Blackmailed Into Anal

Blackmailed Into Anal
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Faggot Blackmailed Into Anal

Every once in a while, I have a situation which exceeds my expectations about what I can achieve with my faggots. An example of this is my faggot 103, faggot 103 has been a regular faggot for 18 months, and it loves to serve me, go down on me, suck me off, lick my feet and worship me in all the ways that a faggot should, but I forced this faggot into a situation where it was blackmailed into anal. I love blackmail generally and all sexually deviant things that go with it, to see how far I go check out blackmail porn.

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However, with faggot 103, let me start from the beginning, faggot 103 is a stupid, hesitant, absent minded, illogical faggot, and by that, I mean it performs all forms of depravity to me, but until I blackmailed it, it had never been fucked in the ass. Faggot 103 had never been fucked in the ass because through some broken logic it felt that it could suck cocks, lick my feet, suck my ass, kiss my armpits and as long as it prevented me from sticking my cock in its ass, then it was not a faggot. I had told this fag that it was a 100% faggot and that it was inevitable that I would fuck its ass, and it had been lucky so far, only because other faggots in the den had taken its place when I needed to fuck something. I had previously warned this stupid faggot that its asshole was mine, but it kept insisting that it was not a faggot, just because it like to suck my cock and worship my asshole.

The one limit this faggot had created to stop itself feeling like a faggot was being fucked in the ass, how ridiculous is that for a faggot to put in place, but that is faggots for you. I watched and preyed on this faggot, making it lick my cock more and more, suck on my balls for longer and lick the rim of my asshole deeper and deeper each time. I watched this fags boi clit leaking when it sucked me off, it was ripe to be fucked, but was not ready to admit it.

Blackmailed Blowjob

It was 8 months into using and abusing this faggot fuck that I decided it was time to ramp up my use and start fucking it. I began by asking it to meet me at my office, and when it arrived late on a Thursday afternoon, I did the usual routine of having my receptionist having it come in and wait on my sofa. I then entered my office, locked the door, twisted the blinds and immediately sat on the sofa next to it. I did not hesitate to unzip my trousers and flop out my thick meaty cock. I could see that the sight of my cock turned the faggot on, and it got down onto the floor next to my cock and started to lick my cock shaft like a dog. I used this time to lie back and enjoy its tongue lapping at my cock and balls, and I even lifted my legs up to allow the faggot to swirl its tongue around my shithole. I enjoyed every second and watched how every so often the faggot would reach down and touch its leaking cunt, only to lick my cock more hungrily, I allowed this to go on and on until it lost its mind in sucking and licking my cock and asshole. At this point I knew it was lost in my asshole, so I reached over to my phone, picked it up and took several snaps of my faggot licking my asshole and lapping at my shaft, but because I had the volume switched off, the faggot heard nothing. I allowed the faggot to finish me off as it fingered my PSpot and sucked on my shaft like a good faggot, and before it could get up to clean itself off, I nodded at it and smiled, pointing to the large lcd screen on the wall, which was now displaying the pictures which I had snapped of the faggot with its tongue buried deep in my ass rim.

The shock on the faggot’s face was horrifying as it gasped to catch it’s breath, murmuring it asked why I had taken them and what I was going to do with the snaps. I replied very confidently that I was going to have those pictures printed and framed and then sent to the faggot’s family. The fags face turned a shade white that I have never seen on a white guy. All the blood drained from its face and an expression of horror remained. I laughed as I told it that now I was in control and that I would get whatever I wanted moving forward including getting to fuck it, this left the faggot in horror wondering what I would do next, I then got up and told the faggot to get the fuck out of my office and that it would be hearing from me soon. The faggot was physically shaking as it left my office pretending to have ended a meeting and trying to keep its composure as it walked past my receptionist. I knew on that day, this was the right move, I should have started blackmailing this faggot cunt right from the start, and it was only complacency on my part which had meant that I had not forced it to give me whatever I wanted, but now I had it in a stranglehold… hahahaha.

