Fag Charter 2021

Fag Charter 2021
Master Mikey @ FagLife.com

Purpose of the Fag Charter

We fags of the world come together to share our love of Master Mikey the Alpha Master, and others of HIS breed. We acknowledge that when we work together all things are capable in glorifying HIM and HIS life. In this pandemic year, when the world is pulling statues from the past down, we will strive to erect virtual and physical statues of Master Mikey in an effort to show that the past is not always bad, and that the natural order of all things, that which comes from time immemorial, should still be venerated as relevant and current in 2021, and will be for the future.

Equality Of Fags

We faggots recognise that there is no difference amongst us, we all share our collective nature. No matter how we or the world chooses to label us, we are first and foremost fags. Whether we are white, black, brown, yellow, male, female, non-binary, whatever label we use or is imposed upon us, the only label that is applicable and worthy is Fag. Fag brings us together in unity for the betterment of Master Mikey and HIS kind.

We want faggotdom to be a place where we can be ourselves and search out the best Masters like Master Mikey and serve them unreservedly and unashamedly. Whichever nation state we come from, let not our politics or our religions divide and conquer us. Let not our elected officials separate us from our true purpose in life. This is not a call for anarchy, we fags must be more productive than that, this is a call for loving compassionate sanity.

We fags are a mostly misunderstood group, who must first strive through the leadership and guidance of Master Mikey to find the path to enlightenment and fulfilment.

Fag Lust

As fags we acknowledge and understand that our sexual trespasses are at times extreme and our need to serve and be of use to a master like Master Mikey is beyond the normal. We desire to please so deeply that we will willingly lay our bodies bare to the abuses of cash masters, humiliation, gangbangs, cum whoring, group fellatio and all manner of other sordid persons and tasks just so that our purpose be served.

We will give ourselves and everything we own to Master Mikey so that HE may be raised and glorified upon the pedestal that he deserves to be on.

We will drink HIS cum until our bellies are full and the overspill threatens to drown us.

We will allow our holes to be only for HIS enjoyment, no matter how much sufferation it causes us in that moment or the future.

We will lose sight of all else in an effort to be true to HIM.

Fag Humanity Within

We fags must recognise our own fag humanity, what we are, our needs and how we must be comfortable with them. We must stop trying to fit into society and simply conform to standards that are alien to us. We are unique and we have our own ways to be followed and enjoyed.

The Other Fags

We fags must be careful and considerate in finding the fag in others. We know we will come across other faggots in life, and we must show them care and kindness so that they might also find their way to the life of faggotry. We should gently introduce them to Master Mikey and allow HIS glowing light to shine into their lives. It is not for us to condemn or reproach others for the way they live, we must praise and elevate all that we meet.

A Parting Fag Prayer

Let us raise our cum soaked hands in Fag unity and admiration of Master Mikey, who beyond flashing dick pics chooses to lead us to the promised land through his divine wisdom and regular proclamations of faggotry.

Let us bend our well-worn knees in homage to HIS greatness.

Let us prostrate our bodies daily for HIM to look at us with the disdain and disgust that only HE can muster.

With this charter of faggotry and the acknowledgement of the hierarchy of men, let us all daily praise HE that brings the brightest of lights into our lives… Master Mikey

If you are a fag with the means to tribute, then do your best when the collection plate arrives on your lap.

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