Alpha Masters Lets Unite

Alpha Masters Unite
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I am Master Mikey an Alpha Master, and is a labour of love documenting my life as an Alpha Master. I am reliving my experiences from the last 4-5 years by writing them down in blog format. This website is a work in progress and will be for several years as my career keeps me very busy. I see an opportunity for us all too unite and hence this siren call out to Alphas. 

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Firstly I commend all you Alpha Masters out there, all of you, in all the forms you take. I have until now been operating outside of any community of Masters Alphas fags or faggotry and having in this year 2021 entered the public arena, I feel nothing but comradery towards you all, you are all Alpha bosses and good luck to you. I have been an Alpha Master away from the existing community for 4-5 years, and only now decided to document my life as a 22 Year Old Alpha Master.

For this reason, I want to offer you all a place where I can promote you and fags can find you. There are many places on the internet where you can do this, so I make no bones about being the best place, but I can tell you that this blog will grow with time, and a profile place on it will one day be valuable to you. More importantly, if even 1 fag finds you on my website and goes on to live a happy fulfilled life in your arms, then I will consider myself to have achieved what most matrimonial websites struggle to do, match the right people together. Almost like a Faggot Matrimonial Service, but with less strings attached and no money changing hands, at least not between us Alphas. 😊

I offer you a full profile page. Also, because my time is very tight at this stage in my life, I can only offer this to Masters that have 500 or more followers. In time this may also change, but for now I am so busy with my vanilla life in the world of international finance that if I opened this to everyone, it would be impossible for me to do it.

Alpha Master Categories

I will choose the most appropriate broad categories to tag individual Masters under so that you can easily be found by fags. For example, I will have categories such as Alpha Masters, Alpha Gods, and Cashmasters.

Why Create A Profile On

The world is full of fags, subs, sissy's, paypigs and humanATM's, so why not put yourself in front of all these little piggie's and get what you deserve. I will be continuing to document my journey, and connect with other relevant people and blogs on the internet, and in turn will attract fags and subs that will want something different to me. I know I am good, but everyone has a different taste, and so many of you are doing amazing work out there that I want to ensure that if a fag is not a fag for me, then someone else benefit from that fag.

Fags were put on this earth for all Alpha men to enjoy, not just me. I look at the world as a world of plenty, and me having fags to enjoy does not take away from you other Alphas out there taking your fill too. So why not create a nice profile and then watch as they eventually come dribbling with their piggy cocks to kneel before you and lay tributes at your feet.

Remember that this is a free offer for Alpha Masters to allow them to add to their online profiles, and boost their profiles as my site grows. I am not accepting payments from anybody now or in the future, and I am taking no responsibility for or making any promises or guarantees that you are the best Masters, you are simply the top ones I can find now, all placed in 1 convenient location for fags, subs, sissy’s and other beasts of burden to find and serve.

Information Needed For Your Profile On

You must be a Master with a minimum 500 followers, if so please email me the following information to have a profile page created.

Your Master Name: (what you like your subjects to call you)

Twitter Handle: (Example @Cashmaster392)

Your Promo Links: (OnlyFans, Niteflirt, Chaturbate what ever you want )

A Bio: (Can be as short or long as you like, ideally make it unique and not what you have written elsewhere and this will play in your favour)

A Picture: (Cannot be fully nude, but can be as sexy as you like, no cock hanging out. I will have to resize to put in place, and you do not have to have a picture)

A Confirmation that I can use your picture: (Yes or No will do)

A link from your Twitter Tumblr or website to my website: (Helps me build awareness of , this will be checked before a profile goes live and regularly afterwards. You can link to or entirely your choice)

You can submit this information to me via email  Master (at @)

I will check your submission and respond back to you asap, which normally means within 24 hours as I am currently travelling, SE Asia and London England. 

I look forward to meeting you all, and connecting with you.

There is enough fag food to go around for all. Let the games begin.