Cuck Clean Up

Cuck Clean Up
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There is always a time for a cuck clean up, no matter what the situation and whose getting fucked where, the cuckold is a useful little fag cunt to have close by. A cuck husbands’ mouth, tongue and asspussy have so many delightful uses. If you are interested in cuckold relationships check out my post describing my first cuckold encounter called Cuckold Cleans Up.

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Cucks Get To Clean After Beautiful Women

You cuck’s out there, you know that you are not worthy of a beautiful woman or man, you are scum, stupid weak faggots that are dumb as two planks of wood, but intelligent enough to know that you don’t deserve the men and women that use you. Some of you cucks know full well when you see beautiful women that you would have no chance of ever getting them, they are totally out of your league. You look at them in Malls, and in parties and at work, and you watch them going about their lives with a grace and a power that you desire. You want to be close to them, you want them to know who you are, but they don’t, because you are weak fag cunts. The only time you register in their minds is when you make cash gifts or complete other menial tasks to raise your head above the other cuck faggots they fuck.

Cuck Cleans Up Wives

Some of you cucks actually managed to get married to a beautiful woman, in her moment of weakness, she didn’t do it because she loved you, she did it because she had a moment of weakness, and when that weak moment ends and she realises that she is married to you, she will soon put you in your place. Fags only have one place, at the bottom of society, serving strong men, or being of service to beautiful women. I see you cucks in relationships and I pity you, I laugh at you and then I use you. I have had situations where I cuckolded a faggot by telling its wife that it was a useless fag, and she then offered it to me, to fuck, and I did. I have also had situations where a wife will reach out to me and just offer her faggot husband to me as a fag offering to a God, and I always accept those gifts, I fuck them raw and film it for their wives. I especially like clean up fags, because you can use them alongside using their wives.

What Is A Clean Up Cuck?

A clean up cuck is a cuck that will stick around to watch its wife or partner be fucked by me, and then at the end when I have splattered its wife with my alpha cum, it will step in and clean up the cum off me, its wife, the floor, and anywhere else I shoot my load. Cuck clean up is the best if you get it right.

I normally make sure that I keep the faggot cunt around, close to the action, so if I am pounding its wife’s throat, I will get it to lie down next to its wife, so that it can watch the action really close up, hear the sound of my fat cock smashing in and out of its wife’s cunt, smell my cock as I pound its wife. I want the faggot to be so close that it can truly experience and enjoy the humiliation of watching its wife being ravished by an animal like me, a beast, a horny Alpha teen that doesn’t care one jot about this faggot husband, and will do things while it’s fucking the wife to further humiliate the fag husband. For example, most of the time, if I am fucking the wife’s throat, I will get the clean up cuck next to her face, and then I will pull out and slide my thick white cock into the faggot’s throat, which is almost always a total surprise, but one that the fag has to go with, because it cannot refuse me, mentally or physically. I have had some situations where the wife will orgasm watching her fag husband be throat fucked by me, and I love doing this to cuck fags.


There was one clean up cuck in Texas which I convinced to bend over next to its wife, and then I grabbed its hair while I fucked her in the ass, and as she screamed being pounded hard in her sloppy wet ass, it felt my hands wrapped around its throat and the feeling of being choked out. Doing the wife and the fag at the same time is one of the most sexually exciting things that you can do to a woman and a faggot. Its in these situations that the cuck clean up really comes into its own.

Cuck Clean Up Services

Some cucks are especially useful for clean up, and will want to be there to serve you as Master, and I always encourage that. I like the feeling of fucking a fag cucks wife and then pulling the cucks face close to take a full facial load, and then telling it that it needs to clean the mess up off the floor, my thighs and the wifes cunt. I have taken this cuck clean up even further by pulling in clean up cucks to sessions where I am fucking women, and these women are not related to the cuck at all, I just call the cuck into action to clean up the mess. The number of times I have had a cuck clean a cum splattered hotel restroom floor with its tongue, its in the dozens now. Often, I will splash cum up the wall, across the bed, across my own chest, all over the lady being fucked, just to force the faggot to clean up more. I can be a cruel sexual taskmaster when I want to be.

The Power Of Cuck Clean Up

Cuck clean up is a devilish mind game, and forcing fag cucks to be the clean up boi’s is a level of deep degradation which can not be achieved any other way. I love to destroy cucks, use cucks, make cucks realise what they are and why they are down on their knees licking cum off my thighs.

Cuck fags want to be clean up fags because they love the idea of sucking an Alpha mans cum off their wives body, as this further entrenches the fact that they are an unworthy weak submissive cunts. When I talk to other Alphas, dommes and just lads, I always suggest they find a cuck relationship or a cuck in the wild as a joy that will no doubt be unrivalled for them. I have had some of my most powerful orgasms and my biggest loads from fucking cucks.

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