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So many cuck fags out there, snivelling cuckolds that would love nothing better than to watch me fuck their partners, wives and girlfriends, because they love to watch a strong young man destroy in front of them. I love to destroy, love it, and its even better when the cuck boi is there, watching and learning as their partners enjoy me, right in front of them, ohh the humiliation is delicious. I love it when you cuck fags watch me, it drives me insane, so if you are a dirty weak cuck boi, then read on and imagine me doing this to you.

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Cuck Boi Delivered

Look down at her cuck boi, look at her, laid out for me, doesn’t it make you proud that you are presenting her for me to fuck? that makes you really proud doesn’t it boi, that you are giving her to me, so I can fuck her, what a good boi you are. You know I will fuck her brains out, because I love situations like this where cuck bitches like you hand your women over to me, and let me fuck them. Oh how I enjoy your wife’s cunt while you stand there and watch.

You fucking cuck boi’s are born not made, this is nature not nurture at play, you were born this way, born to be weak and serve real men, and you know that well.  Even in college, when the jocks looked at your girl, you secretly wished they would fuck her, even knowing it would make you cry inside, you still secretly wished it, but it never happened did it cuck boi, don’t worry I will correct that now for you. You were born with this inadequacy deeply built into you, the need to feel used and abused and humiliated, to be made to feel like your woman cheats on you, right in front of you, to feel that she hasn’t the slightest care about your feelings. You have always known that your tiny cock could never really please your wife, and the thought that another stronger, younger man would be able to make her squeal turns you on. Oh, I know how much it turns you on cuck.


Cuck Hands Over Wife

So today you get to strip her for me, go on take her clothes off, hand her over to me, there we go, now you can sit over their little slut, that’s it right there, and I am going to put her head into your lap, you can get your cock out near her face if you want her to laugh. hahahaha, but I wouldn’t suggest it, now you can look at me, you will work for me boi, right now I need her cunt wet, so you  put your hand in front of her face, get her to spit in your hands, and then take that spit and spread it across her cunt lips, go on, get that pussy nice and sloppy for me, there we go. Whatever you do, do not push your fingers in, this is my cunt now, You and your wife are good girls, both of you, a cuckold faggot and its wife, both good girls.

Look at the way I pull my thick fat cock out of my pants, and rest it on her back, mmm that is hot right, look at her turn in surprise at the weight of it on her back, this little kitty is hungry isn’t she, shall I feed her this huge cock? Talk now bitch, don’t be shy now. I think I will feed this hungry kitty, open up you dirty whore, let me into your dirty fucking cunt hole. You see cuck fag, look in her slutty eyes as I open her cunt up with my fat helmet, go on , look in her eyes, see if she winces as I slide in, hahahaha, Ahhhhh oooo I love sliding in her warm wet pussy, its fucking delicious, just incredible, her tight cunt has never been opened up like this, I’m not sure what you have been doing with your tiny clit, but this whores pussy is untouched, its never been opened at all, it is so tight, stupid slut, watch as I slap her ass, SLAP SLAP SLAP you love it bitch, now you faggot, kiss her, console her as I slide in and out, stupid dumb whore.  Ahhhhh Ahhhhh Ahhhhh fucking whores cunt is amazing.

Cuck Is Useful

While I pound your dirty wife, why don’t you comb her hair, go on, make her happy, wipe the tears off her face as I slide in and out of her cunt, she has never felt a cock like mine sliding in and out, it must feel like a chair leg going in and out of her pussy, poor little slut, look she is crying, wipe her tears, and tell her a real man is fucking her, go on , say it to her, tell her that a real man is fucking her because you are a cuck faggot and have a tiny clitdick which could never satisfy her. Tell her now bitch. I tell you what, get up and make yourself useful, come here, and hold my cock, grab the shaft and push it in her cunt, go on, you love holding my cock you faggot, hahahaha now run your finger under my balls and rest it on my asslips, there’s a good boi, see, now you get to watch your wife being fucked and get a smelly finger to take home with you, hahahaha a souvenir for a faggot cuck!

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Stay there with your finger on my shithole, as I pound in and out of her sloppy cunt, look at her cumming all over my cock, look down and see her cum all over my shaft, she doesn’t even know she is cumming , she has never felt these feelings before.. look at her body trembling, quivering from hunger, see what a real man can do to a wife that needed to be fucked all these years. Well now you know. Now she has cum, you are going to stroke me off into your hand, and then you are going to carry my load to her mouth and make her drink it, swallow it right down. Go on faggot, stroke me.. keep going, keep going, that’s a good faggot, Ahhhhh im cumming, ok now feed her, there is a good faggot, perfect, and now I want you to suffer the final indignity, lick your hands clean boi, taste my perfect seed on your lips, mmmm well done boi.

Cuck Boi Pleasure

Your read that hard didn’t you boi, you felt what it would feel like to have your wife ravaged in front of you, well that can happen to you boi, because if I see your wife, I might just decide to fuck her and if I set my sights on her, then you are shit out of luck. I take what I want, when I want, and I especially want cuck’s wives and girlfriends, they are a more delicious win for a young Alpha. Know your place in the pecking order cuck, and never forget it, stand in line behind me, and do what you should when I call upon you, and I will.

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