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The Word Breeding and Bred in daily use

Meaning of the word Breeding

The word breeding used in the context of the world of Alphas and fags has a very specific meaning. In this context breeding is the act of vigorously and powerfully having anal intercourse with a fag. The process of breeding is used to convert or to qualify the exact level of a faggots journey to complete faggothood. The act of anal intercourse done aggressively is to force the faggot to associate its anal passage with the same properties as a woman's vagina, therefore reminding the faggot that it is in fact nothing more then a woman's vagina to an Alpha male. Breeding is also sometimes referred to as Cunting . 

Common usage for the word Breeding

“Alpha Masters breed faggots hard all day long.”

“I bred his throat”

Reclamation of the word Breeding

Breeding is not a word that needs reclaiming as its a community specific word, used within the Alpha Master and faggot community to describe an activity which is enjoyed by both parties and viewed as positive by both parties. 

Use of Word Breeding In

The article Breeding Fags Correctly describes the need for breeding in any healthy Alpha fag relationship for the evolution of both parties. 


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