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Fags Question

I love when a Master kicks my balls and stamps on them, most Masters don't want to do it, but femdoms are happy too, why are more Masters not accepting?

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

Fag balls are like clitty nubs to a faggot, and when a Master sees fags balls, more often than not the Master will simply ignore the balls, or ask the faggot to tape them aside. Most faggots have such little testosterone flowing through their body, that the balls naturally shrink away, so seeing a faggot with noticeable balls is a rarity in itself. This means that the idea of kicking and stamping a faggots balls is very rarely a satisfying task. You will find that femdom's with their inbuilt dislike for men will often enjoy kicking and stamping on a fags balls, and even get a pleasure out of it themselves. 

As a Master, I get little to no pleasure out of stamping and kicking fag balls because I know that this poor creature was at some point partially a male with the capacity to breed and be a viable male, however nature had a design for the fag and hence drove it into a life of fagdom. There is some joy in having a fag spread its legs and watch the look on its face as it sees me lining up to take a running kick into its fag balls, but its a sadistic pleasure to be enjoyed on special occasions, I much prefer to use fags for what they were designed.. MY pleasure.  

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Fag Ball Dangers

You will always find it easier to get a femdom to kick you in the fag balls than an Alpha or Master and that is a godsend for all you faggots, because a man is likely to cause you permanent damage which you cannot just laugh off. When a real man kicks you with real intent, the chances of your life changing forever are high. I have seen balls internally bleed, I have heard of ruptured seminal tubes, twisted nut issues, and all sorts of other issues with taking heavy blows to the scrotum and fag balls. So, whatever pleasures you get, still keep in mind that staying alive is important, for you cannot serve if you die. 

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