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Ass To Mouth
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I recently met with a fag in the city of London. We met on the underground, we had arranged to meet for a few drinks and head to a hotel, but when I saw it, I was intrigued with its dress, it was one of the few femboy fags I have ever fucked, and this one was especially dirty, as I was soon to find out. We went out of Paddington station and headed for a local bar. I could tell this femboy fag was turned on because of the way it was twitching its hips, which I must admit was turning me on.

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Perhaps I should back track, this liaison had been put together by an internet conversation 2 weeks earlier where I was looking for fags amongst my worshippers that would be keen to do ass to mouth play, because I have a specific fetish for that type of filthy play. I have a fetish for all things ass and dirty, and the dirtier the better, so I put it out to my network that I wanted to pound a fags ass and then go ass to mouth with that stupid fag. I had lots of responses from fags in my network, but none quite as enticing as this one, which I now understood, nothing had told me to prepare for a femboy, so I was truly excited. I was so excited that I could not wait to finish my drink and head out, the ass to mouth temptation with this fag’s ass and mouth had me hard sitting in the bar. Everything this femboy said, turned me on, including the way its lips moved and the way its hips swayed as it went to the restroom. I told it we had to leave, I was hungry and it smiled picking up its purse, and we headed out into the night to hail a cab. Minutes later we were whizzing through the back streets of London in the cab, and the femboys figure was siting in front of me, legs crossed, smiling at the prospect of what was to happen next. I ran my hands up and down its thighs, slipping under its split dress, it didn’t mind me venturing along the smooth silky thighs giving me a warm welcoming smile.

Ass To Mouth Dreams Do Cum True

We arrived at the hotel and I was an Alpha possessed, barely able to walk for all the excitement of this femboy. We got to the room, and I put the key in the door, and turned to kiss the femboy, which it returned by sliding its tongue into my mouth, I lifted the femboy up into the air and put it up on my shoulders, spreading its legs clumsily to faceplant into its sweet cunt, and then I realised I was still in the corridor, so I stopped and carried it in, walking in, slamming the door behind me and walking straight to the nearest wall, where I pressed it up against the wall, mid-air and then unravelled its dress, leaving just its thong and smooth skin. I spun this femboy around until I was in its smooth silky ass, which I then slid down and through onto the bed. I tore its clothes off, and told it to prepare for me, I watched as it sucked its fingers and applied the spit to its shithole, telling me it was ready for me, “I am ready for you daddy” .

Ass And Mouth Gets Fucked

Totally bolt rock steel hard I walked over to the femboys bussy and pressed my swollen helmet up against its impossibly small tight bussy hole. Just looking at the tiny bussy slit I was sure my huge swollen cock would never go in, but the femboy turned and smiled at me, telling me get inside, so I pressed and without any resistance my cock slide right into this femboys ass. I was dug in deep and holding the boi’s neck when I started pumping its asshole. This femboy was talented, truly talented with the way that its ass bussy grabbed and milked my big thick white cock. I had to stop after only 10 thrusts to stop myself cumming, so I pulled out and took my swollen juice covered cock from ass to mouth and straight into the femboys throat, it felt so sexy and dirty to go from a warm smelly ass to mouth. I then turned the femboy and plunged my cock back into its ass pussy, and started to pump furiously, I could feel my cock really scraping the insides of the femboys bussy hole, but again I had to stop after 10 thrusts because it was all too much again, so I stopped and turned the boi onto its knees to plunge into its mouth, I grabbed its hair and made it lick and suck all the ass juice off my cock, helmet and balls. Ass to mouth was proving to be the exhilarating and dirty fetish play I had always imagined it would be, the tight asspussy and the warm wet throat, along with the continual thought that I might take shit from its ass pussy up into its throat, the filthy behaviour drove me over the edge. I repeated this ass to mouth and back again about 10 times, edging myself each time, an extra thrust each time, my balls churning each time they got deep into its ass pussy and then deep into its throat, I was unsure whether I would unload into its ass or its mouth, but eventually that choice was taken from me when the femboy screamed an assgasm and I felt its ass pussy shuddering and muscular ripples shooting up and down its asshole which milked my cock into its dirty shithole.


I came into its asspussy a full gallon of cum, surprising even myself with the sheer quantity that this ass to mouth had extracted from me. I watched as the cum oozed out and the femboy reached back lovingly scooping the brown tinged cum load and throwing it into its mouth like a person sitting having beers throws peanuts into its mouth. I was thoroughly impressed with this cutie, and I was sure that I would be fucking it again. It was at this point that the femboy told me that it had actually brought lingerie with cute asshole bussy cut-outs, that I had not even given it a chance to change into, I was quick to assure it this was the first of many meets.

Ass To Mouth Cum

My ass to mouth cum load on that day was the best cum load I had shot in a year, it was magnificent, nothing short of explosive and fulfilling. I was totally spent and exhausted having shot that load, and for me that is a rare situation to be in. Since that day, fags love it when I stick my big fat cock deep into their asses and then pull out and go straight into their mouths to pump a load in, it’s become far more normal, and not even a separate fetish play for me.

I almost always end with an ass to mouth cum load now, especially when I am fucking femboys, because their tight little boi bussy’s are so cute and tight. As you can imagine there is nothing dirtier or viler then going from the shit pipe of a femboy faggot to its windpipe and inevitably transferring all sorts of colon flora into the faggot’s throat, and that simple fact, drives the enormous sexual excitement and humiliation combined, it’s a real aphrodisiac.

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