Day In The Life Of My Fag Sub

Life Of My Fag Sub
Master Mikey @

Subs Wakeup Call

You get a message at 7:10am from your Master, Mikey, telling you that you have to meet him in the Mall today by 11am. You get excited just at the thought of him calling you and allowing you to be in his presence, he is so in demand all the time that getting a text from him is a real ego boost. You run around your home like an excited little bitch. You are single, and have no family to worry about, so you are hyped to spend a whole day with your Master.

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Sub Is A Mall Rat

You get to the mall excited and feeling horny, your Master always dresses impeccably and you feel honoured to stand beside him, its like having the coolest bro around, he is a sexy handsome God. You spot him sitting there and you see his paypig Brian running around, getting him a coffee. As you walk up, Mikey looks at you with his bright white smile and broad shoulders facing you, you feel so small compared to him. You say hi and immediately he tells you that he is not ready for you, and that you must go and stand over by the rest rooms, and wait until he calls you. The energy shoots through your body, the commands feel so sexy, and the way he tells you what to do, reminds you of all those jocks in college who abused you, but now you have Master Mikey, a jock that will abuse you and use you and pay you attention…and you love that feeling. You stand near the rest rooms for what feels like an age, and you can hear Mikey and Brian speaking in the distance, but then there is a bang and Mikey shouts at you, and like an obedient dog you run across to him. A coffee has spilt and there is coffee and broken bits of cup all over the floor, and Mikey instructs you to clean it. You get down onto the floor, your knees pressing into the hard mall floor hurts a little but you’re in the presence of your God, even if you’re being seen by strangers crawling around, its fine.

Sub Fag Crawling On Floor Like A Rat

Staff try to assist you and Mikey stops them, telling them that you are going to clear the mess. You crawl around picking bits up, wiping the coffee with your hands, you are covered in crap off the floor and Mikey is still sitting there looking at you with a smirk on his face, knowing he has commanded you, and yet you know that this is your place, at Mikey’s feet. People walk past, you can see them laughing at you, even children asking their mummies why that man is at another man’s feet cleaning, but you don’t care.

Brian then returns with another coffee and Mikey sits sipping it, dangling his manly foot near your face, he has not worn socks and the musk of his feet is fragrant to you, you can see his heel, naked, and you can imagine what his bare foot would taste like in your mouth… Mikey senses your train of thought...” you want to lick my loafer, don’t you Neil?”  he laughs as he says it, knowing what your reply will be…but then he tells you that there is no chance he would allow a dirty faggot sub to lick his loafers in a public place... and he continues his drink. You are then told to stand aside and wait while Mikey relaxes and enjoys his afternoon coffee. You and Brian are silent, allowing Mikey to think about life and luxury and plan his amazing day, you are both his servants and there only to make his day easier. Every so often you glance at Brian, and it looks as though he is about to say something and then loses the bottle to say it.


Fags Shopping

Eventually, Mikey gets up and proclaims that he is going to shop now, and that Brian should get his wallet ready to be raped, because he is feeling like fucking his little cashslut this afternoon, and he goes on to state a number of things that he needs. You walk into a designer shirt and suit shop where Mikey introduces you both to the staff member as bodyguards, which you like, because it suggests that you are close to Mikey, but that is far from the truth as you are a weak feeble body faggot who is barely capable of protecting itself. Mikey is far more capable of physically protecting all of you. You watch as he browses and talks with the shop staff, it’s a while before you head into a private changing area and you watch as Mikey strips off in front of you, and you cannot help but get erect, even though you are a limp dick faggot sub, your little boi pussy gets erect.

Faggot Drools Over Alpha

You love Mikey’s body and you want to worship it all the time, and sometimes Mikey even lets you. You think of all the times that Mikey has allowed you to service his cock and lick out his asshole, and you have been privileged enough to drink his piss... all the memories flood back to you as you stand there watching him. You cannot help how horny you feel. You can tell that Mikey knows that you are drooling inside, and he plays to it, by stretching his body as he tries out the shirts, and has his measurements taken, he pushes out his defined chest for you to look at. All Mikey's baiting works on you and you can feel wetness around your boi clitty. You’re in a daze and then you’re at the till and Brian is paying and looking ill at the same time, as he always does, but really, he loves serving Mikey as much as you do, once he has paid Mikey tells you to grab the bags.

There is a lot of bags, and you have to carry them all in your arms. Mikey touches nothing, as a God he just walks out expecting you and Brian to carry the bags, but really, it’s just you because Brian has served his purpose as a cash faggot, so now you must serve yours as a fag sub helper. You carry the bags and fear dropping them, but it forces you to walk funny as you try to keep the bags up in the air, eventually Mikey tires of your incompetence and tells you to safely take his goods home to his apartment, which you dutifully do and then you sit on the sideboard waiting for your Master to arrive home. You are eager that he might allow you to service him today, but are worried that because Brian the cashpig is there, it might not be as filthy as you would like, but your twitching hard, so you just wait for Mikey to arrive.

Faggots Foot Worship

Its almost 2 hours by the time Mikey and Brian arrive. You have unpacked Mikey’s bags and put them away for your God, so that he will not have to lift a finger. Mikey is pleased and immediately puts Brian into a pig cage in the corner of the room. You are then invited to massage Mikey’s feet, and you are allowed to slip off his loafers. Mikey gives you a look which means you are allowed to inhale, and you put his loafer to your nose as fast as you can, taking the deepest breath in that you can. The rich thick musk of your Alpha God Mikey fills your nostrils and lungs. It is a thick mixture of new leather, soft suede, and bare feet recently bathed, but manly, full of pheromones and inviting. You move hungrily to his feet with your hands, rubbing and pressing his soles and toes, and then you swoop in to put a big toe in your mouth. The toe filling your mouth resting on your tongue, you look up at Mikey and his look tells you that you can proceed, you then hear the familiar sound of a movie starting on the large screen behind you and you relax into worshipping Mikey’s feet as he watches his movie.

You are allowed to worship for what seems like hours, you lick the soles, tongue the toes, tug on the heels and lather the arches in kisses and lip massage, you enjoy every second, leaking inside your pants. Your boi pussy just continues to leak as you massage, but you know you're not allowed to touch it until Mikey tells you, and you wait and you wait, and nothing comes, and you wonder whether Mikey will torture you today.

All hope dies in you, when you hear the credits rolling and the movie is over, your pants are covered in cum as your pussy has leaked constantly. Mikey looks down at you, and tells you that you must stop, its time for you to go. He has a wry smile which confirms his decision to not allow you to cum, aching deep in the belly you get up, and head for the door, but Mikey stops you…” You must kiss Brian, before you go” which is a request that Mikey has never made before, and intrigues you, perhaps this is how Mikey will let you release today, so you head to the pig cage, and pull Brian's face up. Kissing Brian is revolting as he has smelly breath from lying in the pig cage, and eating leftovers from last night which Mikey has left for him, but you kiss Brian hoping that Mikey will suggest some form of release, but nothing, you realise that Mikey has done this to further humiliate you, he enjoys humiliation, and degradation so much, its one of the things he really enjoys doing to his fags.

Deep in your heart you love the humiliation too, because you know what you are. You are a servant to greater men, real men, Alpha men, Masters that rule fags like you, and you are happy with that. You have loved every minute of the day, and you leave Mikey’s apartment a content faggot.

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