Fag Definition Meaning & Synonyms

Fag Definition
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Fag Definition

The term Fag is most often used as an offensive term for homosexuals, the emotion behind its usage is typically derogatory in nature.  In most common place definitions its described as a word that should probably be avoided to minimise the risk of offence. Although it has other meanings, most publications online and offline will resort to suggesting that it should be voided from the English language, and this seems to be the fashionable management of this word in 2021 and 2022. Although, there is no doubt that its a very strong word that should be avoided by most people in most situations, fag (short for faggot) is often uttered in a violent manner, suggesting hate against gay / homosexuals.

Fag Meaning In Culture

However, if there is one thing that you should realise about the world we live in, its that words have power and that power and meaning changes over time, and with the societies in which those words exist. Fag has a strong and specific meaning on this site as you will already have realised, but its not hateful or violent, instead its loving albeit cruel at times, but delivered with the intent required by the recipient. The "fags" in this context are willing participants of the use and enjoyment of the word fag and its meaning.

Below, are some of the many other words used to describe the fag in wider society and culture. 

Fag Synonyms

The common synonyms for fag are the following, and each have been used, or continue to be used, within different subcultures at various times in history, 

Ass Bandit

The term ass bandit is a very English centric and British Isles centric term, used commonly in the 2000's by teenagers and adults alike, having gained popularity through comedians. 

Batty Boi or Batty Man

Batty boi is a phrase mostly commonly associated with originating in Jamaica and the  Caribbean islands but has since seen widespread usage across the world. Batty boi as a synonym of Fag is used in the USA and UK, primarily amongst the youth population, in popular culture and street culture. Several dancehall artists like Buji Banton have popularised the term over the years. 

Batty Rider

Batty rider is just another variation of the Batty boi or Batty Man phrases, again seeing widespread usage in dancehall and popular music amongst the youth. Batty rider is also more widely associated with British London youth culture and its large Jamaican population. 


Faggot is the fuller complete wording of the short term fag, and showcases the word in its entirety


A fairy is an imaginary being usually having a small human form and magic powers, and has been mentioned in folklore since the 14th. As with most derogatory uses of words and phrases, the words seems to have taken on a negative meaning around the early 19th century where it was used to refer to effeminate men and boys. The word saw a resurgence in use around the 1960-80s in the UK, and other English speaking countries, and continues to be used in some subcultures to reference homosexual men. The term has a strong affiliation with British gangster culture between the the 1970s- 1990s.

Gay Lord

The word gay lord has seen most use in the English speaking countries like England, Scotland Wales. The term is comedic and derogatory as it refers to homosexual men and boys that display the strongest of effeminate behaviour and mannerisms. Mostly used in a playground setting this was a commonplace term in 1980s - 2000s Britain amongst schoolchildren, it has negative connotations and was used to deride and humiliate. It has fallen out of use and fashion, but as with all words, it may find its way back into language at some point. 


Pansy is a term that appears to have entered the English language as early as the 15th century but taken on derogatory meaning somewhere in the 18th century when referring to weak or effeminate men or boys, and was certainly used as a term of abuse and disparagement. The term has French origins, but seems not to have been used in a derogatory fashion until it entered the English language. 


The term poof refers to the effeminate man, a male homosexual, and may be a corruption of the word puff in use circa 1850. The Australian extended form of poof is poofter as attested from 1910. Poof also found widespread usage in Britain in the 1970-80's and throughout the commonwealth countries.



The word sodomite has its origins in the Bible is a biblical reference to homosexuality,  ie. someone who practices sodomy. The term is still used in biblical circles and religious circles as a term of abuse and disparagement for a gay person. 

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