Cuck Story Hour

Cuck Story Hour
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Cuck Story Hour Explained

Regardless of how many fags I fuck, the one type of faggot that never fails to give me pleasure is the cuck faggot. The cuck faggot offers me more than just its own fag ways and its fag flesh, it offers me its partner, and that is an offer I can rarely resist. As of March 2023, I have 20 couples in my extended den who are wife and cuck husband format. In those relationships I get to use and abuse the cuck husband for my pleasure as well as make use of the partner.

At this point, these cuck relationships are all centred around London, this is a combination of discretion and security. Below are the beginnings of some of my cuck adventures, and more will follow as I get time to document them. Read the below and enjoy what I do to my cucks in these various cuck stories. 

Cuck Fag Sits In Cupboard and watches as I fuck its wife

Cuck Inhales Master Mikey Socks While Mikey Fucks Cucks Wife

Cuck Gets To Cleanup Wifes Dirty Fucked Cunt  **Coming Soon**

Cuck Hate Fucked  **Coming Soon**

Cuck Eats Daddys Ass  **Coming Soon**

Cuck Made To Serve Wife's Needs During Fuck  **Coming Soon**


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