Does My Master Hate Me?

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Master always seems angry, does Master hate me?

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

Some of you subs, fags and twink's feel like your Masters hate you. In a small number of cases, this is true, your Master does hate you, and probably because he has some kind of inner turmoil with homosexuality or the pleasure he gets from the fetish life, some repressed inner dialogue that means you are the focus of his hate and "gay bashing". This is however, relatively rare, as most Masters do not hate their fags, they enjoy them and love fucking them, there is no hate in them.

The way you fags feel is simple and emotional, and frankly unnecessary, and my advice would be to talk openly with your Master, tell him or her what you are thinking and then listen to their wise advice. The Master is their to extract the best use out of your filthy flesh that is possible, so trust their sage advice. Ultimately stop being a little faggot bitch, you have far more important things to spend your time worrying about, like SERVING your Master, stupid FAGGOT!

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