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They called me fag boi in college and now I'm fat and ugly with big tits! I admit I'm a fag, but help me ?

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

You are a product of your nature boi, your lack of physical prowess is down to you lack of self control and self worth, all of which are driven by your inner faggot nature. You enjoy being downtrodden by real men, put to work under the jackboot of a strong Alpha male. You admit you enjoy being a fag because its in line with your true nature, which is to be inferior to those jocks and real men that surrounded you. 

I say look within your heart, because every faggot that I know, knew from a young age what they were and what they liked sexually, so in some part I would venture that you enjoyed that college name calling. Your fat ass and tits are natures way of moving you to the place you should be which is down on the floor and ready to serve. Your ass is nice and plump for a Master to fuck and your tits are thick and milky because a strong chest would be wasted on a faggot, so nature gave you tits instead. 

Bussy Boi

Fat Ugly Chubby Fag

I would say, learn to love yourself, even for the broken hideous mess that you are. Know that somewhere out there, is a Master, an Alpha, a domme that will use you and fuck you as nature intended. Do not fight what nature has prepared you to do, you shall carry the burden for all faggots. 

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