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Cash Pig

One of the best things in life is a cash pig, always ready to pay for me, my meals, my nights out, my clothes, anything I want, just so that it can be in my company and enjoy whatever morsels I throw at it. I love that kind of cash pig, and who wouldn’t. I have a number of these stinky cash pigs at my disposal, and its easy to see why. These cash pigs see me as a young attractive 22-year-old alpha man, not much older than a teen, often the same age as their own children, and this all brings out a level of depravity and perversion in the cash pigs that I rarely see in other deviants.

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Typically, when you read about cash pig situations, the media portrays the dull fat slob that slavers over hot young women, but what the media rarely tells you is that power is power, and no matter whether its young hot women or young hot guys like me, there are pigs out there that need us. I know these cash pigs need me, it’s more than a desire, it’s a disgusting need, they get horny and stimulated just thinking about giving me cash. I find that the older cash pigs are always more aroused by giving cash to a young hot Master like me than the younger ones and there are several reasons for this. Below I will list out some of the benefits of each type of cash pig,

Young Cash Pig

I class any cash pig between the age of 24 and 30 to be a young cash pig. A young cash pig is typically a lower end earner, beginning to establish its career, possibly has a young family in tow, and is starting to realise that it has these desires, but not necessarily the capability to live them out. Young cash pigs are always super excitable and aroused when they meet or send me money. Normally they are coming to me at the point when they are bursting, often only being able to hold out long enough to see me take the money before they shoot their loads. The fantasy of giving to a superior creature, to an all-powerful lord and Master is overwhelming for a young cash pig. The unfortunate part of a young cash pig is that they are very often reckless and likely to bankrupt themselves or get into financial issues by spending more on the game than they can actually afford.

As a responsible Master I will always try to gauge how capable the cash pig faggot is, pushing them to their limits without going over the line, but so many cash pigs lie and cheat and make it difficult to know where those limits of capability actually are. Therefore, the young cash pigs are the most at-risk category for financial difficulty when indulging in findom games.

Old Cash Pig

Old cash pigs are typically over 50 years old. By the time a cash pig reaches its 50’s it knows what it is, having lived a life where it has explored some of these sexual fetishes and knows itself well enough. Typically, a 50-year-old cash pig also has the means to indulge in the fetish games that it gets off on, and the time to be involved. I really like older cash pigs because they feed off the age gap the most, loving every second of being with a young hot guy, full of energy and verve. Older cash pigs are always more indulgent, wanting to spend more time on the cash rape, wanting to edge the feeling out for as long as possible.

I once had a 63-year-old black guy down on his knees next to an ATM in downtown Chicago in the middle of the night. It was not the most pleasant of experiences, but the wet patch in its pants after it paid me and we got into a cab was hilarious. I took that cash pig back to a hotel room, and did things to its ass pussy that it had never experienced before. Once I had finished fucking it, I walked it by collar to the bathroom, told it to get into the shower and kneel, and then pissed on its face. That fag loved the feeling of piss splashing on its face to the point that it was bolt hard as it tried to slurp the piss, and then before I left the hotel it gave me $200 just for pissing on it, telling me that it had never been made to do that, it was the first time it had ever had that, and felt privileged that I did it.


Married Cash Pigs

Oh the best category of all, the married cash pigs. I love love love married cash pigs, because they are the most adventurous, over excited, time constrained, cash pig faggots that you will ever meet. They are always in a rush on route home, or on route to work. They are almost always lying to someone about where they are, using time between things to feed their cash meet needs. They also have the most demands on any surplus cash they have, but are the most willing to ruin themselves in the process. I love the feeling of forcing a married cash pig to kneel in a country lane, mouth open, wallet in hand, knees soggy and waterlogged, smell of my thick white cock wafting up their noses. I normally empty their cash pig wallets completely and then make them walk home covered in cum and shame.

Cash Pig Needs

Cash pigs intrinsically know that they are inferior, and that their cash just gives them access to be in the company of men that they would otherwise not be in the company off. It reminds them of being in school, looking at the jocks and the rich kids and wanting to be in their group, but knowing that their life had not prepared them to join that group, and that they were excluded. Now they use their cash to entertain, selfish, all-powerful Masters who use them for cash, their belongings, it’s a purely financial arrangement that they have arranged. Cash pigs know that Masters just use and abuse them for their cash, but still the cash pigs give their cash, because its their only entry to the “club”

A cash pig is a gem, a living asset, a working faggot that will drain itself for a Masters desire, do as the Master wants and gives everything it has until its spent.  
All you cash pigs reading this, reach into your pocket, feel that wallet, and imagine feeling my cock, big thick white cock, laid alongside that leather wallet, and each time you run your hands up and down your wallet, you rub along my shaft, there’s a good boi, and when you hear my voice, and feel my cock, you know you want more, you want to please Master Mikey, and if you are a good boi, I might let you hold my cock, smell it, maybe even get down on your knees and suck on my helmet as you give me cash!! hahaha hahaha until next time faggots, keep your wallets close. 

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