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Cocksucker fag’s gays sissy's femboy's and secret cocksuckers of the world, I salute you for the way you make real men, Alpha Men and Real Masters feel, when you wrap your dirty little mouths around our cocks.

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Cocksucking is an art form, a pastime to be admired, if you are an Alpha and a Man, you will never forget the greatest cocksucking practitioners that you come across in your life, those beautiful cocksuckers will never be forgotten. I think fondly of every great cocksucking faggot that has ever sucked my big cock and licked my balls, because the emotions they create inside me are unrivalled. Amongst all the cocksuckers you meet in your life, you will always reach back into your memory wankbank, your jerkstack , and remember certain cocksuckers , those sweet mouths that stood apart from the others.

I can vividly remember one specific fag cocksucker, and I remember being 18 and holding its head and slowly sliding its mouth up and down my shaft. I was sat in a car in the parking lot of a supermarket at the time, and I had the sweet smells of a local bakery wafting through the car as I slid this fag mouth up and down, up and down… it got wetter as it slid up and down my shaft, and I think that was just the expert in it, it must have been spitting as it slid, to keep getting wetter, whatever it did, it was amazing. I remember clearly the way that it kept its teeth out of the way and used its tongue as a cushion inside its mouth, expertly guiding my thick shaft through its mouth and down its throat. This cocksuckers throat was warm and tight and twitched as I pushed further just enough to squeeze my helmet as I slid past its tonsils turning the corner towards its belly as though I was going in. This cocksucker was a throater, and liked to keep my thick cock in its throat more then in its mouth and I was more than happy to accommodate that need... it was a hungry cocksucker.

Suffice to say, that episode of cocksucking ended in a thick warm, love filled load being emptied in the fag’s mouth, which the fag drank down with a smile.

Its events like this that make life worth living and cocksuckers’ worth seeking, the best of them can improve your life immensely.

Sissy Cocksucker

Sissy cocksuckers are just amazing, and that is because they represent the best of both worlds. A sexy sissy cocksucker dressed up with a nice work blouse, tight pencil skirt and lingerie, down on its knees between my legs, its mouth open wide, red lipstick outlining my fuckhole…that is a picture of paradise. Sissy cocksuckers know how to use a mouth, a sissy has tricks up its sleeve and, in its mouth, that a real woman can never have. A sissy cocksucker knows exactly what sensations it is creating with its tongue and lips, and cheeks and teeth and throat... and it uses all the techniques to create explosive rhythms and vibrations. Some of my best throat cum loads have been into sissy throats. I love sissy fags of all types, the really pretty sissy fag’s and the really ugly ones, I don’t discriminate, because to me, a fag is a fag, and a cocksucker is a cocksucker, as long as its mouth is willing and its throat is warm, my cock will find a comfortable place inside it.

Gay Cocksucker

Gay cocksuckers are natural, the cock is one of the few things that a gay faggot can really impress its partner or Master with. A gay fag must know how to suck a cock, or suffer the exile of gaydom. There is no place for gay faggots that are not also fantastic cocksuckers, because what is a gay faggot that cannot suck a cock, well the answer is a broken useless faggot. No one likes a broken useless faggot. Gay cocksuckers always impress me with their enthusiasm to do oral tricks, always wanting to showboat, and showcase their oral skills. Cocksucking is a great skill for them to learn early and a wonderful one for gay fags to know if they decide to approach Masters or Alpha Men as that will allow the Alphas and Masters to judge their usefulness. Gay cocksucking faggots suffer the same fate as other cocksuckers, which is that, if they are not amazing at sucking cocks and licking balls and also possibly rimming, then they are basically useless.


Teen Cocksucker

No one in polite society likes to talk about teen cocksuckers, but get real, where do you think fags learn to suck cock, its in their teens. For the purpose of legality and sanity we will all pretend that faggots learn to suck cock at 18 and 19 rather then the stories I have heard in my life. As a 22-year-old Master I have had fags that are 18 telling me tales about cocksucking that make me wonder when they started, but I never ask them, its just not polite to interrogate a faggot’s upbringing.

A teen cocksucker is typically fast and full of energy, not minding so much about grating your cock with its teeth, and certainly not worried about taking you so far into its unbroken throat that it ends up throwing up last night’s burgers over your cock as it desperately seeks to please you. Whatever happens, you have to admire the vitality of cocksucking that a teen cocksucker brings and if you pair it with an older faggot that it can learn from, then you could end up with a faggot tag team of teen and mature cocksuckers that relish and suck your cock all the way to paradise.

Cocksucker Porn

Cocksucker porn has always been an amazing form of entertainment, because who doesn’t like to watch cocksucking?  Fags, Sissy’s, femboys, straight guys, jocks, Masters, Alphas we all love cocksucking and watching it on porn sites is the next best thing to having a fag hanging off your cock tip. Most porn clips on the major sites start with cocksucking, whether they are straight, gay or anything else, most scenes start with cocksucking of some type before moving onto full blown sex. However, there is a huge trend over the last 5 years for cocksucker porn, where the entire clip or video is just about cocksucking for the sake of cocksucking. This means that Masters and fags have copious amounts of blowjob porn to watch and enjoy.

Mature Cocksucker

Is there anything more wholesome in the world then a well-worn mature cocksucker mouth? I know that when I meet an old faggot with a skilled mouth and tongue that the almighty truly exists and that he/she shines down on us all. The experience of 20 , 30 , 40. 50 years of sucking cocks cannot be compared. Over those lengths of time, a faggot will develop special techniques, build new musculature to support the sucking function and experience other physiological changes that will make it more adept at sucking cocks. Thereby meaning that the berry does taste sweeter with age.

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Cocksucker Hypnosis

I produce lots of hypnosis material, especially for my faggots to be hypno fucked and brainwashed and mentally retarded, to destroy them. One of the areas that I choose to specialise in with my faggots is cocksucker hypnosis. Cocksucker hypnosis involves using hypnotic trance methods to induce a kind of waking sleep state where I can mind control and program my faggots against their will and for my benefit.  I have trained and brainwashed many faggots to be cocksuckers, so that either they can be sold into the sex trade, or they can simply give their Masters and owners more pleasure. Sometimes the cocksucker hypnosis state is so entrenched into the fag’s mind that they are totally unaware of being programmed or even that they have had a trigger switch implanted within them, and so I can trigger a response by saying or whispering the keyword into their ear.

Summary Of Cocksucker Fags

Cocksuckers are critical to an Alphas health, so find and maintain a good cocksucker for as long as you can. If this means having a live-in cocksucker, then do so as long as you do not create disharmony in your palace. I love my cocksucking faggots and if you click the link below and decide to purchase, you will get to hear me fucking my fag’s mouth.

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