Cuck Fag Humiliated In Public

Cuck Fag Humiliated
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Cuck Fag Humiliated Outside

Fags Question

My wife humiliates me in public places and shows off my tiny cock to anyone that will look, she has no respect for me, it wasn't always this way, what can I do? 

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

My only surprise reading your question is your surprise! there is no way that she has changed, or you have changed, you dumb fucking beta cuck. She knew you were a cuck fag the first day she met you, she hasn't lost respect for you, she never had it. So you say it was not always that way, that is a lie, inside your head you were always a cuck, and I bet if you really think about it, you will see the signs you gave off, which your wife picked up on. No wife is going to make a little bitch out of you the way your wife is doing to you, unless she knows she can. So you were destined to be a little cuck fag bitch one day, and that day has obviously come round. 

She shows your tiny cock at the swimming pool, at the showers, at the beach, hahaha, she really has no respect for you, and I would guess she ogles other men too, takes a good look at them. I would actually be surprised if she has not already strayed and fucked another man. If she has not yet, its on the card you cuck fag, your wife is going to cheat on you and she is going to convince you that you like it and accept it. I have some cuck fags like you which end up cleaning up the other guys cum when the wife's had enough, so you really have to make a decision quickly as to what you are and will or will not accept. 

How Much Can A Cuck Fag Humiliated Take?

I think its clear your a cuck, and so you need to ask yourself how much you are willing to take, when she suggests that she should be allowed to fuck other men, will you accept it, when she says she wants you to pay for the meals and dinner dates with other men, will you accept it? when she asks you to sit in the room as she sucks off and fucks other men, will you accept it, and when she says she wants you to take the full Alpha cum load from the other guy in your mouth, will you take it?

Bussy Boi

Cuck Fags Always Humiliated

Whatever you decide, know that this was a long time coming and your weak faggot pussy was detected by your wife a long time ago, so this is not new, she knew this side of you before you got married, she smelt weak cuck in you. There is no going back, its just a matter of how much you will take. 

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