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Breeding Kinks
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Breeding Kink For Sissy's And Fags

Breeding kink is strictly not even a kink, it’s an important stage in the training and processing of faggots. A faggot can feel like a faggot, act like a faggot, suck cock like a faggot, but until it’s been bred like a faggot it really cannot evolve to the full status of a faggot. Breeding is important for all types of faggots, sissy’s, femboys, subs, betas, all these types of faggot benefit hugely from being bred like animals. I discuss slave breeding fantasys which you can read and also what role breeding has in faggotry in Gag the fag.

A strong part of any Alpha Masters job is to find a fag and take it along this journey to full faggothood by breeding it into existence, so this is a mutually beneficial process. The Alpha Master is doing what its supposed to do, and the faggot is doing what its supposed to do, and nature is in perfect harmony.

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Through the pandemic I have used this breeding kink to lure several sissy and beta fags along the journey they must complete. I had one that I will call faggot 87 arrive to my apartment in London after the first lockdown ended and we were allowed to start mixing again. I put this sissy faggot into a cold isolation where it lived inside my garage for 12 days straight, alone and not able to mix with anyone. I threw it food under the garage door and monitored it using an iptv system so that I could watch it 24/7 if I wanted. Once the 12 days were completed and I knew that this sissy faggot was clean and disease free, I pulled it out and washed it, and then took it to my playroom where I allowed it to pick out a nice outfit. As you can imagine this depraved faggot chose the filthiest sluttiest outfit it could find, one that was black suspenders and lacey black bra, still covered in the cum from the previous sissy faggot that wore it. I then sat it down for some gentle hypnotic suggestion therapy where I discussed its desires and life plans and why it fantasized so frequently about being a sissy, where that had started as a fantasy, how it had tried with so many other Masters to get to this level of comfort and self-truth but why that had never worked for it.

Through interval sessions which lasted 2 days, every 4 hours I held a session and then it was allowed 4 hours to think and contemplate the discussion. I took it on a journey to realise what it was, beyond just a fuck toy for me. I also used the sissy sexually, as is my right to do so with my property. I tattooed the faggot cunt with its number, faggot 87, and it told me it was proud to carry that label, of course it mattered not that it was proud, I was proud and that is what matters.

Once all the spoken therapy and preparation was complete, I took the faggot into another playroom, a darker room where I have cages, hang ropes and torture tools. I led the faggot to a table where I had strip off and lay down. I then used ropes to tie and bind the faggot’s limbs. Once tied I stood over it watching its clitty twitching, furiously twitching as though it would break off. I used pain to stop it twitching, as I struck its cock and balls with my fist until it stopped twitching and the faggot stopped screaming…. Hahaha, I enjoyed inflicting that pain.

The final stage was to attach the ceiling straps and then remove the table underneath the faggot leaving it suspended mid-air, secure and ready for the pounding of its life. The anticipation of the pounding was palpable in the air, but still I took the time to massage the KY jelly into the faggot boi pussy, making sure that I lathered its rim, inside and all around its cunt. I had no intention of taking this faggot to the hospital, and did want to thoroughly enjoy this faggot rite of passage. The fags clitty twitched furiously again as it watched me drop my pants and reveal my thick monster cock log, it watched as I massaged it, and then I told it that it had been a good faggot thus far, but now was its time to walk the rite of passage and become a true man faggot. I stepped in close, threw a large towel over its head, put the tip of my fat cock against the rim of its boi ass pussy, moved my massively swollen helmet around its pussy feeling for a dip, feeling for an invite, and as soon as I felt my pisshole dip in, I pushed hard and slid past the rim, gliding inwards with no hesitation, fast and sure. I knew I was deep as I hit the hilt of my 9-inch cock against its pubic bone. The almighty gasp that the faggot let out sucked the room of air, and I stood there for a moment, massaging the faggot’s thighs, massaging its knees and feet, allowing it to feel and accommodate my thickness fully. I cooed and shushed this faggot while tears streamed down its cheeks under the towel, and listened as it praised me, crying “thank you Master, thank you for giving me your all…thank you for breeding me into the faggot sissy I am” and for me this was the first time that I had heard faggot 87 call itself a sissy, so I noted that point, and made sure that every point in the future when I used it, I had it dress up pretty for me.

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Gay Breeding

Most of my interactions are with faggots, and sissy bois, but sometimes I get to fuck with gay boys, so gay breeding is another area that I like to indulge in when I get the chance. Gay boys love to play top or bottoms when they fuck around, but for me its all very simple, I am a TOP and built to fuck. I have never tried taking a cock in my ass and I am unlikely to ever want too. I am dominant by nature and like to take control and take over wherever I can. This inevitably means that I TOP in every scenario where I fuck with Gay boi’s.

Typical gay breeding scenarios arise when I meet a gay guy in a club or a bar, and it’s a new meet, with someone that has not been introduced to me, or I have not arranged through one of the many apps. This means when I meet this person there is no understanding of my background, preferences or the way I like to make life spicy. I will almost always tell the gay guy that I am a dominant but even in 2021 it seems that not all gay guys know what this means, or perhaps not fully what it means to the extent to which I live the Alpha Master lifestyle.

I know there are many gay boys out there that like to do fetish, and a bit of BDSM, a bit of leather and some gentle sado masochism, but it’s quite a different thing for them to be part of a breeding. I will therefore always tell them if I like them that I want to breed them, and some of them will get an idea of gentle sex with soft classical music playing in the background, very few ever realise exactly what I mean by breeding them. I make my intentions very clear, and will introduce rough play into the discussion very soon and see how they respond, holding them tight, biting when I allow them to kiss me, throating hard if I allow them to suck my big cock, all signs that I am a Master and an Alpha, and I will breed them like fucking animals if I get the chance.

This type of preparation normally leads onto some form of first engagement, whether that is fucking in public, normally at the back of the club or I call them over to my apartment, either way, I make it rough for them so that they know what I mean by breeding. I will slam their assholes really hard to show them what being bred is, and if I have to chance to get other Masters involved then I will really go hard and break in the gay guy, using them for a fuck hole and just slamming all their holes and having them left covered in cum. I can say that gay guys that I have encountered universally all enjoy this type of breeding because it happens consensually after many days or weeks off letting them know what to expect.

I have always got several faggot or gay guys going through the process of breeding preparation, so that I never suffer a dry period. I love breeding faggots brutally and gay guys as harshly as they can tolerate, so I never want to suffer periods where I am not being satisfied sexually. I know I am demanding and often completely overbearing but I choose carefully who can tolerate and live with this level of power and control, so all that choose to be near and with me, know what the responsibility is.

Ultimately, I am a brutal Alpha Master and breeding faggots is my life and my joy. The breeding kink is definitely not a kink, it’s a necessity for some types of faggots, and I am tasked with bringing these types of faggots from my congregation to the Lord and the Lord’s purpose, and the more that I bring, the greater is the glory I feel. Faggots and sissys need this breeding kink in their lives to help them ascend to the level of purposeful faggots and purposeful sissy fags. It is for this reason that I have a responsibility to promote and engage in breeding kinks.

Breeding is ultimately one sided, the Master gets what he wants, and the faggot gets something as a peripheral side benefit. If the faggots had zero benefit , breeding would still be important for the Master, as a way to exert sexual dominance and alleviate the need to exert violent force on all faggots. It just happens that by pure luck, breeding is also very beneficial in the faggots evolution. 

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