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Blackmail Audio Clips
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Blackmail & Ruin Audio Clips

Some of the most exciting exhilarating and sexual blackmail audio clips I produce for my faggots are based around blackmail, extortion and ruin. Over the last few years I have experienced blackmail to be an aphrodisiac that has power beyond just the act of blackmail. 

Check out some of the work I have produced in the niche of blackmail. 

Blackmail And Ruin Outside Your Workplace - 8 Mins

I decided to meet you at your workplace, so I am just standing here smoking. I am watching you and your colleagues talking carefree, no knowledge of what you are. Those poor little twats have no idea what kind of a faggot you are. You hide these things, but I guess someone knows, you are very careful being my faggot, and hiding that part of your life, but I am sure that your wife knows in her heart that you are a cocksucking faggot. I know that I can blackmail you and I can destroy your life, lead you to the ruin that will make you cry like a little bitch. Why don't you click the picture and listen to me watching you and smoking in blackmail audio clips. 

Blackmail And Ruin Outside Your Workplace - 8 Mins


Blackmail and Ruin Revealed To YOU - 9 Mins

You never expected me to take advantage of you did you? You thought that you could be a filthy dirty little pervert, and no one would know. You thought you would serve me as a faggot and that would be the end of it. You expected to live this life and that old life and there would be no crossover. I saw the faggot in you the day we first met, and I knew I would take you, right from day one, you were my target. I will ruin you, and I will use blackmail to get what I want from you, and you will comply. Click the picture and listen to how it happens to you. 

Blackmail and Ruin Revealed To YOU - 9 Mins


Blackmail At Wife's Workplace - 5 Mins

A fag feels under the most pressure when you press the tough buttons right away, and I arrived at your wife's workplace foyer to press those tough buttons hahaha. I know you are scared and if I walk up to her, that will be the end of your life, so how about you start to think about completing all my demands as quickly as you can. You should comply to stop me ruining your life. Click and listen to how brutal I can be when I want to ruin you. 

Blackmail At Wife's Workplace - 5 Mins


Blackmail Teaser - 4 Min

Its your day, dumb faggot, the day I start blackmailing you, I have been planning it for weeks and months, because I always knew you were perfect to blackmail. I have gathered info, had you sending naughty videos and messages and I have prepared them all for showing your family and friends and work colleagues. You will have to think long and hard about what you are willing to give me to stop this happening. I am hungry for you faggot, so click the picture and find out what black audio clips sound like. 

Blackmail Teaser - 4 Min


Blackmail YOU - Ruin YOU - Own YOU - 8 Mins

Listen to me tell you what I think of you. All the secret meetings, you arriving home dishevelled. Your marriage would be so broken, missing money, missing time, where were you.. your wife would ask questions and eventually the truth would come out and you would be fucked. Maybe I would tell your wife.. maybe I will blackmail you, ruin you and then I will own you fully. Its only a matter of time before I blackmail you, threatening to ruin your whole life. Clicking the picture will take you closer to knowing what that feels like. 

Blackmail YOU - Ruin YOU - Own YOU


Blackmailed & Extorted - 12 Mins

I am on your doorstep in the rain.. you can hear the rain, and the fear goes through your mind. You know I have come here to you tonight, to make trouble, and I could end your life. Shall I make some noise, kick your car, set the alarm off and get the attention of your family and neighbours? blackmail and extort you, tell your family about your "business trips", and "overseas appointments" hahaha they will realise quickly that I am telling them the truth. Can you feel the fear rising in you? Click on the picture to see if you can make it stop.. 

Blackmailed & Extorted - 12 Mins


Blackmailing You On Your Doorstep - 8 Mins

Time to collect faggot. I warned you that if you did not pay up there would be consequences, and here they are, now I am on your doorstep, I can see your wife in the garden, and I am banging loudly on your front window... hahaha hide little faggot. You are hiding because you did not take our money conversation seriously, I told you I was going to blackmail you, and you did not listen. Now I stand at your door, knocking on your front windows loudly, its time to pay up. Click on the picture and listen to me banging your window faggot, time to pay up. 

Blackmailing You On Your Doorstep


Chained Up Blackmail - 7 Min Teaser Session

Look where you are now faggot, chained up in this dark room to a chair. You never thought when you first started this that you would be sitting in the dark on a chair that you are chained too. I chose you faggot, so take some consolation that you were chosen by a god like me, Master Mikey. 

Chained Up Blackmail


Deep Hypnosis Blackmail Chastity - 10 Min Session

Deep Hypnosis Blackmail Chastity and all things nice. For all you fags cucks subs and sluts. I want you to listen to my voice digging deeper and deeper into your mind, my words entrance you, curse you, fill your head with all sorts of ideas and visions, and you cannot stop listening. Slowly I become everything in your world. Once you are deep in hypno trance I will cage your tiny cock, and force you to be mine, all of you will become mine. I will then destroy you and send you out into the world to serve me. Click the picture to begin the journey faggot. 

