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Cashpig Wakeup Call

Your phone rings, you’re already aching. Its 7am and your Master is telling you that he expects your attendance today at the shopping mall at 11am. You know that if he shops, it will be painful for you.  it automatically puts a fear deep in the pit of your stomach but you like that feeling because you’re a cashwhore. Nothing gets you more excited then spending on an Alpha that you can worship. You have never had this level of attention from any man or person before, let alone a man as handsome, sexy and powerful as Master Mikey. You jerk off so regularly just thinking about getting him things, and hoping that he likes them. You love the feeling of buying him drinks and sending him gifts, the idea that he might choose to wear something that you have got him drives you and your cock insane. You have lost count of the number of times you have edged for days on end while Mikey drains you. Mikey even has others play drain games with you so that you can pay him. You always know that with those games, you will get to give to him and hope that he likes it. You know your place and worth and you know its at the bottom. You want to give everything you own to a living god. It’s all for him, your Master Mikey.

Cash Is All For Master Mikey

Spending money on yourself is just so wasteful, Master Mikey has taught you that you need to spend on him, and stop wasting money on yourself, as you cannot be improved at all, you’re a waste, and will always be a waste, so why not spend on Master Mikey and do what dirty, dumb cash fags like you do, which is worship. So many times, a month you go across the city just to leave tributes in Mikey’s letter box, and order items from Amazon and have them shipped to his workplace. You love when Mikey speaks to you in his authoritarian voice, commanding you to give all to him. You love when Mikey allows you to cum, while pressing send on the bank transfers and the ATM machines, its all so hot. Master Mikey is the most caring master you have ever had, and he only made you suffer in 2 out of the 12 months last year, where you had to eat beans out of a tin for the whole month just to give your whole allowance to him so that he could go on holiday and party while you suffered. Master Mikey is love itself, and now he is wants you at the mall to spend on him... of course, you will be there.

You arrive early to the mall and see that he is not there yet, and you prepare yourself, checking your bank account, making sure the monthly allowance has arrived and is ready to be given. You check out the shops wondering which shops Mikey will take you too, and what you will do if Mikey pushes the limits out too far today, will you cancel the purchase and run away, losing your slaveship with Mikey, or will you just save face and pay whatever bills he runs up and put yourself into debt slavery with the credit card companies. All your card bills already go to Mikey’s house to save your family from working out why they cannot afford the basics. Mikey is always threatening ruin, you’re just hoping it’s not today. You find your cock tingling at the tip as you think these thoughts through, and what the implications would be, losing your family, the card companies sending out debt collectors, you friends finding out what you are, not the bullshit you have been telling them.

You see Mikey walking up in the distance. how glorious your Master looks, broad shoulders, built to ravage cashpigs like you, and you get hard just thinking about him, but you are still wearing the chastity cage he instructed you into last week… so your cock strains against the metal cashpig training cage, you can hear Mikey making pig snorting noises in your head, he is now upon you and puts his hand on your head and instructs you to get him coffee, “yes sir I will get the coffee right away” you run to the coffee shop, you want to please him and pay everything for him, maybe he will like you more if you constantly give to him, he sooo deserves all your money, its totally useless on you, even when you buy items like clothes they look terrible on you. Your money is wasted on you.

You’re paying at the coffee shop till and all you can think about is Mikey, you taking glances back towards where he is sitting, and you then see another figure standing in front of him, its Neil, you have seen Neil before, he is the other sub that seems to hang around. You have never spoken to Neil, but you have watched him serve on his hands and knees, and once with his mouth... he was a good little slut that time. You start heading back to Master Mikey and see that Neil has walked off and is now standing over by the restrooms facing the wall, like a schoolboy... how funny is that. You hand the coffee to Mikey and he looks at it unimpressed asking if it’s a large cup and then tells you to get another as this one is spilt, and then he tips the glass over and it smashes on the floor... you feel the pit of your stomach fall out as you can’t understand how you could have disappointed Mikey already, you just got here... you are now worried, and you run off to get another coffee and here Mikey shouting for Neil in the background. As you stand there buying the second large caffe latte you can see Neil down on his knees and he cleaning up crap off the floor, his clothes are getting dirty and staff are asking him to stop but you can see Master Mikey is telling them to let him clear up, it’s a funny site, but you don’t want to laugh because you don’t know what might be coming for you next. You pay and head back to Master Mikey, he takes his coffee and tells you to sit, you sit in silence and watch as Neil stands aside and Master Mikey just going through his phone, you want to ask him how his amazing week was, but you don’t want to interrupt him, he is so amazing and handsome, you want to be of service but not interrupt him. You decide to ask whether he wants to eat anything, but before you open you mouth, he tells you that its time to shop, and buy some shirts and jeans that he needs.


