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Its mid-2019, the pandemic is a year away, and the world is still sane, I am still finding my feet in this new world of kink and exploration. I have already veered towards dominant sexual behaviour and roles because it just feels right, so I am banging fags in the shithole all through 2019 and life is good. I am getting more asspussy then I have ever had and realising that the dominant role that I have taken on naturally is loved by all those fags that have experienced it. I am learning all the community terminology like tops and bottoms from banging fags, as a outsider, none of this terminology was introduced to me. However, I am learning quickly that some things need not be academic, they can be purely experience based, and every faggot that I fuck teaches me a little more about this new world I am fucking my way through.

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Cutest Femboy Delivers Package

I get a knock on the door, it’s a delivery driver bringing something I ordered, so I open the door and a shy looking teenager who looks the same age as me sticks his arm out holding a barcode reader for me to sign, but the first thing I notice is his bracelet, very girly for a male delivery driver, and then his finger nails, polished bright vibrant red and manicured long and pointed, it catches my attention enough for me to look up. In front of me stands the cutest guy I have ever seen, fresh faced, possibly the same age as me, red lips, eye shadow, lashes, bow in his hair and the tightest outfit I have ever seen on a guy. The outfit almost looks like a leotard, as though this kid should be in a dance class not delivering packages for a courier company. I smile and without thinking ask him, “hey dude, what’s with the makeup” bit rude I know but its before my awakening to all the terminology and the community and ignorance rules in my life. He is quick to tell me that he identifies as a femboy and explains what that is, smiling as he does so, something has caught his eyes too and it’s giving away the fact that he is interested in what he sees, and then I realise that I am walking around naked in my apartment with my cock hanging out, being so distracted I have not noticed that I didn’t cover up. I catch his eye looking and smile back. He carries on talking as though he doesn’t want to leave, leaning up against the door smiling so I throw him an idea off the cuff, “dude, do you party?” he gives a naughty smile and tells me he does, so I tell him to pop over when his shift finishes and he agrees that he will , and turns to leave, that is when I catch a full look at his lithe slim toned body , wearing shorts and leggings like an extra out of Flashdance. He turns and winks as he steps into the elevator at the top of the corridor, which gives me a little twitch I have not had before.

Cute Femboy Fantasy

4pm and the door knocks, it’s the courier, and it looks like he has freshened up his makeup, more lippy on, and the way he is swinging his hips when he walks in to my apartment tells me he has something on his mind, which is amazing because I also have something on my mind, which is why I shaved my cock and balls clean ready for this little encounter hahaha, I have beer and wine on the table and some snacks and I tell him to make himself comfortable. He prances over to the couch and sprawls himself across it like a photoshoot model, I laugh and call him a little slut, and he loves that. “Megan is what my friends call me” he says, to which I reply “well what do your fuck buddies call you” and I smile and he smiles back.. I walk over and he immediately tells me that he was impressed with what he saw earlier, and I ask him what it was that impressed him and he reaches over to me and runs his pointed long fingernails at my cock. I smile and ask him to clarify. He reaches onto my pants and traces his long red fingernail around the length and width of my cock which is growing as he traces. I pull him up and realise that he is shorter than me and instead of kissing him, I surprise myself by opening my shirt and latching him onto my nipple, which he latches onto like an expert lashing his tongue around and around. I drop my pants and then my boxers and then I pick Megan up and walk to the bedroom, this has gotten sexual far quicker than I expected and all the snacks are left lying on the counter. I kick the bedroom door as I approach it, but by this point my tongue is deep down into Megans mouth. My cock is bolt hard pressing into Megans back and she is writhing feeling the thickness pressing into her hips and spine, as I approach the bed, I lift and throw Megan across the bed and then reach down to grab her by the hips… tugging at her clothing, she is laughing as she lets me strip all her clothes off. I get the first glance of her slim sexy hips, trailing my eyes over her tight little white butt and long skinny legs, down to tiny narrow little ankles and perfectly pedicured toes and tiny feet. This little cute femboy slut is more girl than some of the girls I know and I reach down and instinctively put her sexy toes into my mouth, sucking on each toe as I work my way along her foot, this is the first time I have sucked toes but I am just instinctively doing what I feel in the moment and Megan is loving every second as she turns over to reveal her perfectly shaven tight cunt and little peepee clitdick nub poking out in the front. Then in one of the horniest moment of my life until now, she smiles coyly and says “So what are we going to do about this Daddy” as she points to her clitdick and tiny balls poking out.

Touching Cute Femboy Clitdick

I tug the little femboy whore across the bed, as she clearly has done this before and knows her way around an Alpha like me, knows exactly what to say to get my blood boiling over and my cock bolt hard, and I push her legs back over her head and tell Megan that I am going to lay my monster cock across her body, so I position the slut as though I am going to fuck her, legs bent back, but instead of plunging my monster cock deep into her boi cunt, I lay my fat cock across her tiny clitdick and balls. My cock looks even bigger laying across her tiny cunt, my helmet almost dipping into her belly button as my length completely covers her clitdick. Megan looks down and almost loses her mind at the sight of my monster Alpha cock laying across her cunt, then she reaches down and grabs my cock to start jerking it, but perfectly grabs her own clitdick in hand too. I can feel her tiny clitdick pressing into the thick vein which runs underneath the length of my cock, her technique is perfect as she strokes both together in her perfectly manicured hands.


Cute Femboy Dirty Bussy

“You are a proper little fucking slut Megan” I tell her, and she groans as she strokes my cock and her clitdick as well as slipping fingers deep into her boi cunt. I can smell her bussy as she fingers herself, dirty little slut has not prepared herself and washed her bussy out but the excitement of the moment means that I am too aroused to care about a bit of shit on the sheets. Her jerking getting tighter and harder as she dashes more fingers into her boi bussy. I can feel a cum load ready to seed her femboy belly, this is happening all too fast and was not expecting to cunt this whore so early in the night, but I go with the flow, and the smell of her dirty bussy and her red fingernails on my thick cock throw me over the edge into a huge cum load which shoots out all over her belly and as far up her as her boi tits with splashes under her chin. I am blown out, as I stop pumping my hips to her jerking, she then screams out as she climaxes, knuckles deep in her boi bussy and I feel a little wet patch under my cock and the trembling of her hips as she fulfils her needs.

Cute Femboys Forever

I realise that I am a sexual beast and that no matter whether it’s a fag or a femboy, I love to fuck these little deviants. I would love to find a greater and deeper meaning to this all, but the orgasmic ride, pushes me to seek out these types of sexual thrills. Megan was another thrill that I enjoyed and although it was short-lived, I savoured every moment of emptying my load over that beautiful cute femboy. That was first of many meetings with Megan, and I shall blog about the first time I entered her bussy in the future. Live, love, enjoy fucking. Until next time.

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