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Erotic Mind Control The Demons Way

Erotic mind control can be a source of pleasure and a source of pain, and which form it takes depends on the Master practitioner and when that practitioner is me, Master Mikey, then it will always take on a sexually deviant and demonic form. There are always 3 stages to a demonic spirit invading and taking control over your mind.

Stage 1 – Infestation

Infestation erotic mind control is when a subject begins to be touched by the darkness, physically, sexually and spiritually, the initial feelings of evil creep in, noises may be heard, small changes witnessed, the feeling that something is not right, a cloud of darkness gathers within the subjects mind. 

Stage 2 – Oppression

Oppression erotic mind control is the second stage of the demonic power surrounding you. At this stage dark feelings crowd the subjects mind, you will experience loss of time and space, entire events will be missing in your memory. You will suffer as the evil more directly controls your actions and causes you to do evil deeds, still testing for your demonic pliability. You will likely hear continual voices in your head speaking evil thoughts into you. 

Stage 3 – Possession

Possession erotic mind control is the final stage where I the dark demonic entity is within you, controlling you as a flesh puppet to do my evil bidding. You the person, the human are essentially lost at this stage, all you do , you do for me, as me, directed by my mind control. You are Satan's puppet at this stage. 

The Power Of Erotic Mind Control

Below is the transcript of an erotic mind control procedure to demonically invade a faggot’s mind. This specific faggot was interested in the occult and so this demonic process was successful in destroying the faggot’s mind. Each stage gets the weakened mind progressively further into the control state, and each step is a step into darkness. These are truly dark arts, not to be tried and tested lightly. 

Erotic Mind Control – The Demonic Victim – Part 1 - Fag Infestation

I smell you faggot, and deep in your heart you know who I am, hahahaha you know me boi, I have been watching you from the shadows all your life, I can smell you, and you feel my presence is near, you have been aware of me, lurking in the shadows, and now you are wondering how you attracted me into your life, its your deviant ways, Satan , The Devil, loves the deviants of this world, those that wish to break happy marriages, those that look to kill and maim, those that want to engage in homosexual bisexual trisexual acts, depraved acts with multiple partners, same sex partners, inanimate objects, animals, HAHAHA.

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As a dirty faggot boi, I watched you hunger for cock; I know your hearts desires to be ravaged by men, those kinds of pleasures of the flesh, only I know about. I create those kinds of pleasures in weak fags like you, yes weak submissive faggots like you, food for real men. I fill your weak little hearts with those depraved desires, and you little maggots follow to suck cocks, eat shit and drink cum by the gallon load.

Whenever I see one of your kind, street crawling for rent boys, looking for male company, looking to be used and abused, I wait in the shadows until you call to me, and you weak fags all call to me in your moment of need… when you are bent over being used by man after man that dumps loads in your cunts you call to me, screaming “fuck me daddy, fuck me lord” and its when you say these recitations out in lust, that I reach my clawed hand out of the darkness and clasp yours, hahaha only then do you feel the first touch of my claw, and from then on its but a matter of time until I drain your soul.

Erotic Mind Controlled By Infestation

In your lust and ecstasy filled minds, seeking nothing but immediate pleasure, you lose sight of all else, partners are discarded, for some of you faggots, you discard your families for that cock lust, in that moment, there is no life, no love, you throw it all to the wind to suck an Alphas cock, to suck a teenagers cock, when you get that young boi to climb into your car, and as your hands wrap around that boys cock, so my hands wrap around your throat, you filthy faggot!

In the first weeks of the infestation stage, you will witness moving of objects, you may find sex toys missing, doors left open, keys missing, I shall create confusion and misinformation in your life, I will have you questioning your sanity, questioning your critical thinking skills, you will be subject to my mind games. I can create seeds inside a faggot’s mind, create desires and frustrations that never existed to appear and rise within you. I am the almighty darkness that rises from the pits of hell to be inside your head like a cloud, a shroud of evil. As my influence in your mind grows, as I take hold and embed myself into you, the frequency of the occurrences and bad thoughts will increase, from once a week to several times a week, until you are seeing things all the time, dark figures just peeking at you from behind loved ones. Dark entities flowing out as black smoke from your cock when you jerk off. Dark smoke cascading out of the orifices of your loved ones, once I infest you, no one around you is safe from me, they all become a target, and its just a matter of time for them too.

