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The why is very easy, your mind is putty in my hands, your will is my plaything and your desires are my playground. Fag , sub , sissy , femboy , trans , whatever you are, YOU ARE MINE to play with and DISCARD or play with and RUIN / DESTROY

I enjoy speaking and messaging with all you creatures, but only on Niteflirt, because its the only way I know for sure that you are over 18 and a consenting adult. Its for this same reason that I will NOT discuss outside of Niteflirt. These are adult topics for people over the age of 18 years old. So if you message me on any of my other platforms, do not be offended when I keep those conversations clean and short, its because I cannot verify your age, and I am a Master, and as a Master its important for me to consider the safety of all you faggots out there, and if you want a reminder, read the safety reminder. 

fags Call Me On Niteflirt because... 

fags are needy and lowly and understand that they are here to serve Alpha Masters like me. Fags understand that their purpose is to find a God like me and lay themselves before me in worship, and hope that my glorious light shines down into their lives and illuminates their stupidity. fags know their place is below Alphas, however knowing that fact is one thing, but being able to apply that in your own faggot life and for it to have meaning and purpose is another, and that is where a Fag Master like me helps you fags to know and realise your place, at the bottom of the pile. 

Subs Call Me On Niteflirt because...

they want to feel owned and controlled. You know that the feeling of my hand on your shoulder, or neck or mouth will be your greatest desire realised. Me telling you what to do and where to be, Giving you tasks to fulfil and deadlines to complete them, serving me in all my sordid and sexual needs and some of the more mundane tasks like cleaning and clearing like a slave. All your choices taken, all your choices already decided by a Master, Domme , Superior like me. You just shut your mouth and serve and hope that I stay within your reasonable limits as I explore your mind. 

Sissy's Call Me On Niteflirt because...

they want to know that what they feel is validated by me, and that I authorise and promote them to be the sissy fags they have always wanted. You Sissy's might have dressed up, looked in the mirror, or even thought you were a good Sissy, but it takes a Master like me to truly validate your claims. So Sissy's just like you, reading this come to me, present yourself, tell me your desires and aims, and listen and learn from the commands I give and you can truly become a fully fledged Sissy fag or Sissy sub. Sissification is a journey that takes time, and for some its a lifetime of work in private and for others eventually in public. I take you on this journey from start to finish. 

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that means that I am momentarily away from my phone or desk, but you can still send me a chat message or a voice message and I will come back to you. 

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