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Ass Worship Master Mikey Ass

Fags love Ass worship, and it’s one of the favourite topics of my faggots over the years. I can say that all my faggots love ass eating, ass licking, ass worship, it’s one of the key requests I get from fags that are new to my Den. I also love having my ass worshipped, so it all ties together very nicely. 

Below are some of the pieces of content for Ass loving faggots, so get down and enjoy bitches. 

Ass Eating Fag Servant - 10 Mins

You are a fucking faggot ass licker, and I am a Master, so why do we not just get to the good bit, and I will lie back and enjoy your faggot tongue buried in my ass, worshipping me as you should? Go on, bury your face in my ass, you know you want to eat a Masters Ass, and my perfect ass is the one you should be eating and worshipping. Go on, stick your nose in cunt and click the picture!

Ass Eating Fag Servant


Ass Eating Faggot With His Wife - 10 Mins

I saw you across the restaurant and I knew you were a faggot, constantly looking across, because you need to be what you are, a fucking dirty faggot. Let your wife go to the ladies room, and then get up and head to me bitch, you know you want to. You cannot stop staring at me, your dream come true, you want to get down on your knees don't you? You want my swollen cock in your face while you lick my taint clean and tongue fuck my asshole. Meet me in the rest room cunt. Click the picture and find out. 


Ass Fag Aggressive Abuse - 8 Mins

You dirty little faggot, you just love smelling my asshole. I know you do faggot cunt. Follow me around as I move around my office. Tuck your filthy fucking nose into my ass cheeks and then inhale you little faggot bitch. The more I exercise and work out a sweat, the more you enjoy, you decrepit filthy slag fag, get down and be my faggot bitch. Go on , click the picture, you know you want too. 

Ass Fag Aggressive Abuse


Ass Faggots Message - 6 Mins

Serve my ass faggot, you know that I am the only one you should serve, you know it faggot. I get you up close and personal in this audio clip, pulling you really close to my cock and balls and then down to my tight perfect asshole. I know you want to lick and eat my asshole, but you need to show me full on dedication before I allow that service, you dirty ass faggot. Clicking the picture is your salvage, so click it cunt.

Ass Faggots Message


Ass Loving Fag Pleases Master With Tongue - 9 Mins

Get up close and smell my ass you filthy butt boy. Get your tongue pushed right up into my cheeks and flap your tongue, taste that gym sweat, and that tight butthole, see if you can push your tongue into my gape....fucking faggot. I love the feel of a long slippery faggot tongue lapping at my ass. The best part is that you will stroke you tiny cock like a demon while you eat my ass out. Click the picture and find out.

Ass Loving Fag Pleases Master With Tongue


Ass Sniffing Faggot In Parking Lot - 7 Mins

Outdoor ass sniffing and ass licking fun. I love to pull my pants down in the parking lot and let you watch as my boxers slide down to reveal my perfect ass, you want this faggot, you would love to lick and sniff across my ass cheeks, like a good little faggot ass sniffer. If I let you bury your face in my cheeks, you would never leave, dirty ass sniffing faggot. I should take care to never wash my ass when you are coming to see me, so that you get the full ass sniffing treatment. Clicking the pictures takes you to a sample. 

Ass Sniffing Faggot In Parking Lot


Ass Sniffing Faggot Teaser - 5 Mins

There is something really horny about obedient dog like faggots that just enjoy sniffing and inhaling farts and ass smells. Fags that love the smell of farts and my asshole up close are a rare breed of filthy beast. I love the way these faggot's push their nose up against my asshole and then inhale as though they are taking in the world, except all they are taking in is the smell of my ass passage. Imagine you are doing poppers from my ass and inhale with all your might, dumb ass sniffing faggot. Click the picture for more info faggot. 

Ass Sniffing Faggot Teaser


Ass Worship Fag In Gym - 10 Mins

Fags love gyms, because of all the Alphas like me working out, and the sweat and the hard work. A faggots life only improves when it gets to go to a gym with an Alpha and just serve as a gym fag for the Alpha, clearing up, wiping down surfaces with its tongue, licking the Alphas armpits and feet. That's why I called my fag to the gym to worship my ass.. and got a little aggressive and strong with him... what can I say, these things happen. If you click the picture it will show you more. 


Ass Worship Faggot - 8 Mins

I want a fag to worship my ass all the time, because that is how magnificent my Alpha Master ass actually is. I know the worth of my ass, and its worth alot more then the faggot that lick it. I am a charitable Alpha and I regularly allow time for unworthy lowly faggots to experience licking my ass and sometimes if they are really lucky, my asshole too. Come on faggots listen up to what worshipping my ass feels like. Click the picture to check it out.

Ass Worship Faggot


Ass Worshipping Fag - 7 Mins 

I shouted to fags and sissy's and betas and subs off all variants to come and worship my ass and these faggot bitch's came running. You know you want to worship too, so why not click the picture and listen to what a life under my boot and worshipping my ass feels like. Do not feel ashamed at what you are, nature designed you to worship , and so worshipping my ass is one of the greatest things you can achieve in your life. 

Ass Worshipping Fag


Fag Ass Licker - 9 Mins

Sometimes sniffing and worshipping from afar is simply not enough, sometimes a faggot like you must be forced to come in closer and really lick and taste the Masters ass and asshole. I will make sure that I do not wash my ass on the day I give you that treat. I have given this treat to a number of my faggots and I can tell their only complaint was that they wished my ass was dirtier, and more unwashed for their visit. Yes you faggots that love ass licking are desperate and broken souls, but I love you, even if your own mothers did not. Now click the picture and start licking. 