Spending On Master Mikey

You're excited at the thought of being useful to him, but also worried that he might empty your account, and then what will you do, or what if someone you know sees you spending money with Mikey, how will you explain this all away... what if you family sees the receipts in your pocket tonight... you must remember to bin them before heading home… this is your addition and you must keep it secret. You arrive at a designer store, and walk in, Mikey announces you and Neil as his bodyguards, you feel proud that he is attaching you to something so important for him... you watch as he browses, your mind wanders to what serving him naked will be like later tonight, will he let you swallow his cum like before... will he let you stroke while he counts your cash… then the tailor takes Mikey to the private changing room area, and starts stripping off, and you see his body.. wow what an amazing physique your Master has, you're so hard right now that the cock cage your wearing is hurting, you try and adjust it for comfort but it sticks into you... you can feel your peehole splaying out aside the cold steel front bar of the chastity cage… watching Mikey standing there naked... the cage in your pants is really making it hard to enjoy this moment and you feel your cock shrink from the pain. Master Mikey and the tailor agree on the sizing and designs and you head towards the tills, but Mikey picks up some jeans on the way, you can see the tag... but not how many he has picked up so your belly skips as you wonder what the cost will be, and how you’re going to pay for it.. in your mind you are counting the costs of those jeans knowing its going to be expensive, and what about the shirts. You hear Mikey say 5 shirts and count out 5 pairs of jeans, all the best stuff for Mikey, he has to look his best, at your cost. The tailor tells you it’s $2745 and will take some days to custom make and deliver, you reach for your cards and pop the AMEX in the machine, you can see Mikey smiling, its all worth it when you see him smiling at you for being a good boy, your cock twinges in the cage again... you wince and then Mikey puts his arm on you and asks, “do you think 5 shirts is enough” you're crying inside as you wait to hear his answer, as you are sure your card will decline if he adds more to the bill… but then he decides to stick with 5 and you breath a deep sigh inside yourself.

Cashpigs Release

You all leave the shop and Mikey is on a high wanting to spend more, you have the thought of making an excuse and leaving as you are not sure you can afford any more but you also need to release, your cock is straining and you’re hoping that after this spend, Mikey will let you cum or at least treat you good, so you stay. Then Mikey sends Neil home, and tells you that you need to go to the restroom, your heart skips a beat and you're now rock hard because you think you're going to get released. Inside the restrooms you are alone with Mikey and he pushes you up against the wall inside the stall and tells you to pull your pants down. Your cock pops out and bounces around aching for his touch, and you rarely ever get that. The anticipation is killing you as you wait to be told… “take it out” is the command you want to hear and you hold your cage in your hand as Mikey laughs at you, you love the dirty shame of this moment, and then Mikey gives you the key to open the cage. As you open the cage, your cock springs out like a desperately swollen worm, covered in precum and twitching for a touch. Your then told to start stroking which feels so good, the feel of your hand and your Masters gaze on your cock after 1 week of being in the cage, it’s a freeing feeling that you have ached for. Mikey takes you through a series of stop starts, which drives you wild and then Mikey takes your wallet out, and ruffles through the dollar bills, taking what is his to take, and leaves you with your cards and a few bills… you are so grateful that he is being merciful and watching you stroke for him, its all for him. He then puts a dollar bill across your cock telling you you're so small and now its time for you to cum into the dollar bill for him, you jerk for all your life’s worth and shoot a thick load into the dollar bill which crumples a little under the weight of liquid creamy faggot jizz.. and laughing Mikey then tells you to open your mouth... and drink your own cum… which you do with the utmost appreciation. Your Master has been so kind to you, he knows what you need. The salty taste of your own cum, the $100 bills in Mikey’s pocket and your feeling of guilt and shame plastered all over your face you clean up and leave with Mikey. It’s a short ride in the taxi and you’re at the apartment, where Mikey immediately directs you to his pig cage, you climb in and sit quietly.

You watch as Neil worships the Masters feet, and Master watches movies, it’s a beautiful afternoon. Neil is a good faggot slave and licks lovingly, it’s clear that he genuinely enjoys licking and sucking toes, and Mikey treats it like any other foot massage. You can tell from your cage that you’re a worthless piece of scum to Mikey, and so is Neil, but you both have your places in Mikey’s Life. Something tells you that this is what you're supposed to be doing as you watch Neil licking and sucking, hoping for some admiration or attention from his Master, but nothing comes. Mikey considers Neil a faggot slave and no more, so Neils feelings don’t matter at all, as a faggot he has none, and you know because Master Mikey calls Neil an IT, an object to be used and abused.

You lose all grip on time and are brought to attention when Neil walks over and kisses you passionately on the mouth, and as an obedient slut with its Master watching, you kiss Neil back and enjoy it for your Master. Neil leaves.

You expect to leave after Neil leaves but Master ignores you and chooses not to dismiss you, so you sit quietly. Finally, you're released from the pig cage before sundown so that you can run home to your family and pretend to have a normal life.

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