Can I Be A Finsub Without Paying

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Finsub Dreams Without Paying

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Can I be a Finsub and enjoy Findom without paying?

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First, I think we should define what a finsub is. A finsub is a financial submissive, a person that derives pleasure from being used and abused for their money and financial assets. A finsub takes great pleasure from funding the life of a Master or Domme in the form of cash, gifts or other means. A finsub is sometimes called a Cashpig or Paypig, both terms which are used for a person that derives pleasure from giving their money to a person of authority. In my experience finsubs love handing their money over in cash meets or other ways like bank transfer or the purchasing of gifts.

As far as I am concerned all finsubs are faggots that relish the idea of giving money in exchange for the pleasure of a Master or Dominant. I enjoy using them, and making them serve to the best of their abilities, its the least they can do, considering they are worthless for all else. 

Based on this definition, a finsub can never be a finsub without paying. The payment is what makes then a worthwhile finsub. I know there are some subs out there that take a liking to the idea, to the fantasy of financial domination and ruin, but the fantasy needs to be experienced as a reality for you to really understand the ecstasy of giving, and the true relish of financial service. You must give to know the true meaning of a finsub, the true rush that only a finsub cashpig paypig can experience. 

Never A Finsub Without Paying

So in summary, all you cheap faggots are not finsubs just because you like the fantasy, you need to dig into your pockets and get that cash out to be true finsubs. Step up you cheap fuckers, step up and make it worth a Masters time even to look in your pitiful direction. 

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