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Fag Purpose
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A Fag’s First Step

A fags first journey is recognising itself and what it is. A fag must first find its fag type and from that determine how it will be the best version of that type of fag. So, a cocksucking fag has a duty to ensure that its mouth is made readily available to Alphas at every opportunity. A cashfag should ensure that it tributes on a regular basis to a Master like me. A cleaning fag, and by that, I mean a fag that primarily has no other purpose then to clean and do household chores, must be used productively for the cleaning of an Alphas environment.

Each type of fag has a purpose and its upon the individual fag to find that purpose and ensure its fulfilled. There is nothing worse than a lazy fag or a confused fag. Lazy or confused fags are fags that are chopping and changing what they want on a daily basis and therefore achieving nothing on a daily basis. They will often try to justify that they are trying to find their role, but they are actually wasting the one thing that is in short supply in the world, and always will be, TIME.

An Alpha Masters time is of the greatest importance, as HE will be busy working towards and achieving his dreams and goals. These are things that only HE can know and that will put HIM in his rightful place at the top of the hierarchy of men. Atop the chart of men, he can then be glorified and tributed and adored and admired as all Alphas should be. However, this can only happen if the other elements of the hierarchy, namely fags, perform their appropriate duties.

To The Fag Reading This Right Now

All you fag’s reading this, learn from this moment, stop wasting your purpose in life, because your purpose awaits you eagerly. If you’re a cashfag, then GIVE , if you’re a Sub then SERVE , be proactive and reach out to the Alpha Masters that await you. Its your TIME. Show them that you are willing and able to be the best. Read the Fag Charter 2021 immediately and start your fag journey right now.

Step up to the Masters table and be the best fags you can be, TODAY ! - Alpha Masters Live On Cams

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