Bigcock Teen Addiction

Bigcock Teen Addiction
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Fags Question

Why are fags always addicted to bigcock teens? what is the fascination with legal age 19 year old teens with big cocks?

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

The Degeneracy Of Bigcock Teen Addiction 

A fag will always lean towards degeneracy in every way possible and this degeneracy will take many forms. One of the most deprived things a faggot can do is worship young men, and legal age teens are the youngest a faggot can worship, and they will. When I was 18 and 19, I got so much attention from older men, because they wanted what I had, youth, a huge white cock, and the prowess of being a powerful young man. I held court in everything I did and this brought me to the attention of powerful older men, who wanted to be like me. 

Fags will often fetishize a young guys cock because mentally they assume that the younger guy, even though hes 18 or 19 years old will have a smaller cock. This fetish is explosive when they see that a 19 year old like me has a big fat thick white cock, so they feel intimated by me. Its a combination of a young man, that should be inexperienced but yet is experienced because of that huge cock which all men and women and especially fags worship. This juxtaposition of youth and cock size is a point of fantasy for most fags I have ever encountered. 

Purely Sexual Bigcock Teen Addiction

Some of these fags have a bigcock teen addiction because they simply want the sexual side, the excitement of fucking a youth, and being fucked with all that energy. The sexual energy that surged through me at 19 was insane, and I fucked insane, teaching these fags what real power was, and felt like. Most of these older fags went on to continue to worship me, and follow me around like the little dogs they are. 

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Lifeforce Bigcock Teen Addiction

For other faggots, its not about sex, or getting fucked, its about the energy of a legal age teen. These fags want to be surrounded by the energy that a 19 year old Master brings to the equation, the spark which excites the fag. Its a reminder that not all men are created equal and some men are simply blessed from birth and others are cursed from birth, cursed to walk feebly amongst the masses and never be taken seriously by men or women. 

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Bigcock Teen Addiction

Ultimately, fags are born weak, and drooling over bigcock teens is another addiction to add a spark of excitement to their otherwise dull and pointless lives. 

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