Edging Joi

Edging Joi
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You are sitting alone, all your family are asleep, but you know the power of my voice to control your edging joi and your little faggot cock, don’t you boi? You know what my voice can do to your clit cock, those tingles I can create deep inside you, edging you further and further with each word, my words far inside your head where no one else can reach, its horrifying what control I have over you!

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This journey is about the power of a Master, Master Mikey and the control I have over your edging and the jerk off instructions I provide to control your cocklet, so undress and sit back so that I can see your cock, boi. I want to see that tiny little cock of yours, show it to me, be proud boi, even if it struggles to be erect, struggles to live up to the normal standards of men, even withering and weak men. Today you will perform for me, Listen as I stare at your cock and make that little piece of piss rise, know how the service you do for me will blow your mind, let that cock rise for me now. I want you to feel the blood gushing into your cock just as you look to me, see my broad shoulders, thick chest and thighs and all those muscles, they blow your mind, I know they do boi. I shall be your cock whisperer, even though that little clit hanging between your legs is barely a cock, now stroke it for me.

Jerking Off Edging For Master Mikey

Take your tiny faggot hands and wrap them around your tiny little cock and pull that useless foreskin back for me, until it pulls back no more and then release and watch it spring back to cover your shame… it felt good, didn’t it? Hahaha, I know it felt good to you. Do it again, slide that foreskin back, and let your cocklet show, now spit on it, look into my eyes as your spit down onto your cock, you are doing this for me, jerking off for me, never forget why you jerk off, its all for me, spit on that cock, well done boi, now carry on sliding that skin back and forth, it will get looser and looser as you do it, and feel better and better. You are getting tingling sensations in your tip, and you’re clenching your faggot asshole, you want something in there, don’t you? You want a finger, a cock, my cock beast, you cant handle it, but imagine for a moment as you stroke that I lift you up , turn you over and yank down your pants, keep stroking as you hear me , keep stroking as you follow my story, I turn you over, yank off your pants, then you hear me spitting all over your ass cheeks as I make you moist, ready to take my length and my girth, its like trying to push a tree trunk up into a tiny little bees hole, but I will manage it, more spit is needed to complete this task, hear me spitting, its all wet now , all over your asshole and back of your thighs, you are so damn wet. I know you feel a rising pleasure tide inside you, so STOP NOW cunt, let that ocean subside for me… squeeze your balls if you need to and let it degrade back to nothing, a tiny little mushroom nub on your waist... there we go boi, now rest and sit there staring at me, looking up and down my body, so tight, so powerful, so manly, so young, so teenage... mmm you are a good boi.

Edging Your Cock

Ok, now start stroking again, I can see how a tiny floppy clit gets so hard again and so quickly, your tiny clit has gotten hard and moist again so quick boi, you are all wet at the tiny tip, my story turned you on, cunt? It turned you on, you wished that it was true and that I walked right up to you and slapped your face before bending you over in one fast motion, you dream of me not even prepping your hole, just smashing right in, the pain it would cause, the fantasy is so alluring, the idea , the thoughts of all that joy as my huge cock slams into your P spot and your ass pussy clenches harder then its ever clenched, an orgasm that you have no way of stopping splashes from inside you, your gushing cunt juice before you know it and cannot stop as your spasming and your body is shaking uncontrollably, and now I want you to STOP, and hold that breathe, let that little tiny clit of yours subside until there is nothing more. Hahaha, I love the process of getting you hard as nails boi, and then destroying your little tiny clit, and preventing your orgasm, perhaps forever. Your orgasm is mine to control, laugh at and use to my needs, so I will always control it. I see you are floppy again now; I will slap your clit if I see it staring out again. Just stare at my cock, imagine it in your head, its everything you need, imagine sucking it tip to asshole, your tongue licking up and down the sides, along the shaft, running your tongue all the way past my balls to my taint and my asshole, circle my gaping shithole and then circle back up round and up my shaft, ohh I see that has you nice and hard again, ok well start stroking it again, go on, stroke for me, do it bitch. I know you just thinking of it is driving you wild, imagining licking my cock and feet, sucking on my balls, all this edging is driving you mad and you find your hand is uncontrollably jerking up and down, JOI from my voice, edging and leaking all over, its mind muddling how much pressure you are putting on your cock, it could just rip right off your lap if you pull so hard boi, but enjoy it, enjoy jerking off for me and being a slave to my needs, you are here to enjoy your Masters amazing gesture, the ability to cum to my voice, a privilege that my most favourite faggots pay for, but you are getting this for free, so enjoy it and slap those balls as you jerk off that cock, listening to my instructions and touching your asspussy lips with a wet finger.

JOI By Master Mikey

You are sliding back and forth furiously now, and cannot help sliding up and down, who knows where this will go, can you feel that surging cum load building inside you, the thoughts of being raped so violently have driven you insane, the fantasy is mind blowing, even if the reality means you would spend a few days in hospital, but even me saying that drives you insane, your ass pussy clenches again, so hard, so long, your bursting for the biggest pee of your life , but you cannot miss out this amazing orgasm that you are sure will be rising any moment now. You keep stroking it faster and faster, and your desire grows as you look to my huge cock and balls…my biceps and my chest…things you want to touch and kiss. You can feel it rising, as your tiny helmet starts to tingle, you look to me for words that will help you blow your load, and I stare at your just tensing my muscles… and then I reach over and wrap my hands like an anaconda around your neck, and the feeling of me choking you out, tips you over the edge, as the cum rising fast up through your shaft with a pressure you have not known in your life, you feel your helmet almost split in 2 as the stream of cum gushes out of the top, blowing your mind and leading to the most earth shattering orgasm you have ever had whilst being edged and given JOI from a Master.

Jerk Off Instruction Completed

You lie back right on the spot, cock trembling, thighs shaking from the expulsion of energy and look up to me as I stand over you, you’re struggling to smile, still shaking, as I look down, sneer and then spit on your face before walking away from you. Hahaha I love JOI for faggots, its powerful and the control that I exert on these sluts is incredible.

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