Fag Ass Licker


Fag Ass Slave - 8 Mins

Some of my faggots want to go a step further then just worshipping my ass or sniffing and licking my ass, and they want to be fully enslaved by it. I offer this to my special faggots only, because to be my ass slave you must be worthy of demonstrating that you are capable of taking care of all my needs. You must be able to serve my ass fully. I expect full and total subservience from my ass faggot slaves. So click the picture and listen to what a fag ass slave does. 

Fag Ass Slave


Fag Massages Me And Reveals Ass Sniffing Fetish - 10 Mins

Fags are lowly beasts, but every once in a while a faggot will surprise me. Listen to how a faggot massages me and then I find out that its an ass sniffing faggot and that all it wants to do is sniff my asshole. Listen to its tongue flapping at the entrance to my shithole. Oh I love dirty ass licking and sniffing faggots that show themselves to me. I love surprises. So if you want to hear me enjoying being massaged and then made to cum a big load while you lick my asshole, then click the picture and enjoy. 

Fag Massages Me And Reveals Ass Sniffing Fetish


Faggot Allowed To Worship Masters Ass - 9 Mins

When a faggot proves its worth, then I can show it some love back. In this audio piece I make a fags dreams come true by allowing it to worship my ass. I know how long its ached to be near my ass, to look at it, dreamt about it. I know how dirty this little faggot is, so I decided to make it a happy faggot. Listen as I slap the fag cunt and then push my asshole into its face. I allow my faggot to lick and worship my muscular powerful Ass. Click the button to imagine yourself in my place, kneeling before me, tasting , smelling, enjoying all that is the Masters ASS. 

Faggot Allowed To Worship Masters Ass


Faggot Eats Ass Standing Up (Vertical Face sitting) - 8 Mins

Faggots eating my ass at my place or at the fags place is one thing, and its amazing, but having my ass eaten outdoors is a pleasure of its own. Outdoor eating is so much more natural and heavenly.. lol. I instruct my faggot to meet me at the back of a diner parking lot and eat my ass. I enjoy this open air ass eating session as he rubs and wipes his face on my ass. If you want to hear me undress and imagine being the face I allow to eat me out in that parking lot then click and listen. 

Faggot Eats Ass Standing Up


Faggot Loves Masters Ass - 6 Mins

Admit it faggot, admit that you want to lick and taste my ass, go on, admit you are a dirty fucking faggot, and I know you are ashamed of it, but be honest, tell me how much you want to serve me, get on your knees and show me what you want. I have constructed a special ass eating chair which I keep in my office for those occasions when a faggot happens to come to my office. I love having my ass eaten and the feeling of a fags soft pink dirty wet tongue flicks and dashes in and out of my ass, like a hungry little ass faggot whore. Click the picture and show me what you want to taste. 

Faggot Loves Masters Ass


Fags Locker Room Ass Treat - 10 Mins

An Alpha like me must always work out to keep my body in peak shape. All my faggots love it too. That is why I told my fag to join me at the sports club, so he could enjoy me performing and then head into the locker rooms so I could enjoy him and fuck him. Listen how the faggot enjoys my cock and asshole, its all very hot and sweaty. I always enjoy my fags flicking their snake like tongues in my ass and I always cum on them. Click the picture to listen and enjoy it. 

Fags Locker Room Ass Treat


Fags Morning Ass Worshipping - 8 Mins

A fag that worships my ass in the morning is a truly blessed creature. I lie back on a table with my legs open just showing this faggot my asshole, cock and balls. I allow the dumb faggot to just look at the beautiful view in front of it. My faggot gets to worship my ass... stand in front of me as I lay back and you stare at it.. and then eat and lick it like a good boi. I also encourage the faggot cunt to huff some poppers while its eating me out.  As usual I enjoy every moment , and eventually cum from the faggot eating me out. Click on the picture to listen to the worship. 

Fags Morning Ass Worshipping - 8 Mins


Masters Sweet Ass Rules Fags - 8 Mins

I know a fags needs, especially the lowest degraded humiliated faggots that really want to get down and dirty. I know exactly what you faggots need. So I have you lay down, and then I hover over you and lower my ass down onto you from above, its delicious and sexy all at the same time. Smell my ass and inhale it as I lower myself down onto you. Click the picture to hear the magic. 

Masters Sweet Ass Rules Fags


Popper Ass Sniffer - 7 Mins

Just for fun I arrive at your workplace faggot ! Surprised aren't you? well I am here so that you can worship my asshole for your lunch. I am a caring Master and I will do almost anything to have you worship my ass, and that is why my asshole is your lunch today. Smell and inhale my asshole just like you do poppers faggot. I want you to treat my asshole like the best poppers you have ever had. Walk with me behind your office and watch as I slip my pants down and allow you to push your face into my cheeks and popper my asshole, inhaling as hard as you can... mmm.. now click the picture below to listen to this depravity. 

Popper Ass Sniffer


Sleeping Faggots Face Is A Great Asswipe - 10 Mins

A faggot is a faggot even when its sleeping and helpless. You have left the window open for me just as I instructed so that I can abuse and use your flesh for my hungry needs. Listen to me using your face as you sleep. Lots of sitting and smushing action, wow the contours of your face feel amazing on my cheeks and asshole. Your soft fleshy lips are so hot on my leather pants. Click the picture and listen as I abuse you. 

Sleeping Faggots Face Is A Great Asswipe


Straight Master Allows Gym Fag To Worship Ass - 7 Mins

I see the way you get excited when I arrive at the gym, you watch me... and even though I am straight, I am going to give you something today which will remain in your mind wankbank for the rest of your click the picture and listen faggot. 

Straight Master Allows Gym Fag To Worship Ass



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