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I met a young Master that I really like, he is 19 or 20 and really dominant, not sure how long he has been a domme, but he is really confident, so much so that he is forcing me to get him a credit card, should I fall for his powers and get him a credit card which I pay for? 

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

The first thing you need to be sure of is his age, make sure he is actually 19 or 20, and not younger, this is a legal 18 plus teen conversation, and I want to know that  you are not messing with teens that are younger, as that would not make you a fag, it would make you a paedophile, so firstly check that age, and ensure you are on the right side of the law boi !!

Assuming he is 19 plus, then he has come into his Alpha confidence around the right time that teen boi's turning into adult men do, college years when they realise the hierarchy of men and the power structure that drives some men to lead, and others to follow. You say he is forcing you, that sounds a bit of a stretch, you actually mean that he is telling you to get him a card, and your cock is twitching so hard and your desire to be in his good graces and to honour him is so great that you want to get him that card, and pay all his bills in the hope that he will bless you with sexual services and favours, am I right, do not answer, as I know I am right boi. 

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Dominant Teen Alpha Deserves Credit Card

You should get him that credit card, and you should pay all his bills as you are a fag, and that type of service is what fags do. I know you will hide this from family, and the fact that your cocklet, your fag cock twitches at the thought, means that you are capable of doing this, even if it means dropping some of your other habits or taking money from other areas of your life. You need to do this, it will fulfill your life immeasurably and knowing how these things go, the dominant teen alpha will eventually overstep the mark and spend more then you are capable of giving and your relationship will eventually break down, as they all do, but while it lasts, enjoy it boi and serve in the highest way you can. Do your part for fagdom, be a good faggot, serve this teen domme. 

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