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Face Fart
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Face Farts For Fags

I have fags in my den that love a face fart more than sex. That sounds crazy right? Well, it’s not, farting can be an aphrodisiac to some faggots. I have described what I did to one faggot previously in Fart Fag which you can read and enjoy. However, a truly deep, intense flavoured face fart is something else, it sits in a category of sexual and sensual abuse of its own, and I specialise in this area, having created methods and tools specifically for this practise which I have then used on some of my fart fags. I have a 100% satisfaction with the tools and practises used on my faggots, and next I will describe just a few of the tools I use to maximise the face fart experience.

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Fart Bag

Ohh the fart bag, is a gem of a tool, and one without which there is just no starter fart experience. The fart bag is literally a plastic see through carrier bag, like the ones you would find at a supermarket in Europe. The top of the fart bag is more of a sack tie then a set of handles which means that you can pull the top of it together in a scrunch closing it off. The way I use the fart bag is that I pull the top into a scrunch leaving an open gape of about 5 inches. I then build up a strong fart in my belly and colon, and once I am ready to drop it, I pull my pants down and cover my anus with that 5-inch gape, ensuring that I hold it tightly against my skin all around. I then fart as hard as I can directly into the fart bag, and once I am satisfied that the fart is completely exhaled out of my colon, I quickly pull the fart bag away and tie the top up so that none of that magic scent can escape. I normally do this process in the presence of one of my visiting faggots, who are normally waiting eagerly for the drop, and it might be laid out ready to take the fart bag from me, or standing next to me to grab it while its hot. The fart fag will then quickly open the fart bag top and wrap it tightly against its face covering its mouth, nose and cheeks, and then inhale as hard as it can to enjoy the full burst of fruity pungent flavour. This method is loved by almost every fart fag I have and is one of the most requested fags wants.

Fart Tube

The fart tube is another delicious invention that I came up with when I realised that a part of the faggot’s excitement and experience is the anticipation of getting that first hit of the Masters farts. So, I designed a fart tube which is a plastic tube approx. 2m long with a tube diameter of 3 inches for that concentrated hit. The method of using it, is that normally the faggot will sit opposite me, while I sit legs up or facing away, I then cup my anus with the tube end when I am ready to drop the fart and the faggot sits at the other end of the tube with is mouth wrapped around the fart tube. The fart tube can be mixed with other tribute games or blackmail and ruin games, or simply enjoyed as one would enjoy a bong hit, except the only green here is the green smoke blowing out my ass.

The beauty of the fart tube is the anticipation it invokes, sometimes I will make the fag beg for me to drop a fart into that tube, and sometimes I will drop a silent fart that hits the faggot’s mouth without them expecting it. The length of the tube means that it takes a moment for the fart to reach the faggots mouth, but when it hits, it normally keeps hitting for a good 20 second before it dies down. The experience is truly exhilarating, especially if I have eaten food in the hours before to produce a specific scent or experience. My faggots really love the entire face fart experience, and I blow minds with it.

Face Farting Porn

Yes, face farting porn is a thing too, a niche area, that you would never stumble upon unless you were into this fetish as many of my faggots are. It sits in the darker corners of the internet, often alongside scat porn which is another step down into the rabbit’s hole of fetishes. I cast no aspersions or opinions on what a person fetishizes or what turns individuals on because the spectrum is so wide just amongst my faggots. To this end, I have on several occasions, tied fags and caged their clit cocks in tiny immovable cock cages, and then forced them to watch face farting porn which is a hilarious process. Hilarious, because the agony it creates for those faggots as their clit cocks erect and twist up within that tiny cage is a sight to see. Imagine a faggot’s mouldy twisted up helmet trying to push through a cage of steel wires and bolts, that is what happens when I get my way… hahahaha. I have to admit that a certain level of cruelty is part of my genetic makeup and what turns me on, as I have always enjoyed doing twisted crazy things to my subjects. Good luck to you, if you ever find yourself in my den of fags.

Face Farting Position

Face farting positions are critical in maximising the experience or catering for a faggot specific warped need. The basic face farting positions are the following,

Bent Over Doggy Face Fart

This is the classic position and the one that can be performed anywhere and everywhere. Now imagine the Master bends over forward as would a faggot ready to be fucked and then the pants are pulled down and the faggot kneels in behind the Master and tucks its nose into the Masters crack ready to take a big hit. This is truly a classic old face fart and most faggots come wanting one of these. Faggots get rock hard clits just watching as I drop my pants and then bend over, look over my shoulder as they stare into my massive hanging cock and balls and then I invite them to step forward, kneel and tuck their nose in when the moment is ready. It’s a delightfully powerful position to blow a fart into a faggot’s mouth, because bending over, the Alpha is assuming a recessive position but then asserting dominance from the recessive position which elevates the dominance a step further. This face farting position is one of my favourites.

Laid Back Nose Dipper Face Fart

On some days, you just want to relax, but you have paying obedient fags that arrive with their warped degraded needs that must be taken care of. On those lazy days, I will lay back on the sofa naked and simply have the fag pull up in front of me on bended knees, eat out my ass and balls until I am ready to blow a big one into its fag face. This lazy farting position is a fav for me, but makes the faggot really work for its fart... as I always find that its harder to fart when I have had my asshole eaten out by an obedient faggot.

Face Fart Smothering Pillows

Face fart pillows is an incredibly sexy position and involves the fag lying down on the floor in front of me, and me then undressing and lowering myself, undercarriage first directly down onto the faggot’s face. I will normally saddle the fags face with a cheek either side of its nose… and nestle on there, massaging my belly in circular motions until I can drop a sizable colon pumped fart directly into the fags’ mouth. The positioning of this approach makes farting really easy, as the knees bent and ass down on the fag’s face in one of the most effective deep squats mean that all the colon pressure is directed out the Masters back pipe. The issue with this position is that you need to be careful not to push too hard as the down pressure can easily dislodge a shit and splat your unexpectant faggot right in the mouth with a treat it was not expecting. This is harsh if it happens, but one of the realities of being a Master and one of the risks of being a fag.

Fart Porn

Fart porn is everywhere, but real fart experiences are rare. I am one of few Masters that I know who has active fags that enjoy and delight in the joys of face farting. I know of a Mistress that really enjoys farting for her subs, and she is a black domme with an active audience of hungry pigs. You can check her out at EnChanTressRhea. The internet is certainly full of random video clips and ideas, so feel free to search on your favourite search engines.

Until next time fags, stay windy.

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