Infestation Touches And Molestation

You will wake to touches in the darkness, some nights feeling the tight clawed fist of hell wrapped around your cock shaft and balls , wrapped so tight that you black out from the pain, fighting until your last breathe, and then falling unconscious, only to be woken hours later to the feeling of ecstasy and ejaculation, your mind clearing only long enough to feel the powerful ejection of what should be cum, but instead it’s a thick black sludge like liquid, almost a glue that oozes from your cock, and then in horror you black out again, the tight chested feeling of a ghoul sitting atop of your chest.

Some nights you will wake to feel an invisible hand covering your mouth, your eyes will open to the reality that you are on your belly and your legs are splayed open, you will feel the weight of some apparition laying on top of you, forcing your legs apart, you will fight hard to retain your dignity, but there will be nothing that can stop a thick invisible shaft penetrating your boi pussy, mercilessly pushing into you, inch by inch, the inches never stop as you are split open from the inside. My infestation is unrelenting, your faggot mind can do nothing to resist the mental onslaught, on some days you will wake to the thought that your cock has been ripped off and nothing remains but veins hanging, you will scream and cry looking at your crotch, believing that your cock is gone, on other days you will wake to a shrunken cock only 10% of its original size, and you will believe that you must now live with this tiny peepee, each day the emotional trauma will change, causing you new and continued pains, for I am the teller of lies, the deceiver, HE that will walk you by hand to hell.

Eventually as the infestation stage draws to a close you will hear screaming in your ears, you will know that some entity is with you, you will know that it is I that is reaching out to you, shadows will haunt you and you will be uncertain of yourself, but very certain that some demonic creature has set its sights on you. At this point my infestation is complete and my desire to take you is tested and ready to be fulfilled, my sights are now set on your soul, so be ready faggot for your final destination is set, You shall serve me for all time, on your knees in hell!!!

Erotic Mind Control – The Demonic Victim – Part 2 - Fag Oppression

My flared nostrils are filled with the smell of your filthy soul, the smell of your cum soaked faggot skin, and I am ready to consume your vile filth. I will oppress your mind with deep depression and suicidal thoughts. Not a moment will pass in your day as you lose connection to loved ones, each day haunted by murderous thoughts about taking your own life or the lives of loved ones. You will approach faggot gangbangs like a serial killer, loving the cocks while at the same time desiring to take the lives of all the filthy gay faggots taking part. Your sexual fetish play will reach its height as no orgasm is ever enough, you will constantly seek to increase your pleasure. Your appetite to suck cock and drink cum will be at its height, no gangbang will ever be good enough, you will desire new cocks immediately after cumming. Your deviant desires will be insatiable.

Each day you will wake to the sound of demons whispering in your ears, whispering.

“You Will Suck Cock Boi, You Will Be Raped Boi, You Will Be Nailed In The Booty Boi, You Will Desire To Be Used Like A Fag In The Public Square…”

All those around you will believe that you are losing your mind, they will watch you wondering around talking to yourself as my oppression takes hold of your faggot soul. Between regular bouts of depression and suicidal ideation you will be involved in random acts of violence, attacking strangers, stealing from shops and damaging property, your mental states will vary wildly moment to moment as the fabric of your fag mind is destroyed.

You will be continuously blasphemous, cursing and waving your fists to the heavens. Your tongue will become forked and visibly forked to all onlookers, but you will not be able to see that. Your sexual appetite will be completely depraved, normal sexual encounters will be off the table, all relationships, friends and family will be crumbling fast as you seek continual sexually deviant satisfaction. You will go out only at night, and converse only with streetwalkers and gay men for the purpose of lews public sex acts, you will not care about being caught by police or onlookers as your fragmented brain cracks under the duress of the erotic mind control.  You will wake each morning with missing memory, slots of time when you remember nothing of what went on.

Erotic Mind Control Inflicts The Flesh

Your body covered in strange bruises, cuts and slashes, confusion will carry you through your day, slowly losing the ability for even basic human conversation, you will be more and more distanced from others. Others close to you will try interventions but you will evade them, as you are a professional faggot, and you will hide your faggot life from them, returning to normal long enough to watch them leave before I return and degrade your mental capacity again. I am the great deceiver and I will destroy all that you hold dear. You are faggot flesh to me, and I shall consume you piece by piece. At the oppression stage, your face will tire and age, unable to sleep you will lie staring at ceilings animated with demonic ghouls trying to break through to this world and grab you. The erotic mind control will be at its height, doctors will prescribe you courses of drugs to help you, which you will consume readily, but none shall be able to reach you, deep inside. You will be able to hear the voices of people around you, but like a boy trapped down the bottom of a very long tunnel, you will be able to hear the sounds but not understand the voices, as you lose all sight of the real world.