Deep Hypnosis Blackmail Chastity


Fag Blackmail & Humiliation Outside Workplace - 6 Min Session

You thought it would be a normal work day, but I was already waiting for you. I got here early, to prepare to blackmail you. I researched you from the first moment we met, and all the time you enjoyed sucking my cock and licking my asshole, all I had in mind was blackmailing you and using you to get money and good, because I am one evil fucking Master, and you are my victim. So unless you pay up, I will be walking into your workplace and putting on a show which I think your colleagues will really enjoy. Click the picture to find out how this works. 

Fag Blackmail & Humiliation Outside Workplace


Fag Blackmailed By Master - 10 Mins

I got into your house and I am standing by your bed, listening to your wife snoring in her sleep, just imagine I poked her and woke her up now, what a surprise she would have. You are mine faggot and always will be, so unless you give me everything I want, unless you comply with my blackmail and extortion, you will suffer my ruin, you faggot. I will break this happy home of yours. I can destroy this home by telling all your family what you are, exactly what you are. She will hate to watch videos of you down on your knees sucking me off, and getting fuked in your tight faggot ass pussy. So unless you want me to come back and finger this fat cow of a wife again while she sleeps, click the picture and pay up. 

Fag Blackmailed By Master


Hypnosis By Evil Blackmail Therapist - 15 Mins

A perfect therapy session, except its not a therapy session... I take my unsuspecting client who suffers from workplace anxiety and under the guise of using hypno trance to cure that I actually put it under a hypnotic trance and then manipulate and implant ideas that will benefit me... hahaha this is the first in a series of blackmail sessions....hahahaha.. 15 Mins

Hypnosis By Evil Blackmail Therapist


Master Blackmails - 6 Min Session

This is a warning to let you know that I am on the way to your home, I have parked close by to send you this message, but I will be arriving shortly and I will be there soon to destroy your life. I did warn you of the consequences. Today they are going to find out exactly what you have been doing you filthy faggot cunt. You have licked my balls and sucked my cock while continuing to live a normal family life. That ends today. Click the picture to see how we do this. 

Master Blackmails


Master Blackmails Faggot In Dark Alley - 7 Mins

Dark alley ways are the best place to fuck little faggot cunts like you. I chose this dark place to tell you I was going to fuck you over and blackmail you because its the first place we fucked, and I took your faggot ass cherry, so its appropriate that I bring you right back here to use you. You are a good little faggot, but I always had it in mind that I would extort you, so its happening now, click the picture to listen. 

Master Blackmails Faggot In Dark Alley


Morning Blackmail - 6 Min Session

Start your day with my blackmail session, because there is nothing better for a faggot than instilling fear and loathing into your broken mind at its weakest point, first thing in the morning.. hahaha. I love to catch you first thing, before you have had a chance to think, or make excuses, first thing I scare the fuck out of you and get you focused on what you need to spend your day doing, to service my needs, or else you will get revealed and you do not want that. Click the picture to feel the morning extortion

Morning Blackmail


The Blackmail - Return of the Homewrecker - 5 Mins

I am in the parking lot of your wife's workplace... what will I do, what could I tell her? Blackmail is such an exciting prospect for you, and I chose you because I could see the weakness in your face. This is a follow up because I told you I would be back. You must have had to make some excuses up for my last visit... hahaha and I love the thought of you squirming and lying and making excuses for why the sofas are gone, and other family heirlooms are gone from your home... hahahah Click the picture and find out what it feels like. 

The Blackmail - Return of the Homewrecker


The Blackmail Begins - 6 Mins

Knock knock knock, I am on your doorstep, wherever you are in the house, get to the door right now fuck face, because I am about to kick it in. The fear of god has shot right up your ass now. You are now about to be victimised, I planned it all along. You are a homo faggot and you have been hiding this from your family, and I knew it the first time I met you in the bar, I chose you bitch because I knew one day soon I would be able to extort you for cash. Click the picture and see how this plays out in my blackmail audio clips. 

The Blackmail Begins


Tied Up & Blackmailed - 10 Mins Session

The tied up extortion continues and the consequences are beginning to dawn on you....your life is ruined... squirm as you realise how far this could go. You sit facing a camera, forced by me to perform like a whore. Maybe now you will realise that keeping me as your dirty little secret is not how I like to work. I own you fuck face, and I am no ones secret. You are my secret you faggot fuck, and I will blackmail you until I get exactly what I want. 

Tied Up & Blackmailed


Workplace Blackmail For A Sub Fag - 6 Min

I am an evil Master and I admit that, and that is why I am now standing at your workplace, ready to tell everyone what you are faggot. I think I can create a real ruckus here and ruin your work and home situation, or perhaps you can prevent that by worshipping me and giving me more money, how about that ? I love to blackmail you, and ruin you fag. Go on, click the picture and see if you can prevent me destroying your life. 

Workplace Blackmail For A Sub Fag





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