Fag Extorted On Doorstep

Fag Extorted
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Fag Extorted By Master Mikey

Fag extorted is about the power dynamic of a Master like me, extorting subs, fags, and deviants because they enjoy being extorted for money and assets. This is a form of financial domination that is enjoyed by many in the fetish community, but as always, its a tender subject and if you are easily offended, then this is not the place to be. For everyone else, enjoy faggots!

The below is a real life extortion scenario played out real time with one of my many fags. 

Fag Extorted On Home Doorstep

Knock knock knock.. hello, my names Mikey, and I wanted to speak with John, is he home, ok wonderful, shall I just wait here while you call him? ok thank you.

Oh hey John how are you, great to see you pal, listen I wanted your help with something, do you mind coming out to the car for a moment, its in my trunk, its quite heavy, so need 2 sets of hands, thanks John, I will head to the car and wait for you, just come over to the car, I will go and open it now.

Hey John, don’t say anything just yet, your retarded wife is looking this way right now, just wait a moment, ok she has shut the door, HOW ARE YOU FAGGOT!!! ? didn’t I warn you that if you didn’t pay me, I would turn up at your door, didn’t I fucking tell you this was going to happen? well here I am bitch!!! So go get my money, and this time double it, because you made me come to your house to collect. You thought I didn’t know where you lived, well it was very easy to find you fag boi, very easy, and I wonder what your wife will think if I knock on your door and tell her the truth, tell her you’re a fag that likes to suck cock but not pay for the privilege? what would she say?, what would your kids say? shall I go wake them john.. hahahaha, you fucked up not taking me seriously boi!!!!!

Now go and do what every other faggot like you does when I extort you, double the money and get your car keys, oh and you can make up a story about how you lent me the car, and explain to your wife how special of a friend I am that she now has to take the kids to school on the bus!!! hahahaha see how she likes that, the fat whore, did I ever tell you how fat and ugly your wife is?  No wonder you’re a faggot, my cock looks better than her, haha stupid fat bitch, now go get my fucking money you cunt, and bring your wallet too because I want to go shopping today and you are paying for it.

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Fag Extorted With Wifes Car And Credit Cards

In fact, get your wife's cards, hand them to me, and I'm going to spend on them, and then you can explain how you gave them to a friend to use. She will wonder whats going on, that your lending friends credit cards, all behaviour she has never seen before, she will be shocked, confused, and that’s what I want, to confuse her, so she questions you, what you are, what you might be, a faggot !!! hahaha So if you don’t want to go down this road boi, Go get the money and the keys.

Oh I have some other demands too, before you came to the door, your wife said you were going on holiday, packing bags, well I want a key to your house while you’re gone, so I can use it to bring back whores, fuck in your house, fuck in your bed, in your daughters bed, get street hookers to come in get fucked and leave their mess all around your house, try on your fat wife’s clothes and party while your away. I want to use your place like a little fuck pad where I can use with my whores hahaha.

Go on run along and get that cash, and your wallet and your house keys and stop fucking crying, you look like a dumb weak fuck, don’t you have any respect for yourself, stop crying bitch, this is happening, I am going to extort you and there is no way this can be stopped, so just go with it, make it easy on yourself and pay up.

Fag Extortion Never Ends

Oh by the way, if any part of you is thinking about telling the authorities, the police or your wife, I wouldn’t, I recorded every time you got fucked, you sucked me off, you bent over in dark alleyways and begged to be fucked, I recorded it all, all the times you were high on poppers and cursing your wife's name, calling her a whore as I fucked your ass, its all there, on tape, so there is no denying that you got yourself here, and you deserve everything that I am about to do to you, so either way, your getting fucked, go on fuck off and get my money bitch. hahahahaha

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