Blackmailed For Sex

I let the faggot worry for 3 weeks before I phoned it up and told it that it should come to my office and bring a bottle of lube... hahahaha

The moment it arrived it was already red faced and I could tell it had been crying. The thought of this weak faggot crying in fear of the blackmail and extortion that I was putting on it gave me a raging hard on, which I can still remember as it pressed so hard against my zipper it left marks across my shaft which I then had the faggot lick out with its tongue. It walked up to me and asked what it needed to do to stop this going any further, it whined that it had made a mistake and that it was not gay and not a faggot and that it was under the influence of drugs when it came round every week and sucked my big cock, and on and on it went with the whining faggot excuses to try and get out of being fucked in its ass by me. I listened as it whined about how it had a family and a wife and children and work colleagues that would never let this go, ruin etc and then I lost my temper and grabbed it by the throat, telling it,

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“You dirty fucking faggot, you think you are something special, when all you are is a stinking faggot cunt, just like all the other cock sucking faggots out there, and you think you can deny me your asshole like its special, like your shit doesn’t stink... well fuck you bitch, now get on the floor and open your fucking mouth”

I then proceeded to force it down and shove my big fat cock into its throat, and started pumping its throat pussy like I was trying to tear and break it. I watched from the side as my thick shaft railed in and out of its throat pussy, filling its eyes with tears, it cried and sucked at the same time. This carried on until I grabbed its hair and dragged it across the floor to the edge of the sofa, and then I threw the faggot over the edge and pulled the pants off it, revealing its ass. I noticed immediately that the faggot had shaved its ass pussy for me, and its balls, this faggot had prepared for this all along, it had known that it was going to give its boi clitty to me, and let me fuck its ass pussy all along, but had been playing hard to get, which infuriated me even more… so I swung my hand and slapped its cunt as hard as I could from behind, which made the faggot scream , and I slapped it again, and again, and again making the pig squeal, then I started to yank off my pants to pull out my raging hard cock, and started to spit all over the faggots ass cheeks, using my cock shaft to rub the spit in, this drove the faggot wild and as I ran my hand across its clitty, I could feel it leaking and slippery from the precum, this faggot was ripe for fucking and ready to be impregnated which drove me insane.

I rubbed the tip of my fat helmet around its ass pussy feeling for the dip, knowing that as soon as I felt that dip in its gaping ass pussy, I would jam my whole shaft deep into this faggot cunt, so my cock helmet circled the gape hungrily until my pisshole sensed the gape and I plunged my whole thick shaft deep into the faggots cunt, which made the faggot scream with pleasure and pain, and took my breathe away as this was 8 months in the making, no faggot had made me wait so long to fuck it. I paused deep inside the faggot, I could feel it quivering, its boi clitty shaking, its mouth open waiting for the next move… and then I pulled out with such force that it felt like I was emptying the faggot of all its air, creating a vacuum inside the fag until I plunged in once more and the fucking started. I slid my thick wet shit covered shaft in and out of that faggot so hard, pumping mercilessly, brutally and with conviction. I felt that faggot being thrown about from the hips like a ragdoll, unable to remove itself from the Masters post, impaled by the Masters giant sword deep inside its belly.

I continued to ruin the faggot’s ass pussy for what felt like ages, as this was not an occasion for different positions or love making, this was simple use and abuse, and getting what I the Master needed from my fag hole victim. I beat that faggot’s ass pussy so bad that I didn’t even have time to pull out of its pussy to cum on its face, instead I emptied both balls deep inside its colon and then slumped on top of its back, exhausted, panting… shaking with excitement and victory. Then anger over came me as I lifted the faggot up and threw it over the sofa hoping to inflict some hurt, for having held out its ass pussy from me, for so long. I grabbed its hair and dragged the faggot to the bathroom and pushed its head into the toilet bowl, telling it to lower itself to the water, and then I pissed on top of its head, covering its hair in my divine golden piss syrup. I can only imagine how ashamed it felt, how used and abused, and how broken. I allowed it to get up covered in piss and then stand in the shower before me. Once standing, I got it to look into my eyes, and I told it clearly,

“Today, you have realised you are mine, but know something clearly, you were filmed, you are on my cameras, and everything I did to you has been recorded and is backed up to 3 datacentre locations. I can stream this episode of you being defiled from anywhere in the world, and to anyone I want. I can send viewing links to your friends and family or to your wife, so know this clearly, from today, you are mine, and if I want to fuck you, you will ask me which hole, if I want your money, you will ask how much, and if I want you to jump, you will ask how high, do you understand faggot cunt!!! ? “

Blackmailed Faggot For Anal

This faggot knew it had been blackmailed for anal , and there was nothing it could do to stop it or prevent it happening again and again. The advice I give to all faggots is that they should never try to set the rules for a Master. If you find a Master like me, one that is wiling to take you to the levels you faggots need to go, then don’t you dare try to hold back any part of your flesh from me, its mine to take, and your ass pussy is MINE!

If you want to see how far I will go, check out this audio clip, 

Blackmailing You On Your Doorstep - 8 Mins


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