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Fags Question

Every Alpha I come across treats me like a Paypig and drains me of cash, I love it to some extent, but its getting too much, how do I stop?

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

You were born to be drained faggot, fag draining is in your destiny, because a fags cash is a fools cash, and a fool is easily parted from its cash. Each Alpha you meet recognises what you are, and then appropriately drains your cash, its not an accident that they drain your faggot pussy, its the right thing for you. A fag like you has no need of cash, its wasted in your pockets at best. 

You also innately know this, which is why you seek out Alpha Masters and dommes that will treat you like a paypig, like a cash whore, and strip you of cash. You find them, that is your need, they fag drain you, that is their need. You say you enjoy it, but its getting painful and all too much, what do you mean by all too much, any cash you have is considered a Masters cash, and unclaimed money from the Master, so its actually not even your cash to talk about. You are simply holding the cash until it goes into the pockets of the appropriate Master. 

Bussy Boi

Fag Drained Until Empty

I do believe that nature is having its way with you, and all the Masters looking to capture cash pigs are attracted to you, clearly the universe wants you stripped bare. Do your best, and pay up faggot, and then go back to work and earn more, as there will never be a shortage of Masters and Alphas that want to strip you, so make yourself useful faggot.

Feed this need to supply cash to Masters, and while you are at it, tribute me fuck face!

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