Fag Expectations

Fag Expectations
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Fag Expectations

Fag expectations are by no means great expectations, I know you faggots well enough by now that I know the measure of a faggot through and through. I have experienced so many different types of dirty little faggot scum and across so many different cultures and ethnic backgrounds that I know what the fag is. I understand the fag, better then the faggot understands itself. 

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Fags Question

I am a fag, and I have no idea what to expect, I know what I want to happen when I meet a Master, but what can I expect?

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

For you to ask such a question, suggests that you are not a true fag, not one born to the ranks for faggotry, you are a new age fag, or a hobby fag, and those types of fags take on faggotry as an exercise, but you do not necessarily live the faggot life yet or ever. 

Let me explain further boi, a true fag has no expectations, a fag born to the life of faggotry, one that has grown and suffered the ailments of faggotry, been through preschool, college, workplaces, will have learnt its place and what is expected of it over the course of that life lived as a faggot. Therefore, if you are talking about expectations, you must not have lived the life of a faggot, because faggots realise very early what they are and what to expect. 

There is one small caveat to this hypothesis, and that is that you have not mentioned age, so you could be a 19 year old newbie faggot, it would still be strange that you reached 19 without knowing your place and having been identified by Alphas, but its possible and so for the small chance that this is the case for you, I shall answer the question. 

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Learning Fag Expectations From Scratch

If you do not know what to expect from Masters, then learn that you should expect nothing at all. A Master, an Alpha, a real man takes from life whatever he wishes, and all others, fags included fall into line to give to the Alpha whatever he desires. So if a Master identifies you as potential fuck material, then you should offer yourself freely to his needs, make yourself available to him for all his pleasures. 

In some cases you will get a Master that wants to use you long-term, and he will use you sparingly, taking financially from you less frequently, requesting less sexual activity then you are capable of giving. However, some Masters burn the faggot from both ends and will bombard you 24/7 to fulfil their sexual and oftentimes depraved needs, which you must do always. These types of Masters are likely to bankrupt you faster too, and care little for your life or future capability, so in some form you need to protect yourself a little from them, as they have no control mechanism in place to prevent your demise. 

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