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I keep hearing about fag bashing on the internet, and how fags enjoy it, but is that real? 

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

As crazy as it might sound, yes, it is real, there is a fag bashing fetish and culture, and its out there. If you have heard about it, its because its quite popular, not only with the faggots being bashed but also the Alphas that are doing the bashing. The origins of fag bashing are the college and university campuses where most people find out about the hierarchy of men, and where they typically start to exert one or the other role. Most fags will come out in college and then show out when they realise that other men are stronger or weaker than them. There is often a period of bashing that takes place, and in some instances it totally toxic and abusive behaviour, but in many instances, its and agreed and enjoyed process through which Alphas find their notch on the ladder of life and fags also learn of the true desires of real men. Many fags will lose their "fagness" after a good bashing from Alphas, but that just proves that not all men are built equal, and some are simply not faggy enough. It also goes the other way, with so called Alphas that want to dominate and bash that soon realise that they are not as dominant as they thought, and some find themselves being beaten up by their fags, which then shows them that they got their place on the hierarchy wrong. These fag bashing college years can be the true sifter of men and mice, or real men and fags. 

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Fag Bashing Master Mikey Style

I have had a few fags that came out late, and missed out on the fag bashing college years, and instead they grew into adults that craved that correction process, and they come to me. I will always take the time to understand how far they want to go, and then I proceed to take them right up to the line of their comfort and then draw back a little, only to grab them by the scruff of the collar and launch them way out over their comfort zone, until they land and quickly try to re-establish control. Punching kicking, choking are all allowed and agreed, and so trust is key to any fag bashing process. 

Advice To Fags That Want A Bashing

Pick the Master or Alpha you want to bash you very carefully, trust is key, and you don't want to end up regretting or being permanently damaged by some overzealous excitable Alpha that ends up putting you in hospital! and himself behind bars !

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