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Important caveat for this post – This is a post aimed at Alphas, and therefore if you are easily offended, do not read below as the post seeks to objectify and uniquely degrade fag’s mouths and assholes.

A fag has 2 important holes, the cakehole and the asshole. Both have to be used at times but which you use depends on your needs as an Alpha. Remember that the fag has no choice which hole you use, that is entirely up to you. For me, I like having my big cock sucked, so the fag’s mouth is the most interesting hole, and I love to train my fags to please me. However, you should experiment with both holes and see which pleases you most. Never forget that if neither of your fag’s holes please use, then you have a broken useless fag, and you should discard it as soon as possible. Always remember to think of the environment and take it down to your local recycling centre, where you can instruct it to climb into the clothes recycling bin.

The Cake Hole

The fag’s mouth is full of pleasing surfaces and if you get yourself a good cocksucker that is both creative and a hungry little bitch, then you really can enjoy having your cock, tongue washed.  My last cocksucking fag was amazing, I would lay back on the sofa, and have it come up under me. I would then slap the fag across the face 5 or 6 times to soften up the skin, have the fag tingling nicely, and then I would pull it in over my cock, and slide entirely into it. Sometimes it will gag, but if you keep thrusting, it soon opens up the airways. The key is to take long deep strokes in and out of it, so that the entire channel from the outer part of its lips through past its teeth, brushing its tonsils and then taking the deep tight dive down its throat is one swift stroke.

It’s a full experience, especially as that cock channel has a self-lubricating function, either its nasal passage will fill the throat cavity with mucus, or its tears will trace a path from its eyes around its nose into the mouth cavity, both of which will work perfectly for you as the Alpha making use of the fag hole.

The Fags Asshole

The fag has an asshole or boi pussy that is designed to be fucked, and fucked royally. The asshole on the fag was made for Alphas, so you should feel no shame in attempting to obliterate its asshole if you so desire. One of the greatest treats for a new Alpha will be when you get a new fag or one that has never previously fashioned itself as a bottom, and therefore it will be tight and twitchy. This type of untrained asshole will normally have a fussy owner, one that must be put in its place. It will also generally be twitchy with fear. You must take extra care to bind this type of fag asshole up, so that it will not bounce around as you force your large Alpha cock up against its tight twitchy rim. You can use several methods to help train or soften the fag for asshole entry, one of the best is to use both hands around its neck to choke it into submission. Whichever method you use, ensure that once you crack the seal on the asshole, you plunge right in so that it will suffer no more. It might take 20 or 30 strokes for it to open out and begin to enjoy the process... when that happens do not be tempted to align its pleasure with your pleasure, you must always remember that the fag’s pleasure is inconsequential, its only your pleasure as the Alpha Master that is important.

You will quickly come to enjoy the tightness of a boi pussy and find that you can never get that type of pleasure from a woman. The boi pussy is uniquely designed for Alpha Masters in a way that a pussy is simply not. The boi pussyhole will never need a monthly break, never have the option to say no, and can be assaulted anywhere at any time without any implications for the Alpha.

If you enjoy these short speak sessions, feel free to reach out and suggest topics. If you’re a fag make sure you attach an appropriate tribute.

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