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Cunting A Dirty Birdy

Fags Question

I am a self confessed dirty birdy, a fag that loves being cunted while dirty. Before a cunting, I have never told a Master or any partner that I never wash myself out. Should I tell them out of courtesy that I have never douched my cunt?

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

You really are one dirty birdy, and I think you have a scat fetish, even if its a minor one. Its funny you say that you have never told any partner, as my own experience is that douching is a required basic for any cunting or prepared fucking. I can understand that if its a quick grab behind the bike sheds, or an impromptu fucking during a cash meet, then it was unprepared and the faggot wouldn't have thought to prepare its cunt, but the way you describe not having told anyone suggests that you had no intention of telling them.

Cunting A Shit Covered Boi Pussy

I would take a good guess you let the Alphas up your dirty cunt slot and then were happy to have them pump your throat right afterwards, you dirty dirty little birdy. I think that if you are getting fucked and none of your partners or dommes are noticing your dirty stinking cunt, then carry on. If you ever came across a more discerning Alpha like me, you would get slapped for not having douched, and most likely punished severely, but each to their own.  

Bussy Boi

Cunting Etiquette

I believe in a cunting etiquette, a set of universal rules that all faggots should follow before being rutted. Wash your boi cunts out in 3 stages, stage 1 begins 18 hours before hand, and is a strong coffee enema, holding it in your cunt, external massage of the lower intestine and then followed by stage 2 which occurs 12 hours before the cunting, and in stage 2, its a warm water wash out, streaming warm water into and out of your cunt, aiming the nozzle in all directions. Stage 3 is the last stage and happens 1 hour before you are set to be cunted. In stage 3 you do another warm water washout, to make sure that there is no residue or sediment left hanging around. After these three stages I expect my fags to shave themselves completely head to toe, nice and smooth. 

Ultimately, I think that you have an interest in scat and should read Scat Manifesto

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