meeting room in the hotel as a cover story, and then he would head up to my room, and drop to his knees almost as soon as he walked through my door. He would mess up his suit, in the hunger to get down by my cock. He was so cock hungry, that he would make a real mess spitting and sloshing all over my thighs. I did like this faggot because even in his repressed life and circumstances he knew what he was…. A mouth… a brown mouth... and just a mouth. He knew that power was important and that he had no power, but I the strong white teen at that time held all the power. He worshipped my cock more then I had ever had done to me before.

Faggot The Cashslut

Another fag slut I met in a bar in Austin Texas was a young 21 year old fag , he was a college student studying in the US. It came from a wealthy oil related family and he was over in the US spending money, living the American dream before he had to go home and work in his father’s firm. He was very wealthy and another Asian that loved nothing more then pleasing me from the moment we met. I represented all things Americana to him, even though I was English. I would put on a fake Texas accent and he couldn’t tell the difference, and I would have him pay for all the drinks, and going out, and then I would take him back to his luxurious apartment and tie him up before dressing him up like a sissy slut and fucking his tight brown asshole. He loved anal more than anything else in the world, and called himself my little tight brown bottom. I had him fund my life entirely for almost 14 months while I worked in the Texas office of my firm, and he used daddies bank account to keep me entertained. I enjoyed that boi and he enjoyed me before he left to go home. I know that next time I am over in the East I will contact him and drain him again, so he is not a finished fag just yet.

All the Asian fags that I have met have serviced me uniquely in their own way. The way they worship is just different to the way other fags worship, and from experience they are far more cock hungry. There could be so many reasons why they are more cock hungry, but its not my field of study and really I do not care enough to find out. I will just continue to enjoy these dirty little sluts when I find them. 

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