Are Fag Couples Possible?

Fag Couples
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Fag Couples Wanted?

Fags Question

I am a fag and I keep getting into relationships with Alpha's which I think are going to be long term but they never last, I have heard that fag couples do exist, but I don't know of any? 

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

You keep thinking those relationships are going to last because you are an optimistic faggot, but clearly an unrealistic one. You know full well the ways of Alphas and how they take what they need and then go elsewhere! the Alpha has no need of loyalty, and many straight Alphas are going to be with women anyway, they only use you for your holes. 

The first thing to deal with is your expectations, your a faggot, there should be no expectations of a family and a white picket fence, at best your fag holes will be used while you are young and useful and moderately mouldable and sexy, once you go past your sell by date, you will be discarded like trash, and left to watch younger fags get what you used too. So being in a fag couple is a nonsense fantasy, your Alpha owns you, uses you and then discards you. A dog may feel an elevated sense of importance because the Master pets its head, but its still a dog !!

Bussy Boi

Advice For Fag Couples

Stop dreaming impossible dreams faggots, you are not going to be in fag couples, but rather try to enjoy your faggothood while it lasts. Maximise the number of Alphas that you can pleasure, and make your purpose in the world felt, be the best mouth and best bottom you can be, so that when you are gone, they remember you well. 

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