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Cashmeet is a term you will see splattered all over the internet, you cannot look on Twitter without coming across someone offering a cashmeet or someone else looking for one. Cashmeet’s are very simple and at the same time something this simple can be made into a complicated mess when done wrong. At 22, having been a Master of sorts for the past 4 years, I have had a number of experiences with them, so let me fill you wannabe submissive fags in, on how this works.

What Is A Cashmeet

Very simply it’s a meeting of a submissive and domme where the sole purpose is for the sub to hand over cash to the dominant Master. The submissive finsub or paypig enjoys handing over money, hard earned money because it represents the handing over of control and authority in one’s life. The finsub is literally handing over the control of its life to the Master, and the Master is nourished by the sub fag’s cash.

Types Of Cashmeet You Might Experience

A cashmeet can go one of many ways depending on what kind of Master or paypig you come across. Below are the two main examples of how a cashmeet goes from both a Masters and a paypigs point of view.

Cashmeet From The Masters Perspective

As a Master, I can provide personal insight to this perspective. Some subs are very submissive, to the extent that they will arrive head down, and almost never make eye contact, they can be controlled the most out of all cashpigs, but are the least enjoyable type of cashmeet. Theses types of cashpigs lack the social skills to interact with people, and no matter how hard I try to get them talking, some are too scared or unconfident to even get a good conversation going. For these types of nervous cashpigs, I grab their hard-earned money and give them the harsh arrogant cashmaster experience which they mostly love. It’s sometimes difficult to gauge enjoyment of these cashpigs, often I know they enjoy it simply when they rebook to come to me. Some of these super nervy finsubs just love being treated like shit, and come again and again, booking to see me after every paycheck.

Just imagine what I see when I see you, a weak submissive, snivelling grovelling faggot arriving, cash in hand, walking up to me, asking who I am, and then I tell you and watch the fear and excitement in your eyes. I am your destiny, and then I smile as you hand over a wad of cash, you watch me put that into my pocket without a second thought about you, I am the Master, and this is dominance! I know some Masters that will just grab that cash and walk away, treating the finsub cashpig like its nothing more then its cash, worthless, not even worth talking too. I know other Masters that will grab the paypig when it arrives and walk it somewhere secluded to subject it to some form of penance, some form of obedience, I even know one Master that insists that the paypig sucks his cock before handing over the money, sometimes even sucking his cock and handing over cash at the same time.

Masters like me, come in such a variety of moods and types, each depending on the level of education, position in society, age of the Master etc. To some extent the type of Master you attract will depend on the type of Paypig finsub that you are. If your greatest joy is to be insulted and spat on whilst having cash snatched from you like a common robber, then you will certainly meet that type of Master dominant, and conversely if you like your Master to not only be better then you in fantasy, but also actually more intelligent and educated and worldly then you, then you will through your actions, attract that kind of Master dominant. Each type will subject you to different types of cashmeet trauma, so attract your domme carefully finsubs. I will let you fag bois work out which type of Master I am, if you do not already know.

Cashmeet From The Subs Perspective

Some of you subs and paypigs know exactly what you want, and have attracted the type of Master that you want to service, but some of you are new to the game, and your fantasy’s are yet to play out and take root in the real world. Some of you finsub’s discover that the Master cashmeet fantasy you had living in your head, is not so enjoyable in real life, and actually the fantasy is far better then the reality of the cashmeet. There are so many variables when it comes to cashmeet situations, including a healthy dose of actual danger and jeopardy, which I will discuss on another occasion.

The best cashmeet interactions for a finsub paypig are when the sub enjoys every moment of the Master’s presence during the cashmeet. The Master approaches and the paypigs legs begin to wobble from excitement, from the sheer exhilaration of the Master approaching. The attention that the Master pays to the paypig can make all the difference, the initial comments, the introduction, the suave ability to make the paypig feel at ease whilst also knowing its place, the warm snuggle of a dominant powerful man with the imminent danger of a drug fuelled cash and sex junkie, a powerful combination of emotions evoked in the faggot cashpigs mind.

Some of you subs desire brutal cashmeets where your money is snatched and you are left spinning as the Master walks away, others want the gallantry of a true superior dominant, a being truly greater than you, one that you are desperate to give too in the hope that giving to the Master will gain you some favour in his good graces. To each their own, as long as the cashmeet pleases you, then it’s the right format for you.

Cashmeet Disappointments

Some of you subs will arrive and meet a Master that is not what you expected, I know that because I have met other Masters that have had this experience and some subs that have told me about it. You arrive expecting some gallant display and you get none of that, just a simple walk up and your money is snatched, and you are left feeling short-changed, and cold shouldered. This is the true nature of the cashmeet, a large part of it is unknown and you only learn the true reality of it when you get there and are faced with your fantasy, and then the reality. My advice to subs is always to keep first cashmeets simple and low value, just to learn your Master and understand what he is capable off and what you are willing to do for him, even as a cashpig you will be willing to serve more or less depending upon your connection to the Master. I have personal paypigs that have served me for years, and they get the huge satisfaction from kneeling before me at a cashmeet, and then lowering their heads and raising their cash filled fists to me, serving me with everything they have. I expect nothing less then every part of a sub fags mind, I want it all, and then your cash will follow.

If you want to learn more about finsubs and cashpigs check out Cashpig and Finsub without Paying.

Until next time bitches.

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