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I will use my erotic mind control powers to reach you each night, and each night I shall enter your boi pussy, riding you for hour upon hour until I fill your insides with demonic seed, and each morning you shall wake stinking of my demonic carnal desires, covered in the acidic sweat of Satan, skin burnt and soiled with sin, your mind another step closer to being entirely lost.

Eventually you will be left sitting in silence, whispering in languages even you do not understand, your bussy fully formed and gaping, your cock shrunk to a nub, useless and almost invisible. You shall cry, cry for the faggot you once were, with the knowledge of the end being near. Your feet already being warmed on the coals of hellfire beneath you. The constant taste of demonic cum in your mouth and throat. At this stage of oppression, you will never be alone, I shall sit by your bed, watching you as you sleep, raping your flesh continually, violating your mind and controlling your dreams. You will at last be a faggot with total purpose being used to exert influence in the real world. All your sexual desires will be controlled by me.  Listen quietly and you will hear my voice in your ears boi, hahaha

Erotic Mind Control – The Demonic Victim – Part 3 - Fag Possession

As your eyes glaze over, clouds descending through your pupils, the whites of your eyes turning a yellowy red, the final stage POSESSSION is now upon you.

I live within you now, controlling you like a puppet, using you like a puppet. I shall push my hands far up inside you, controlling your thoughts and the way your mouth moves, saying things to ruin your life. I have total erotic mind control over you, you will have no free thought in the possession stage, you are but a vessel for me, of me, about me, you live and walk only to honour me boi!!! You will be inclined to mutilate small animals that you encounter and drink their blood, because you eat for me now, you feed for me. I shall have you walking the nights, drinking the blood of the homeless and prostitutes, destitute souls, the lowest rungs of our societal ladder, where you will feed amongst the rats and the pigeons and the poor, taking more then you need, killing on command, using on command, raping and pillaging as you go, and all to please me, the great mind control demonic Master of Faggots.

Possessed, YOU will have the ability to deceive like your Master and will speak in many languages, taking victims from every corner of society. I am in you faggot. You are now my tool to be used and abused for all time. You will no longer serve earthly men; you will serve only ME, your one true Master, a Demon Master. I shall seed you, filling you daily with the fruit of my dark loins, covering you in my dark seed, causing you to commit atrocities on other men, the likes of which will make your blood curdle.

I shall cause you to steal for me, pleasure me, and when I want to laugh and be entertained, I shall send you into gangbang parties where I will watch quietly as men ravage your body. As a dark faggot underling, as a servant of Satan you will be a vessel for my evil in this world and the next. You will go forth in to the world with a vacant look in your eyes searching out other faggots and deviants to convert, to pollute, to infest, to bring to me. I will control your every thought, your every breathe, your every dream, your every action. I will have total dominion over your life and death. When you open your mouth, my satanic breath shall erupt out of your gaping hole and invade all those around you, and none amongst your faggot hoards shall have the ability to resist my onslaught. I am the all-powerful, the drainer of all men, the controller of all desires, he that bring the darkness of hell to each mans heart.

Eventually when my joy has been satiated, my lusts and desires have been extracted from your flesh, and your body is worn and destroyed beyond repair, then and only then will I release you to death, clasping my clawed hand over your mouth for one last time, you body incapable of struggle, the tired ragged flesh aching and bleeding, you shall take your last breathes in my clawed fist as the darkness descends one last time in your pupils, and then you are no more. Your final damnation will be to be consumed by other faggots of your kind, mentally ill faggots, ruined faggots, I shall have men feast upon men as I glorify and demonstrate my powers.

Master Mikeys Erotic Mind Control Powers

Be warned faggots of the world, be careful what you wish for. As you go out seeking carnal pleasures, deviant pleasures, be warned that I am near, and as you seek the gushing cum from each other’s gaping holes, so I seek your faggot souls.....FOR ALL TIME !

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