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Chastity Edging Torture
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Chastity Edging Torture

The holy trinity for any good fag, and the things that give most joy to Masters who love to have well trained and well behaved slaves. Performed in this order, chastity first, followed by edging and then topped off with torture, will give you compliant and hungry fags.

I have performed this process on several fags, so I know the effectiveness of this method personally. I started by putting my fag slut in a large cock cage on day 1, and then while at home I set it tasks around the home and garden so it could get used to the feel of wearing the cage. The tiny fag cock was lost inside the large cage… deliberately.

I wanted to begin the feeling of inadequacy within the fag, while at the same time preventing the fag from touching itself. Restraint, right away is an effective way of building desires. The fag starts to desire touching itself just because it has a cage on and now, cannot. The inability to access its tiny cock generates a huge and growing desire. It can look through its large cage at its tiny cock within and then try to reach through the gaps and holes and ultimately fail. The frustration is minimal on day 1, but begins to grow intense by day 5.

Alongside the large cage, I play erotic audio visuals onscreen around the home, so even when the fag is doing chores in the bathroom or bedroom or even the garden, it can hear the sounds of moaning and fucking going on, these all help to build a sexual atmosphere which contributes to the underlying lust of the fag.

On days 2 and 4 the fag is also strapped to a bed, hands and legs tied… and then a feather is used to excite the fag. The feather is trailed across the legs, stomach, cock and balls. This causing almost unbearable twitching and tweaking as the faggot pushes against its straps.

At day 5 I often blackmail and then release my fag to allow it to cum, which always ends in it thanking me and wanting more. However, on a few occasions I have completed longer form chastity tortures which drove the fags wild, but they required the fag to have the free time or holiday booked from work to allow that longer experience to happen. Those were fulltime lock-in scenarios where I managed them for a period of 2 -6 weeks, with tasks set every day, and edging every 4 hours, and chastity cage adjustment every 2 days, to keep making that cage smaller and smaller. I will blog about one of those experiences in a coming blog.

Alas, I must get back to the vanilla life and restrain my own Masterly urges for a few more hours, before I can leap into the darkness again. Until then... stay filthy... Fags.

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