Cuck Sock Fetish

Cuck Sock Fetish
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Cuck Sock Fetish Fantasy

I really don't care what gets a fag off, as long as I get what I came for, a faggots relief is not my concern. I take this further with cucks whose wives I fuck and use, I really don't care what they need from a sexual encounter, all I care about is my needs. In some cuck situations I find a scenario new to me, where I can get what I need, and the cuck gets to satisfy itself in a way that does not bother me at all, and the cuck that loved my socks was just that type of scenario. 

Cuck Faggot Leaves Me Its Wife

It was a normal weekday lunch hour, I had left the office for a sandwich and planned to pop over to my cleaners home. I knew he and his wife were always in around lunchtimes because they did shifts cleaning residential homes around the city in the early mornings and the late evenings, so midday was always a good time to catch this slut. I knocked on the door and as usual the wife was pleased to see me, so pleased that she snogged me on the doorstep, it was her thing, she knew her husband was watching behind her, and it gave her a cruel sense of pleasure to know that it hurt him deeply. I gently pushed her in, and slapped her bum as she turned, she was wearing painting overalls, very unsexy, so I told her to go get changed as I only had 45 minutes today. She giggled and ran off, tapping her cuck faggot husband on the shoulder, gesturing to him that he should make himself scarce for an hour. He knew what that meant and he had heard her screams before and knew to leave rather than stick around, so he nodded as he walked past me meekly towards the door. 

I always felt a huge turn-on, knowing that my entrance could force him to leave, this useless cuck faggot would have to vacate its own home, just so that I could be pleasured by its wife, that really got me hot. 

Cucks Wife Performs For Me

As usual the wife, a petite lady with average tits and an average body walked back in with sexy lingerie on, she was never going to get model of the year, but her hunger for sex, her need to give pleasure was insane and that alone put her on top spot for slut of the year. She was enthusiastic and knew her lot in life, knew that she had bagged a dominant hot young guy in me, knew that this was likely the best she would get as a married young woman. She was religious and I knew they both attended church together so I think divorce or leaving her cuck husband was out of the question, she was in it for life, so she needed these stress releasing situations for her sanity, and I was pleased to be able to help in this mercy mission. 

I sat down, and she straddled me, kissing, fondling, me sucking her tits, kissing her neck, stripping her clothes off, then unzipping and pulling out the big fat cock she loved to suck so much. She would sometimes force her cuck boi to watch, just sit on the sofa and watch her suck on my big white cock, licking the shaft, making slurping and sucking and moaning sounds to show how much she enjoyed doing this to another man. Cuck boi would sit and squirm, not wanting to watch, but still watching all the same, scared that if it didn't show interest, that might further distance it from her. 

With my cock dripping saliva and her throat having taken as much beating as it could she climbed onto me, her soaking wet cunt sliding straight down onto me, the splashing gush turning her on as her cheeks slapped my thighs. I slid her cunt up and down my shaft hard and fast, her screaming as her clit slid across the veins of my thick shaft. As the momentum built, I turned her round and then forced her mouth back down onto my shaft, holding her hair in a wrap as I bounced her up and down, all the while not noticing that the cuck husband had come back into the flat, not making a sound, and actually sat on the floor near the door.

Cuck Socks Fetish Comes Alive

I turned her around again, laying back on the sofa with my legs outstretched across the carpet and enjoyed as she rode. I could tell she was getting close to cumming so I let her take total control, holding me how she wanted and grinding her cunt into me. I was focused on her grinding and how sexy that felt, so it took me a moment to become aware of the fact that my toes felt wet, and it took another minute to realise that my toes felt warm, so I glanced down only to find that the cuck husband had put my toes into its mouth. My immediate reaction was to pull my foot away, as the cuck sat there with bits of sock fluff on its lips, I stopped its wife bouncing on my cock to shout at the faggot,

"what the fuck are you doing boi!" 

It was scared and apologised, and then begged me to allow it to suck on my socks, to which my first reaction was no faggot! but then its wife started grinding again, her wet cunt soaking my thighs got me back to what I should be doing and so I looked down at the pitiful faggot and commanded it to suck. It latched onto my socks like a baby on a tit, all the toes went in, its eyes were closed and I watched it suck as I ground its wife's pussy to powder. I had never had a faggot suck my toes, and this was a unique feeling. 

It licked up and down my socks, from the heel to the toes, in the middle to the top of the foot, it enjoyed every second of the few minutes I gave it before I dumped a big load across its wife face. She got up, face covered in cum, looked down at her cuck husband licking my socks and moaning and the disgust on her face was palpable. I laughed as I kicked that cuck boi away from my foot, I had not known this fetish before, but now I knew a way to use and abuse this cuck faggot cunt. I got up and it was obvious that the cuck was rock hard, I could see a tiny little cock poking out of its trousers. I asked if it wanted to cum before putting my socked foot onto its crotch, I could feel its tiny erection under my foot, so I pressed into it with my toes and heel, the cuck groaned with such pleasure and I laughed hard in its face. The wife huffed and said something under her breath in disgust, I kicked the fag away and put my clothes back on. 


Cuck Sock Fetish Release

As I walked out the flat on that day, I knew I had found a new way to control this cuck and others in the future, another way to extort this faggot, so I smiled. Even as I kissed the wife's lips and turned to shut the door on my way out I could hear an argument erupting behind me. The cuck had disappointed its wife yet again, a pitiful creature, never to enjoy a wife that loved it. 

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