Empty Your Pockets Fag

Empty Your Pockets Fag
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Empty Your Pockets Faggot

Fags Question

One of my regular Masters is cash obsessed and cash rapes me every time we meet, I want to do more for him, but he just treats me like a cashpig, how can I change this dynamic, even though I do enjoy giving him cash? 

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

The Master that you talk about has the smell of blood in his nostrils and he can smell the weakness on you boi ! that is why he cash rapes you every time, he sees you as a paypig, a cashslut, and changing that will be a very difficult task. Once you have set in place the power dynamic and shown a domme what you are, a cocksucker, a cashpig, a chore fag, that sticks in the Masters mind and he will aim to treat you accordingly moving forward. 

You also mention that you actually enjoy being a cash whore, which he will certainly be detecting from you as the senses of an Alpha are specifically tuned to smell these kinds of faggot signals. If you enjoy it, and the relationship fulfils some part of what you need, why aim to change it, what exactly do you think you could be for the Alpha, what role do you envisage, you must have something in your dumb fag mind that you aspire to be? rather than trying to change what you have, why not enjoy what you are getting? I would suggest you run the risk of losing the Alpha if you change what he perceives you to be.

Bussy Boi

Empty Your Pockets Faggot While You Change

I would suggest that if you really want to introduce other facets of your faggotry to the Alpha, then continue first to be the cashpig that you are, so that your basic function is fulfilled and slowly introduce other areas that you can satisfy the Master. I know some fags that will be cash whore and humanATM's but then suggest that they can also do household chores, or offer sexual services like blowjobs whenever the Master needs, or cum cleanup services, after the Master has had his fill of a Man or Woman, you present yourself to clean up the cum from all parties. This type of gentler introduction to your other skills is far more likely to have you kept as a faggot. 

In the meantime, continue to empty your pockets fag!

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