Definition Of A Fag In 2022

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The definition of fag has evolved through the years but the core of faggotry has been the same for time immemorial. A fag in 1940 would be a fag in 2022, because the hierarchy of men has stood up to the test of time, and a real man today is the same as a real man 1000 years ago. A fag may define itself as many things but ultimately it is us Masters and Alphas that define what a fag is, and that definition is based on our use of the fag population. A fag by itself does not define itself, it may have illusions about what it thinks it is, but just like a metal bolt cannot have an opinion about itself, so too a faggot is a tool, and its use and definition are defined by its user, in this case, me, Master Mikey, the supreme ruler and overlord of all faggots around the world.

For those faggots that want to listen to this rather then read it, you can hear my amazing commanding voice, and be enchanted by my power, click here to see the audio version.

Define Fag

Let’s define fag as a term for the stupid faggots that might read this and still not be clear from my intro what a fag is. A fag is typically a human male, normally very submissive, definitely less intelligent and always at the bottom of the hierarchy of men. The hierarchy of men is a concept that defines the social status of a man based upon his natural innate power and talent, that which resides within the man before he even begins to learn or train or do anything to add to his natural power. So, for example some men are just powerful Alphas without having the big salary or the top job, they simply carry themselves with a level of power, which exerts itself naturally on lesser men, and which eventually leads them to the higher earning more powerful jobs and in charge of the lesser men. This natural superiority is assigned from birth, and normally emerges as the man reaches adolescence when natural competition and power plays begin to emerge in the playground, which then extends to the boardroom and further afield. In this same way, inferiority is the trait of some men, and these poor beasts of burden recognise this from an early age too. A fag typically knows from a very early age that it’s a fag, and begins to act and live that way as soon as possible. Most faggots will begin to display fag behaviour and life choices during the same formative adolescence to adulthood transitory period, but others will not find their true purpose until much later in life, and hence you get old faggots… hahaha… old guys that lived their lives, had partners, children and one day they wake up and realise that actually they were faggots that needed to worship real men and real cocks all their lives, instead of having a cock hanging between their legs, all they ever wanted was a fat cock in their mouths and up their faggot hole asses.

So you see, a fag is simply a lesser man, the least of all men, the burden bearer of men, that which must be used and abused for its flesh. The fags pleasure is of no consequence as it is a vessel only for the enjoyment and pleasure of the Master.

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Are You A Fag?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed in the face of real men? Do you sometimes get the feeling you are the least intelligent person in the room? So many fags live there lives simply asking whether this is all a consensual extreme form of BDSM play or something real and non-consensual, and to these faggots I say, this is a game only to those that do not realise that life itself is a game, and each of us are assigned a player role and a piece with which to move around the board of life, and if you have been assigned the role of lowly being, then you are a faggot and this was chosen for you by a higher being, and you do not have any control in this at all. Unlike in chess, in the real game of life, pawns do not become kings, pawns are sacrificed for the greater good of kings.

So fags do not have a choice, this innate hunger and desire to serve is built into their DNA from before they are birthed by the cursed mothers that brings them into this world to serve Masters like me.

Embrace Faggotry

It’s easy for inexperienced Masters to say that faggots should simply “embrace faggotry”, but in reality, this is one of the hardest things to achieve. All men that grow and develop in this world have dreams and desires, beliefs instilled upon them by doting mothers that they can truly be anything they want to be as long as they try hard enough, but that is not the truth, the truth is that some are stamped with the mark of the faggot from birth, and they will never be anything more than fags. In truth, the highest order of their broken lives, their greatest achievement will be to realise, self-realise that faggotry is their truth, and moving towards that goal is what will satisfy them most.  

Embracing faggotry is about finding comfort and solace at the feet of a great Master like me, where I mentor you through this cursed life of yours, and I strip you of all the assets and money that are slowing or preventing your evolution to a life of complete faggothood. There will always be different classes of faggots, those that are capable of unbelievable service, those that will shine amongst the shit, just as real men are heaven sent with differing levels of godliness, so too are faggots defined into subclasses of faggot. At another time, I will breakdown the subclasses of faggots, to help you place yourself within that lesser set of categories. However, take comfort knowing that whatever level of fag service you provide is a step closer to your evolution towards your life goals. Do not ever look to the magnificence of other faggots with a jealous eye, keep your eyes on your own service, and no matter how tempted you feel to rush answers from your Masters and superiors, slow down and realise that this is a journey through life, and will take time, so when all else fails and you feel broken and searching for answers, always fall back on my personal favourite mantra…

“Ask not, what a Master can do for you, instead ask what you can do for your Master”

Now it’s time for you to tribute, show me your worth, your loyalty and your obedience to the life of faggotry you have chosen. Send me a message, so that I too may gaze down on you from above.

If you want to learn more about being a faggot, check out the Fag Content Library and if you want to learn how to be in a slave relationship with a Master, then read Master Slave Contracts. 

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