Breeding Fags Correctly

Breeding Fags Correctly
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Definition of Breeding in the context of faggotry

Breeding is the act of fucking fags in the ass and or throat. Specifically pushing a cock or cocks inside a fag fulfils the requirements for breeding. A full breeding session would involve filling it up with cum. Breeding a faggot entails using its boi pussy like a woman’s real pussy. For all intents and purposes the boi pussy is exactly the same as a real pussy and can be fucked in the same way.

All fags Must Be Bred, But Bred Correctly

A faggot is only half a faggot until it has been bred and allowed to be of full use to an Alpha Master like me. The faggot that is yet to be bred is a sausage without a bun, and therefore never a proper hotdog, terrible analogy, but you get what I am saying. The fag almost has no use if its not being bred and used. I did mention that I have come across fags that are unbred, or are not interested in breeding, which I find ridiculous. I have one fag right now that comes to clean and worship me, but seemingly has no sex drive whatsoever. I will in time transform this specific fag by breeding him hard.

Purpose Of Breeding fags

Every fag that worships real men knows that there is a lack in it, a yearning and an itch that it needs to satisfy. This yearning is only resolved by serving every need that an Alpha has from it. When you meet that need and strap that fag down and breed it hard, it absolutely elevates the faggot spirit. The fag knows, that in the act is a form of worship, as the Alphas cock purifies the faggot’s asshole and throat. The fag is in natures unison, when the Alpha is driving its cock inside the faggot, and that is a beautiful thing. The fag is also self-serving enough to know that once the Alpha Master is pleased, there will be a release and that will mean that the fag is seeded with the Alphas nourishing seed. I am yet to find a fag (except my current cleaning fag) that would decline being seeded in the asshole, bred deeply by a strong intelligent Alpha man, when you know every drop of his seed carries genetic advantage and power. That seed carries pure animal energy, which is a rare commodity in today’s world.

The breeding also gives the fag a chance to realise that the few real purposes that faggots have, can be fulfilled easily, but unless it submits its body to the Alphas assault, it can never be a fully realised faggot. A fag whose Master has breeding access 24/7 is held in high esteem not only amongst Alpha Masters but also Faggot Breeders and farms, and also amongst fags who will envy the access they each provide to their respective Masters, to destroy their boi pussies.


Method Of Breeding fags

There are many ways to breed a fag, but the simplest is to have it lie on its back and hold its legs wide apart giving you the best possible access to its shithole. Sometimes you may need to discuss the appropriate direction of cock attack to prevent breaking your fag, always remember that you want to breed this faggot asshole every day, not just one day… so take care of your fags boi cunt.

I have always found that breeding a fag’s throat first, is the best way to align its mind with the task as hand, and get it ready for an assfucking. All fags know that when an Alpha Master throat fucks a fag, that situation is only going in one direction. Once I have finished breeding the faggots throat, I will resist the temptation to use its throat as a cumdump, I save that instead for its asshole. I normally move from throating directly to entering the fag’s ass. I like to move quickly to this task as the more time you sit and talk about the breeding the more fear you pump into the faggot’s mind, and a strung out stiff fag is no use to anyone. When fags get scared, they will tighten up and their asshole muscle ring can become so tight that it makes it impossible to enter without incredible violence. I have no issue with the incredible violence, except that I always want to maintain a working faggot, and not a broken one.

I have always found initial breeding on my own with the faggot to work best. I can pump and dump into the fag, and then leave the cum to dry out in the fags asshole and across its body. This is a technique that always works. I know of other Masters that think a group breeding session is a far more intense and beneficial experience, and I agree its more intense, and more cum filled, but its also more dangerous for the fag. No one in group breeding sessions will take as much care of your fag as you will. Toys in groups, get broken, its a fact of life. 

Choosing whether to group breed or singles breed is a decision you will need to make, or test in your own time.

Breeding fags With Love Or Hate

I know Masters that will enjoy breeding fags so much that they will reward and love the faggot even while its being fucked, stroking its face or even kissing it. To my mind, that is a violation of the Alpha Fag accord. Alphas must be self-serving and direct about their needs. Fags should also be self-serving, but only as long as that self-service does not hinder the Alphas needs. The breeding is a form of love for the fag, because it needs all the nourishing Alpha seed that it gets. However, I think there should always be a required minimum level of hate fucking in the breeding too.

The moment an Alpha releases his anger and any frustration inside his Godly body, it floods the Alphas body with hormones like testosterone and endorphins and other chemicals, which in turn will be present in the Alphas semen. So, the hateful breeding can also be doubly nourishing for the faggot, because it gets a stronger more powerful seed injection. The hateful breeding is typically also more frenzied and empties the Alphas sweat glands more vigorously, which in turn covers the fag underneath him in pheromones and Alpha sweat. All of this is extremely beneficial for the fag.

Signalling The Completion Of A Breeding Session

I always complete my breeding with a huge cum dump, because for me, it’s the only way to properly communicate that the faggot has pleased me, and given me what I need. I will almost always cum dump directly into the fag’s asshole, but if I feel that I am about to produce more then usual, I will pull out and empty the rest into the faggot’s throat. If I can coat both ends of the fag with my Alpha seed, then that is a good breeding session for me.

You Alphas and fags, will have your own thoughts on what constitutes a good breeding, so reach out and let me know.

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